lefty prime arc

The beginning will consist of a MCD format involving the two Leftys, and the fake one by Robert Mitchell, at the warehouse where MCD and Lefty were supposed to exchange the money and weapons, in different places, and doing different things. two are decoys, and one is real. this is because lefty prime realized that it was gonna go south at the last minute, and had to quickly create himself an escape plan w/out tipping anyone off. he would have disappeared, but it went wrong.

The middle of the Lefty arc will basically just be something Security and Lefty prime getting up to shenanigans.

dado arc

my(plaidy) understanding is that this will be a bonus thing involving how Robert Mitchell got smart and ended up wanting to rule ze world. y’all do need to figure out how to work Lefty into it, it’ll be disqualified if he isn’t involved i think

fbi arc

basically takes the FBI on a goose chase with a black-ops squad following Lefty prime after the warehouse deal gone wrong. 3 FBI guys, a Russian informant, and FBI Agent Howell takes the help of TWE journalist Laura Weyt for more information. general stuff (jackal) i thought this was being used in the prime arc? ~plaidy it is (jackal)

possible structure


stuff about the making of the smart pill, robert mitchell's rise, etc.

main plot

see lefty prime arc, fbi arc? i think?


something to wrap up the story

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