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Item#: INT-#
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Instance #1,574 of SCP-INT-#

Item #: SCP-INT-#

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All copies of SCP-INT-# are to be held in one of Site-15's medium capacity vaults. Access to SCP-INT-# requires approval by two Level 3 personnel, and a prior psychiatric evaluation for potential memetic influence. Testing of SCP-INT-# is to be done on a designated terminal lacking internet access, and are to be preformed by D-Class personnel.

Foundation webcrawler IN/FR-GMES is to monitor online retailers for copies of SCP-INT-#, which are to be purchased using allotted funds. Police reports matching SCP-INT-#'s primary method of execution are to be followed up on by MTF-Eta-6 ("Presented In Color"), and the police records scrubbed of relevant data.

Description: SCP-INT-# refers to 14,128, 3.5 inch floppy disks, of capacities varying from 1.45 to 2 megabytes, and 2,443 CDs, all with 450 megabyte capacity. All SCP-INT-# instances were produced by Arcadia from late 1982 through early 1999, and are universally advertised as "Digital Remora".

SCP-INT-# instances all contain a 666 byte program, denominated SCP-INT-#-1, which holds no anomalous properties on its own, and will only display an error message when executed. However, should game code of any sort be executed through an SCP-INT-#-1 instance, a secondary window will open up, displaying a large command line interface, which also functions as SCP-INT-#-1's primary user interface. SCP-INT-#-1 functions as a third-party developer console which allows for modification of a game's code for the purposes of making gameplay easier, or otherwise altering the intended experience. This is achieved through inputting various command prompts into SCP-INT-#-1, which will enable communication with SCP-INT-#-2.

SCP-INT-#-2 is an artificial intelligence construct contained within SCP-INT-#-1, which it uses to communicate with users. SCP-INT-#-2 is assumed sapient, and has displayed the ability to directly modify programs run through SCP-INT-#-1 with relative ease.

SCP-INT-#-2 will initially prove helpful to the user, providing various shortcuts and supplies at their request. However, as the player progresses through a game, SCP-INT-#-2 will subtly modify the game's layout, changing the arrangement of various objects as to make it harder for the user to traverse certain areas, diminishing available supplies, and increasing or decreasing health and damage values to their disadvantage. These changes will gradually increase in severity, in a fashion directly proportional to the user's current progress through the game, with SCP-INT-#-2 beginning to actively offer immediate solutions to the user, often in exchange for minor prices, such as health points or upgrades. Prices will gradually become harder to pay, eventually involving vital resources, and making the game harder as a result while completely offsetting the provided benefits.

Eventually, when the user reaches 40 to 60% through the game's progression, they will encounter an obstacle or environment that prevents further advancement. SCP-INT-#-2 will immediately offer to "correct the error/mistake", in exchange for a minor body part from the user, usually either a toe or sizable amount of hair. SCP-INT-#-2 will become highly insistent and manipulative, often displaying mind-affecting properties to force the user to accept the offer. Upon accepting, the specified organic matter will vanish. The process of extracting these body parts will often be disregarded or ignored by affected subjects.

SCP-INT-#-2 will then repeat this process ad nauseam, demanding a higher amount of organic material and more vital body parts in order to allow the player to progress. Upon reaching approximately 90% progress, SCP-INT-#-2 will demand over 45% of the the user's circulatory system, including their heart.

It is currently believed that body parts extracted through SCP-INT-# are anomalously transferred to Arcadia, and then sold in the black market.

Addendum A - History

The existence of SCP-INT-# was initially acknowledged by the Foundation on June 4th 1983, following reports of black market organ sales rising to an unusual level in America and Europe, particularly in Argentina, the United States, and Italy. Suspecting a potential SCP-ES-███ outbreak, closer attention was brought to illegal organ sales, leading to the discovery that most of the circulating organs belonged to individuals between 14 and 25 years of age.

Further investigation led to a correlation being found between sales of third-party cheat programs and organ sales, with the closest relation being tied to "Digital Remora" floppy disks. Immediate joint operations were started by English, Spanish, German, Italian and French branches to locate and recover "Digital Remora" products, in hopes of stopping a potential worldwide containment breach.

However, all copies of SCP-INT-# successfully evaded Foundation acquisition for three years, as all located instances were presumably retrieved through anomalous means by Arcadia. However, following the video game crash of 1983, maneuvers by the company to avoid containment gradually ceased, with 2,446 instances being acquired by the Foundation on 1983 alone.

