Item#: 6787
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Close-up still of SCP-6787-1 as depicted in the movie (00:29:07).

Special Containment Procedures: Any instances of SCP-6787 encountered in public is to be contained immediately before further dissemination of its influence grows. Amnestics are to be distributed to the afflicted under the cover story of a vaccination drive. Local conventions or stores that manifest SCP-6787 are to be closed for further inspection with all media relating to SCP-6787 seized and destroyed. Movie theaters are to be sterilized of any and all media relating to SCP-6787

Foundation webcrawlers are to patrol online forums, entertainment sites, and media outlets for any passing mention or discussion of SCP-6787. Should references and discourse of SCP-6787 become prominent, all webcrawlers are to shut down the sites in question and distribute antimemetic agents at the scene.

Testing with SCP-6787 has been permanently suspended.

Description: SCP-6787 is an American slasher horror film under the title of The Face of Desolation. SCP-6787 manifests spontaneously across various media and filmmaking institutions and often appearing through promotional material (posters, advertisements, teaser trailers, etc.) and fan-made artistic works. SCP-6787 is contagious; able to infect media through these sudden appearances. Individuals that notice or observe SCP-6787-affected media will recall having seen or heard of the film itself despite contrary evidence that would disprove their claims. Individuals affected by SCP-6787 will become vectors for SCP-6787's contagious effect.

A complete synopsis of SCP-6787 is unfeasible due to the personal recollections of audience members that have viewed the movie being radically different from one another1. No two accounts of SCP-6787's plot or narrative are alike. In spite of this, all reports of the film describe a central figure presumed to be the antagonist of the movie. This entity (SCP-6787-1)2 is referred in SCP-6787's universe as "The Omen". While descriptions of the entity's figure vary wildly from viewer to viewer, most consistent of these features depict the entity to be around 6 feet in height, male, of mesomorphic build, and wearing a white plastic human mask.

The credits sequence of SCP-6787 is inconsistent as all of the movie's cast, production team, and distribution company vary; some of the roles being attributed to popular and well-known actors and companies. The only roles that do not deviate with change during the credits of the film is the director and the role of the movie's killer; The Omen, usually credited as "Anonymous" or "The Actor". The role of director being attributed to an individual by the name of Henry Foster3.

Individuals watching SCP-6787 are also capable of traversing the world of the movie's setting. All features, entities, settings, and events present in the film can be interacted with in a similar manner to the real world. This is possible by entering or exiting any recorded visual mediums such as television sets or theater projectors provided that the screens are large enough for the human form to fit through.

Due to the spontaneous manifestations of SCP-6787 as well as its inconsistent diegesis, it is impossible to accurately pinpoint the origin of the anomaly or establish any meaningful context behind its narrative. It is currently unknown if SCP-6787 was discovered just recently or has existed for some time prior to the Foundation's first contact.

Addendum 6787.1: Further Documentation and Recovered Material

According to reports and forum discussions, SCP-6787 is described as a deconstruction of the slasher film genre, with many hailing it as the greatest horror film of all time. Critics and scholars have praised the film as being revolutionary in cinematography and storytelling. The presence of the color red is a recurring theme throughout the movie's runtime holding various allusions and symbolic connotations. Of note is that the appearance of red in the film will usually precede the emergence of the killer or the foreshadowing of an unfortunate event.

The following transcript was an interview of SCP-6787's director that was posted on [website name]. Due to the webcrawlers being designed to delete all content of SCP-6787, certain portions of the interview had been corrupted and were not recoverable.

The film had undergone tremendous reshoots and issues during production. [CORRUPTED] was a nightmare. I wasn't in the best of places of my life during this time. I was so [CORRUPTED] that all I cared about was finishing the project. Every moment for 20 years was nothing but excruciating for me. All the pain, the anguish, the torment, the [CORRUPTED], all of it went into the film.
Many people left the project. I treated [CORRUPTED] badly, if not horribly during the movie's creation. Part of me regrets [CORRUPTED]. The other part doesn't. After all, I knew what I was doing; I just had to live that this was what I did and that the film would be culmination of all that I had gone through and what I did up to that very point.
People think that the themes in the film are meant to be a reflection of my [CORRUPTED]. I think it would be better to just let the movie speak for itself, after all.

Honestly just make this a collab

Tōshi Kuromoto

Jacob Nkurunziza

Josef Hellmuth


Test Log - SCP-XXXX: The full interview and recording of the only test conducted with SCP-XXXX requires authorization from the Site Director or higher clearance for viewing authorization. In lieu of the specifics, a summary of the test log was captured by regular surveillance of the testing chamber.

