001 Proposal

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The following file describes a Class-X extradimensional threat. Level 6 security clearance is required to access the following file.
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item #: SCP-001
Object Class: Absentia
Site Responsible: UKSLKI Site-02
Director: Vanya Andriykov
Research Head: Margarida Estève
Assigned Task Force: Alpha-1
Level 6/001


Mykytyuk Lake, the location of SCP-001's first appearance.

Special Containment Procedures: UKSLKI Site-02 and all surrounding areas within 50km2 have been locked off from civilian entry.


UKSLKI Site-02 circa 1962. Central corridors are connected to this structure.

Currently, SCP-001 is contained within the central complex of Site-02. Several hallways extend from this complex, each equipped with a single airlock in order to prevent unauthorized entry. If a containment breach occurs, floor lights will automatically activate within the hallways, and the remainder of the site will instantly be locked down. Site-02's control room will also enter Lockdown Mode, and Site Command will have full control over the entirety of the facility.

No less than 4 Hector-Williamson Nitrogen Reactor Cores are located nearby the complex. During a containment breach, if deemed necessary by Site Command, the cores will plunge, instantly liquidating anything within the facility. If a core plunge failure occurs, then on-site Foundation bombers are to destroy the facility from above and all resources are to be deemed expendable.

Internal motion sensors equipped with hume counters are located under, above, around, and within every hallway and chamber within the site. The sensors are constantly active, and can switch to auxiliary power mode if a power outage occurs. Unauthorized life signs that are detected will trigger an alarm, and the exits nearest to the intruder will close until a security team arrives.


Sector 28 of Site-02.

Inside of the central complex, an array of Andrei-Johannson Individual Spatial & Temporal Stabilization Devices have been placed in spherical form around SCP-001. The devices are capable of maintaining SCP-001's shape within the containment chamber. Should the anomaly breach the central complex, the devices will converge around the entity's approximate location, and surround it until the anomaly can be recontained.

If SCP-001 destroys or breaches the devices and escapes, all nearby facilities and locations are to be locked down until the anomaly can be recontained.

In order to recontain SCP-001, Procedure ABSENTIA MENDAX is to be initiated immediately.

Description: SCP-001 is a deity which is known in The Ortothan Pantheon as "The Broken Creation". The entity does not exist by multiversal standards, but is somehow capable of maintaining a solid presence, with a hume reading of over 87.11. Although SCP-001 is detectable by hume counters, it is capable of shifting dimensions and possibly universes. Despite its hume generation, the anomaly does not release Akiva radiation2.