plaguebearer/westrin II
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Photo taken by Researcher partially inside SCP-4614

Item #: SCP-4614

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The area affected by SCP-4614 has been closed to the public and memetic agents have been placed around the perimeter to reduce its SEP index to 0.3. Testing with SCP-4614 requires Level 5 clearance or approval from Dr. Schmidt.

Description: SCP-4614 is an alleyway within Omaha, Canada. SCP-4614 was discovered on 20/3/1999 after reports of disappearances over the course of several hours. Additionally, reports of a man that appeared to be "stuck in the wall" were received. The man in question was retrieved successfully, and all involved parties were administered amnestics.

If an individual completes a specific set of actions within SCP-4614, they will begin to merge into the floor. The subject will discover that there is large amounts of empty space beneath the floor, and they will be able to see through the floor above them. Additionally, the bottoms of buildings will be invisible during this, which allow the subject to see into them.

SCP-4614's anomalous properties can be triggered by doing the following:

1: Place a drill on the floor near the west side of SCP-4614, but not completely touching the wall.

2: Completely stand on the drill.

3: Drink a glass of milk that's approximately half empty.

4: Jump backwards into the air immediately after doing step 3. The height of the jump does not matter.

After completing these steps, the subject will completely merge into the floor, and will begin falling.

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