Researcher $$$ and Junior Researcher %%% face a projection of SCP-XXXX with a standard exploration drone equipped with video and audio recording capabilities. The film begins.

[clean up this formatting later to make it actually align with foundation format]
Test Log - Mark 1
**Researcher Dr Alex John Jacob Jingelhimerschmidth (placeholder name)

Begin Log
{i'm going to use $$$ to denote one researcher and %%% to denote another, we can search and replace with [researcher 1 name] and [researcher 2 name] later
Have $$$ call %%% a name early on, and have a footnote flagging that for review. See note number 7 below.}

$$$: Yeah, do you see how the bar is moving up and down? That's how you know the microphone is picking up sound. We're recording now.

%%%: S-sorry about that.

$$$: Forget about it, just introduce this again. Briefly.

%%%: This is %%% and $$$, we have [robot name] here, about to send it in to the area generated by SCP-XXXX… now.

Camera feed appears. Plain gray tiled room with only a television with SCP-XXXX displayed onscreen. The film is paused, showing a blurry and indistinct image onscreen.

$$$: Send 'em in, %%%.

The television approaches the camera. As it does so, the image onscreen becomes clearer.

%%%: Eurgh. I don't love that.

//[robot] has entered SCP-XXXX-1. [i'm at least temporarily designating the landscape SCP-XXXX-1] The video feed shows a small park at nighttime. The lighting is poor, but a children's playground is visible. //

$$$: You don't like parks?

%%%: No, that… you see a park?

$$$: Yeah, a playground. Make a note that we're seeing different things, we'll have to report on that separately after this.

%%%: Sure.

$$$: Go ahead and scooch the bot around, looking at nothing is most of the job, hopefully.

%%%: Okay.

//Approximately ten minutes of $$$ and %%% directing the robot around a deserted park. There are no signs of life, although the playground is dilapidated and the grass and foliage is overgrown.

$$$: Wait, on the right. Go to the right.

The video pans right, past the jungle gym. The lighting is still poor, but after a moment the flashlight places a stark light on a human body. The camera feed then changes abruptly from the empty playground to pitch-black.

%%%: Christ. Did we lose signal?

$$$: No, we're still connected. Try pressing… that button, it's the really bright flashlight.

A few seconds of darkness onscreen. The video feed suddenly brightens, illuminating a, dirty small room with very sparse furniture, a doorway that leads somewhere indiscernible, and a tall masked figure facing the camera. A loud musical sting of string instruments suddenly blares through the speakers.

%%%: Hell and damnation!

$$$: …ah.

%%%: Jumpscares??

$$$: Hey, it's a horror film. At least, that's what the file says.

The figure does not move. It is unarmed, with its arms hanging at its side. Although hooded, the mask of The Omen character is identifiable. Eight seconds of silence.

$$$: Should we keep exploring, do you think?

%%%: Oh. Sure.

No significant dialogue. [Robot] explores the house, which changes from surgical sterility to utter destitution whenever rooms are changed. The figure is not seen to move, but when [robot] re-enters the main room, it is facing the camera. The house does not have any exits. After the entirety of the house is explored and the main room is returned to, the figure is gone, replaced by a television in the corner tuned to static.

%%%: What's next?

$$$: Have a guess.

%%%: Uh… the TV?

$$$: That's what I'd do.

//Video feed moves towards the TV. After a moment, the static display abruptly changes to the playground.

$$$: Oh, that's something.

%%%: Uh.

$$$: Try going in.

[They can and do go in. This first time they don't notice the room is shrinking, they just go on through.]

Robot enters the scene. Video display returns to the playground, still as dark as before. The only audio is the sound of crickets. The primary difference between this occurrence and the last is a circle of four individuals bathed in moonlight from a full moon that fills most of the sky. They are in a circle, holding hands. All have been decapitated.

%%%: Can I take a br-

$$$: Find the body from before.

After two minutes of search, $$$ recommends flipping the camera backwards. It pans up, with the moon filling the entire field of vision, then pans down to reveal a body poorly covered in white cloth. The body, as later review confirmed, has been stabbed to the hilt with 97 knives, all still embedded in the corpse.

%%%: [Groans] Mary mother of god…

$$$: Hush. Look up.

%%%: I don't-

The camera pans from the body to the moon, which has become the mask work by SCP-XXXX-1. The decapitated writhe.

%%%: I'm not doing that, that is not-

$$$: I said hush, I'm trying to watch.

The camera zooms into mask of SCP-XXXX-1. The shot is held slowly zooming, for thirty seconds with the sounds of crickets in the background, then begins to zoom out. The pitch of the cricket chirps gradually lowers until the mask is revealed to be hanging on the wall of a raucous house party, in the dark with strobe effects, with the chirps having transformed into a deep, grating bass beat.

$$$ sighs.

