Two Minutes After Midnight

In 1991, the Cold War went hot.

The world did not end, instead it began anew.

The Doomsday Clock is at…

Two Minutes After Midnight


Canon Themes

Paratech changed the course of human history.

  • The point of divergence is shortly after the Second World War.
  • This is a world similar to our own, but far more advanced.
  • Even though this world is more advanced than our own, it's still trapped in 1991 following Midnight.

There are things much more dangerous than humans now.

  • Robots of all shapes and sizes were created before Midnight, and they were changed by a massive EMP during it.
  • There are things in the wastes, mutated by Midnight.
  • With the fall of the Foundation after the Last Breach, SCPs freely wander the planet.


Ideas and Brainstorming


  • Foundation - Fell apart during the Last Breach. Many holdouts still exist, but the largest sites collapsed.
  • GOC - All but collapsed along with the UN.
  • CotBG - Sects remain in the backwaters countries of the world. Africa has become a new breeding ground for Maxwellism to spread while Cogwork Orthodoxists remain present in the Sino-Rus wilderness.
  • UIU - Re-located their base of operations to Portlands. Still serves the remnant of the United States government.
  • MC&D - Survived in bunkers scattered across the world.
  • Chicago Spirit - A new group with the same name rose to provenance in Huron-Superior.
  • Wondertainment - Wonder World survived Midnight, but is cut off from the outside world with the destruction of Boston.
  • Wilson's Wildlife Solutions - Took over the role of the Foundation in Cascadia by scavenging Site-64 and recruiting from former Foundation personnel.
  • GRU-P - A majority of their personnel and facilities were destroyed with the Soviet Union during the Great Burning. Those that remain look to put the pieces of their motherland back together.


  • 049 - They wander the wastes, looking for pestilence to cure.


  • Cascadia - A nation located along the Pacific coast. Capital is Three Portlands.
  • The Alliance of European States - A republic enveloping much of western Europe. Capital is Lyonpolis.
  • Huron-Superior - A nation located in the former midwestern United States. Capital is Grand Rapids.
  • New Sydney - A city-state bordering the Outback Wasteland.
  • The United States of America- What remains of the US. Capital is Denver.
  • United Republic of Colombian States- Rising sea levels and the looming threat of their Brazilian rivals forced much of the remaining South American states into a union. Capital is Bogotá.
  • The Unified People's Republic of Korea - Taking advantage of the United State's inability to defend their South Korean allies during the Great War, North Korea rapidly mobilized and was able to conquer Seoul within a week, forcing the country into surrender. Capital is Pyongyang
  • Aljana - A state under the protection of ORIA, with over 90% of its inhabitants practicing Islam. Though religiously tolerant, there is a lot of internal conflict between Sunnis and Shiites. Capital is Tehran.
  • New African Republic - A recently-unified xenophobic nation in southern Africa. Capital is Johannesburg.
  • U.S.S. New Manhattan - A massive floating city-state located above the former New York City.


  • South Africa had a civil war
  • The Soviet Union invaded China (and maybe Europe) after the bombs started falling (Possible to set Rounder's landship story during this time?)
  • The Mir space station fell out of orbit, landing in the Swedish archipelago
  • North Korea forcefully unified the peninsula.
  • India and Pakistan nuked each other into oblivion.
  • Egypt, Israel, and Palestine conflict became nuclear, leaving the Mediterranean a sea of death and radioactivity.
  • Much of the US and USSR are under water, frozen over, irradiated, or worse.

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