Ill-iad (SCP-972 rewrite)

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Item #: SCP-972

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-972 is to be contained in a regularly sterilized Humanoid Containment Chamber. Personnel that are ill/recovering from illness are barred from contact with SCP-972.

Description: SCP-972 is a 28 year old human male of Mediterranean descent named Archie Simone. SCP-972 has been diagnosed with leukopenia1 causing it to be more susceptible to illness.

Once a foreign pathogen has entered SCP-972's blood stream, white blood cells near the pathogens will grow a pair of cilia. Attached to these cilia are two structures resembling a small xiphos sword and aspis2. Carvings on these items are visually similar to common Ancient Greek emblems, with major elements of the carvings replaced by depictions of various bacteria and prokaryotic cells. Other growths resembling miniature battle helmets and body armor have been recorded. Affected white blood cells will then physically attack foreign pathogens using their grown weapons, terminating the pathogens.

Affected cells have been shown to perform advanced knowledge of Homeric Age infantry techniques and culture on several occasions, with the following tactics being of note:

  • Using aspides to form a testudo shield wall while fighting on multiple occasions,
  • multiple cells using their bodies to form a small scale replica of the Streptococcus bacteria whilst fighting against Streptococcus, breaking apart after several minutes and attacking bacteria as a group,
  • miniature swords elongating into the shape of a javelin and suddenly detaching from cilia, propelling themselves at foreign pathogens.

Once all pathogens have been terminated, they will be exhaled through SCP-972's mouth, with white blood cells retracting cilia. Notably, blood cells in the heel are not affected, with cells losing all anomalous growths once entering veins in the area.

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