%%%: What?

$$$: You can tell writing this report is going to be a lot of work. We'll have to rewatch this to catch everything.

The party continues onscreen, with the participants a mix of college age and gender, with classic red solo cups in every hand. Although there is constant overlapping speech, analysis has not been able to separate the voices into anything distinguishable. The camera cuts and pans around the party, showing increasingly excessive drinking, laughter, and drug usage.

$$$: Watch the back wall.

A moment later, at [time] in the video, with the mask of SCP-XXXX-1 visible on the wall in the background, a hand reaches up and removes it from the wall. From this point on, whenever the original shot is returned to, the mask is back on the wall and is removed by a different hand.

[I think it gets increasingly animalistic. Then SOMETHING happens and the feed returns to the party. Everyone's dead. It's a horrific, bloody scene, with SCP-XXXX-1 pacing in a circle, arms at its side. Or standing in the center. I want SCP-XXXX-1 do something that would be called acting.
Maybe it's gesturing like it's talking to someone tied to a chair. SCP-XXXX-1, while still clearly talking with no dialogue being picked up, slowly and with surgical precision removes the tongue of the tied up person through their throat. This does not kill them.]

$$$: Hmm, that's a little on the nose. A bit pretentious.

[Skipping ahead to what I know happens next: the room closing in on another screen.]

//Visual shows a television screen showing the park from the beginning, now almost entirely dilapidated.]

%%%: Is… are you zooming in?


%%%: Hmm… what's happening?

$$$: It's about time for intermission, we can take a break in a bit. Just back away for now.

%%%: I can't.

The camera pans 180 degrees to show a wall a few inches from the camera. Most recently the wall was several feet away.

$$$: I guess we're going in. Or you are, at least. Phew! It's not a bad flick. I'm gonna get some coffee or something. Want any?

Increasing sound of static on the robot's microphone. Camera pans back to the screen, which is black. %%%'s microphone picks up the sound of a door closing.

%%%: Oh. Bye, I guess…

23:12 minutes into the film: Little of significance onscreen. Some events explainable by special effects. No significant audio.

39:40 minutes into the film: No dialogue. The view has been fixed on [thing].

41:05 minutes: no change. Microphone picks up mechanical rattling from the observation deck.

%%%: Shit.

Rattling continues, followed by %%% pounding on the observation deck's exit.

%%%: Fuck.

Video feed continues to move towards the screen. Nothing notable audible, apart from scrablings and scrapings in the observation deck.

%%%: but I don’t understand! I didn’t do anything wrong! I don’t understand!

[At some point, there's an intermission, which is when $$$ leaves the room, claiming it'll only be a few minutes. They do not return. The room beings to close in on %%%.]

[%%% is claustrophobic]

beats to hit:
1. robot is exploring the scenes of the film
2. wanders off to find a tv, which has a copy of the film by it
3. robot uses its arm to put the film in
4. it goes down another layer

$$$: What do you want to do? At this point we usually keep doing things until something new happens. Protocol says two hours of testing but honestly we can mess around for fifteen minutes or something then take a break, see if any audio is picked up.

other notes:
1. Maybe it starts with two researchers watching this.
2. One of them leaves to do something that'll only take a few minutes.
3. They don't come back. In my mind, this is because the room the one remaining researcher is in is now anomalously sealed.
4. The greener researcher is the one that gets trapped. I can see them shouting But I didn't do anything!! I didn't do anything wrong! while the walls close in, or I didn't do anything wrong! I was trying to be good!. The walls closing in on them won't be described, but we'll make sure the reader knows what's happening.
5. I think before this next bit, it should be under additional clearance. The Foundation may now concerned that reading documentation will transport the reader to the same location.
6. I can see the last note on the log being something like "%%% is seen running off, trying to raise the alarm. They disappear into a dot on the horizon. The microphone level remains flat for [over fifteen] minutes, until it begins to jump. There is sound of very, very soft footsteps."
7. Alt ending: SCP-XXXX-1 runs from the horizon at inhuman speed towards the camera. Its mask fills the screen. The rest of the document is restricted to a higher clearance level, possibly implying that SCP-XXXX-1 has broken through.
8. Not sure if I still want to keep the director's input at this point anymore, maybe change or remove it altogether?
"After the above log, testing is suspended." $$$ is missing and presumed dead. No one by the name of Dr %%%, full name Dr Henry Foster %%%, has ever been in the Foundation's employ.
[I'm currently undecided as to which researcher would be better to become Dr Henry Foster, if it should be the innocent newbie %%%, or $$$ who becomes engrossed in the film and is never heard from again after leaving the theater during intermission.