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The following file details a Type-IV celestial anomaly, and is Level 5 classified.
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item #: SCP-0000
Object Class: Keter
Site Responsible: WESHDR-Site-334
Director: Eva Hyannis
Research Head: Jon Coleson
Assigned Task Force: Edinburgh-73
Level 5/0000


SCP-0000. Photo circa 2015.

Special Containment Procedures: Further expeditions to SCP-0000 are pending approval. The team currently located on SCP-0000 is to be contacted once Research Head Jon Coleson has deemed that they have collected sufficient resources. Each member of the team is equipped with a full hume protection suit, a Foundation-model Extravehicular Mobility Unit, and a single deployment-ready Armored Mobile Interplanetary Containment Unit1.


AMICU schematics.

Each unit is only to be utilized in case of a severe emergency.

The entirety of Special Task Force Indianapolis-92 ("Redshirts") is currently detained in an unlisted, locked-off section of Site-334 for questioning. Personnel reporting discomfort when nearby members of the team are to be detained alongside the team for interrogation and amnesticized when deemed appropriate.

Description: SCP-0000 is a planetary body, located within the Kuiper belt, that is supposedly capable of supporting life. It has been dated as being over 90 quintillion years old.

SCP-0000 has been observed to possess two moons. The body and its moons are comprised mainly of igneous rock, uranium, [REDACTED], and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The density of SCP-0000 is exactly 5.56 g/cm³2, and a single rotation around the Sun lasts ██ earth years, and a single revolution upon its axis lasts [DATA EXPUNGED] hours.

SCP- 0000 was first sighted by the Suliman-Nye space telescope at Site- 334, but was only given an SCP classification some [REDACTED] days later, owing to the slow proliferation of SCP-0000’s anomalous traits.

At [DATA EXPUNGED] on ██/██/████, Armed Task Force Indianapolis- 92, along with the crew of the SCPF Algernon began a protracted mission to SCP-0000. The mission proceeded as planned until the Algernon lost contact with Mission Overwatch less than fifteen kilometers from the surface of SCP-0000. Contact resumed about three (3) hours later. However, no coherent message was received by Overwatch for the rest of the mission. The Algernon’s arrival at Site-334 for evaluation is pending.

It has been noted that while SCP-0000 can support life, it does not. The reason for this is unknown, as the conditions for the existence of life on SCP-0000 would have developed over 45 million years ago.

Update [5] Seconds Ago: The SCPF Algernon has redocked at Site-334. All personnel are to report to the docking bay immediately.

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