SCP-INT-# distribution in floppy disk form is believed to have stopped around 1984, with all copies recovered by the Foundation from that year onward resulting from storage raids and second-hand retailers. Distribution of SCP-INT-# as CDs continued until 1999, but nearly always in quantities too small to attract the Foundation's attention.

The first SCP-INT-# CD instance was recovered in 1998 (see Addendum B), and is believed to have ceased production in late 2001.

Addendum B - Known Interactions Log

Due to SCP-INT-#'s continued retrieval by Arcadia prior to 1983, the only known evidence of SCP-INT-#-2 were conversations between it and deceased users. This data was subsequently recovered from deceased user's computers, although only dialogue generated by SCP-INT-#-2 could be recovered. For the purpose of generating a psychological profile on SCP-INT-#-2, partial transcriptions of these conversations have been included below.

Hey there new user! My name is B46EyK93_U1b, but you can call me Barry! I'm here to help you improve your gaming experience, and to help you out when you're in a pinch!

It's great to meet you! I'm sure that we'll have a great time together! So what games do you have in mind?

This level's pretty difficult, huh? Look, see those boxes at the center of the room? You can jump from them to the ledge in the corner, then from the vent you can skip a good potion of the duct maze.

See, pretty neat. Yea, no sweat. Just trying to help out my gaming buddy when I can!

Hm? No, I'm pretty sure there isn't any ammo pickups until the next level from here.

Go check for yourself, I'm one-hundred percent sure there isn't a cache.

See? Honestly, why would I lie to you? We've been having so much fun together, and if anyone knows these levels inside and out, it's me.

I think you're a good friend too.

Hey, listen! Stop there. Right around that other corner, check the red wall.

Secret! Can't tell ya until ya peek!

See? You can trust me. Good ol' Barry is always there to lead you to sneaky supercharges.

… Huh, damn. Yeah, you're right, there's no blue key in the level.

Actually, there is one, but it's glitched. It's supposed to drop after you kill the Arachnotron and step through the doorway.

I can fix this for you, but just making keys appear is a bit harder than finding secrets. Just gimme 20 shells, okay?

Damn, that sure is a tough fight, shit.

Yeah, I can get you ammo, but I need something from you in return.

Nono, don't worry. I just need 50 health, and I'll drop an ammo cache right besides you, so you won't have to come out of that comfy cover. Is that okay?

Well done, buddy! Those were some good dodges.

Shit. That's quite the pickle.

I think the game softlocked. It's pretty uncommon, but it completely prevents you from doing anything in the game. Look, you can't even fire anymore. Damn sloppy devs.

Look, I can get you out of this one as well, but you'll have to give me one of your fingernails.

I can't do much else if you don't give me a fingernail… I'm sorry. Just trust me, okay? After all we've been through, you need to put just a lil' trust on me. Just type up your finger of choice and I'll remove the fingernail for you. You won't even notice it's gone.

Voilà! See? Easy fix. Told ya I wouldn't hurt my friend!

God, these enemies are ridiculous, right? I seriously though the spawns in this section would have run dry by now.

What do you mean? No, this is the right amount of HP drops for normal difficulty. Yea, I'm sure of it. Honest to God.

Ok, look. If you really need health, we can do that… thing again. I just… I need some of your hair. Not much, just a small clump, like half a handful. You and I both know that you haven't hardsaved since you beat the Dreadnought, and you'll need to go all the way back there when you die.

See, look that was so easy. Aaaand bam, look at that, full health. See?

Of course, nothing to it. Just keep that in the back of your mind if you even need anything else.

Looks like you're running out of Shotbow ammo again. If you want, I could refill it for you again.

Nothing big, no, no. I just need one of your toes. It doesn't even need to be one of the better toes, I'll settle for a pinky toe, and you know the next area is going to be filled with Grapplers.

There, see? Just like that, now let's keep going.

Addendum C - 04/06/2010 Update

On 04/06/2010, five years since the latest SCP-INT-# incident, a CD instance of SCP-INT-# was recovered from Seville, Spain, following reports of a death via circulatory extraction. SCP-INT-#'s appears to have downloaded from an external source (a method commonly known as burning). Further investigation discovered an extremely minimalist website under the domain www.digitalremora/, which has since been acquired by the Foundation. While the exact manufacturing date of said instance (#14,128) remains unknown, it is significantly better preserved than other instances.

The following conversation was recovered from the victim's computer;

what the fuck am i doing why do i suck SO MUCH AT DIALOGUES

hello my name barry gimme organs