Slasher Film SCP

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to Gregory Arnoldson, a seventeen-year-old spree killer of Swedish and Russian descent responsible for between twelve and fifteen deaths in the town of Hunter’s Creek, Massachusetts in May of 2012. Prior to his death, Arnoldson possessed an unknown quality and quantity of anomalous abilities which aided in his crimes. The only confirmed anomalous ability Arnoldson possessed was increased regenerative capabilities, to the point where two full magazines from a Hunter’s Creek Police Department firearm failed to subdue them.

Records kept by SCP-XXXX’s school, including a ‘shooter risk profile’1 show a wide range of behavioral issues, including vandalizing school property, assaulting other students, and ‘inappropriate involvement’ with a former art teacher. SCP-XXXX was reported to have been abused by other family members, but these claims were never passed on to law enforcement, child services, or any other appropriate agency.

On May 15th, 2012, SCP-XXXX murdered a stocker at Walker’s Grocery Store in Hunter’s Creek and left their body on the loading dock behind the store; after security footage was uploaded to LiveLeak2 showing the stocker’s assailant ripping out their jugular with bare hands while simultaneously avoiding all blood spatter, agents were dispatched to investigate.

Despite Foundation efforts, SCP-XXXX would kill at least four more individuals over the next four days; on May 20th, the night of Hunter’s Creek High School’s Senior Prom, he would kill seven more individuals. Three more bodies were discovered at his family home on May 25th.

Addendum: Timeline of Events, 5/20/2012:

Archivist’s Note: Events confirmed by security camera footage or other electronic recording (i.e. computer records, photography, audio recording) are presented with bold timestamps. Events only attested by eyewitness testimony are indicated by underlined timestamps.

07:00 PM: Senior Prom officially commences at Hunter’s Creek High School. SCP-XXXX is observed on security cameras, entering the premises and paying admission, displaying no abnormal behavior. They are wearing a pink boutonnière3, despite not having a date, and a black tuxedo. Other students avoid them; body language indicates that they detect a foul odor of some form.

7:00 PM: Students indicate that SCP-XXXX had a strong odor of body spray around him, as if attempting to cover an even more unpleasant smell.

7:03 PM: The DJ begins playing their first set of music in the main gymnasium; fitting with the dance’s theme of ‘Crazy 80’s’, the song is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cindi Lauper.

7:07 PM: SCP-XXXX is seen on camera in the main gymnasium attempting to converse with a fellow student. The form is indistinct, and after two minutes of conversation, the student breaks away.

7:09 PM: A student in a pink prom dress, identified as Gwendolyn “Wendy” Marshall, is seen on camera entering the women’s restroom on the first floor.

7:10 PM: SCP-XXXX is seen entering the women’s restroom on the first floor.

7:18 PM: SCP-XXXX is seen leaving the women’s restroom on the first floor. He appears to be sucking something off of his left index finger.

7:19 PM: SCP-XXXX is seen re-entering the women’s restroom.

7:20 PM: SCP-XXXX is seen exiting the men’s restroom on the first floor. The two restrooms are separated by approximately 3m of corridor, and do not have adjacent walls.

7:22 PM: Another female student is seen attempting to enter the women’s restroom on the first floor, but finds the door locked. They shrug, and proceed to the one on the second floor.

7:30 or 7:32 PM: A pair of male students, one wearing a blue boutonnière, confront SCP-XXXX by the buffet table outside the gymnasium. Records show these two individuals had been the subject of abuse by SCP-XXXX for several years prior to this encounter.

7:34 PM: A pair of male students are seen walking away from the approximate location of the buffet table, their body language conveying disgust. SCP-XXXX follows them, before cameras lose track of both parties as they vanish around a corner.

7:40 PM (approx): A student reports hearing the sounds of metal banging in one of the second-floor hallways, ‘as if a locker was being slammed shut over and over’, accompanied by a loud crunching sound on the last bang. Upon seeing a member of maintenance personnel on the balcony overlooking the lobby, they disregard the noise and return to their conversation.

7:42: A member of maintenance personnel, repairing a light fixture on the balcony, nods in acknowledgement as SCP-XXXX passes. They are wearing headphones. SCP-XXXX leaves behind a visible shoe print, causing an annoyed reaction from the maintenance personnel.

8:00 PM: The second set of music begins, consisting largely of 1980s motion picture soundtracks.

8:10 PM: Voting for Prom King and Prom Queen begins, and ballot boxes are placed by the entrance to the auditorium.

8:12: SCP-XXXX deposits votes for both Prom King and Prom Queen.

8:12 PM: Two students and one teacher note that the ballots SCP-XXXX deposits appear to be wet.

8:23 PM: SCP-XXXX goes to the DJ and requests a song to be played. The DJ is seen laughing and nodding, before they queue it up as the next song.

8:25 PM: The main theme from the horror film Prom Night begins to play.

8:35 PM: Two students, one male and one female, enter the women’s locker room. The female student is in a state of mild undress. Their left shoe is lost as they enter the locker room.

8:36 PM: SCP-XXXX enters the women’s locker room, picking up the shoe as they go.

8:37 PM: Surveillance equipment within the locker room4 record the following audio:


Male Student: Wh— oh, unintelligible ck, Greg, what does y unintelligible ss want now?

SCP-XXXX: An apology.

Female Student: Unintelligible

SCP-XXXX: You know for what, Carlie, you fucking whore.

Sounds of altercation

Sound of glass breaking



8:42 PM: SCP-XXXX emerges from the women’s locker room and attempts to deposit the female student’s shoe into a trash can; the heel of the shoe has a sheen to it, suggesting it is wet. However, the receptacle is over-full, and it falls out the other side.

SCP-XXXX is not seen on surveillance between 8:42 and 9:07 PM. However, student and teacher testimony records possible anomalous phenomena connected to SCP-XXXX.

8:47 PM: Maintenance personnel on the second floor reports seeing an eye looking out at him from Locker 244. Upon opening it with the master locker key, nothing is found.

8:49 PM: Several students attempt to enter the women’s bathroom on the first floor, knocking rapidly upon it. They are discouraged from doing so when the knocking is repeated from the other side of the door.

8:55 PM: (approx) A biology teacher reports hearing muffled moaning outside their second-floor classroom where they are grading papers. This room is adjacent to Locker 244. He notes that Locker 244 has been vandalized, with words scratched into the metal, reading:

im ok
dont st
stop me

9:00 PM: A puddle of water is discovered by the bleachers near the women’s locker room. A student notes that the showers in the locker room occasionally leak.

9:07 PM: SCP-XXXX reappears, emerging from the first-floor men’s bathroom.

9:12 PM: A chaperone discovers the shoe of the female student last seen entering the women’s locker room.

9:23 PM: The chaperone approaches the DJ in order to make an announcement about the lost shoe.

9:24 PM: SCP-XXXX is heard conversing with the chaperone, telling her that he has seen the student to whom it belongs, and asks her to follow him.

9:28 PM: SCP-XXXX is seen entering a staircase reading “ROOF ACCESS”.

9:42 PM: Surveillance in the school’s lobby shows an indistinct shape impacting on the skylight above the main entrance. The sound of glass straining is heard.

9:45 PM: SCP-XXXX returns from the roof. They are no longer wearing a boutonnière.

9:47 PM: SCP-XXXX emerges from the men’s bathroom on the first floor, wearing a blue boutonnière.

10:00 PM: Prom King and Prom Queen are announced as being Eric Striker and Carlie Planter, respectively. Neither of them approach the stage to collect their regalia.

10:00 PM: Several students jeer that they’re in the locker room.

10:03 PM: A student in a white prom dress enters the women’s locker room.

10:07 PM: The previous student exits the locker room, screaming and sobbing, rushing the stage and grabbing the DJ’s microphone, announcing that there are dead bodies in the locker room.

10:07 PM: While initially disbelieved, the look of horror on her face, combined with visible vomit and a panicked demeanor, convinces a chaperone to inspect the locker room. They confirm the student's findings.

10:08 PM: The maintenance personnel working on the second floor notices the door to locker 244 is slightly ajar. He opens it, and a corpse is partially dislodged.

10:08 PM: Photographs taken by the maintenance personnel immediately after opening the locker show that the corpse matches one of the two males who were antagonizing SCP-XXXX earlier in the night. Its left hand appears to be fused to the locker door. A second, indistinct shape is bisected by the locker's shelving.

10:10 PM: Students are instructed to shelter in place within classrooms, and not to be out of the view of chaperones or teachers at any time.

10:20 PM: Police arrive. Two Foundation agents accompany them as ‘special FBI investigators’.

10:25 PM: Police notice the indistinct shape resting on the skylight. As they are trying to examine it, the glass shatters and the body of the chaperone falls through the skylight. The officer observing it is crushed by the falling body and killed. Part of a pink boutonnière is discovered in the chaperone’s hand.

10:30 PM: The Chief of Police declares a lockdown around Hunter’s Creek High School.

10:39 PM: The women’s restroom on the first floor is unlocked. Gwendolyn Marshall is retrieved from it, and placed into a body bag. She sits upright as the zipper is about to close around her head.

10:55 PM: Paramedics treat Marshall’s wounds. She recounts the events which occurred, naming SCP-XXXX as the assailant.

10:59 PM: SCP-XXXX’s ballots for prom royalty are recovered from the ballot box; as they were wet, they were not counted. Both of them are written in blood.

11:03 PM: An officer patrolling the area discovers SCP-XXXX in the school’s assembly hall, and draws their weapon. As they approach, they fire into SCP-XXXX’s center of mass. SCP-XXXX does not seem to be affected by the bullets.

11:05 PM: SCP-XXXX stabs the officer in the ear with what appears to be an audio cable.

11:13 PM: The school’s guidance counselor arrives on-scene, wanting to console the student body. The Chief of Police escorts her through the building.

11:27 PM: While passing by the biology classroom in the first floor corridor, the guidance counselor and chief of police hear a noise within. Both enter to investigate.

11:43 PM: SCP-XXXX exits the biology classroom, holding an indistinct, somewhat spherical object in their left hand. A red fluid is dripping from it.

11:50 PM: Gwendolyn Marshall disappears from the triage area where she is being treated, and cannot be located after several minutes of searching.

11:57 PM: SCP-XXXX enters the chemistry laboratory, and begins searching for chemicals. Finding the cabinets locked, he exits the room to search for a key.

11:58 PM: Marshall enters through the other door to the chemistry laboratory, and locates a spare key hidden in the lab’s fume hood. She begins opening cabinets containing chemicals and lab equipment, hooking a hose to a gas faucet, as well as locating a lighter in the teacher’s desk.

11:59 PM: SCP-XXXX re-enters the laboratory. Marshall, who is hiding behind the door, breaks a bottle of caustic liquid over their head. As they scream in pain, Marshall shoves him towards the hose and faucet, turning it on before igniting the lighter.

As SCP-XXXX begins to burn, Marshall retrieves a fire extinguisher to seemingly douse them. While she does so, immediately after the flames are extinguished, she begins beating him over the head with the canister of flame retardant.

12:03 AM, May 21st, 2012: Estimated time of death of SCP-XXXX.

12:06 AM: Marshall is discovered by members of the police department and pulled away from SCP-XXXX’s cadaver.

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