The Short SCP Series-V Festival

Series V is now open. Let's start the new series off with a bang by writing some short, punchy articles.

The Short SCP Series-V Festival is an event which will run through September 29th, where writers make and critique SCP articles with fewer than 1000 words. This is not a contest, official or otherwise. To join, add your name to the table at the bottom of this page. Then, write a draft (on the SCP sandbox or another public wikidot container) for a short SCP - the draft can be longer than 1000 words, but long drafts will have to be shortened before final posting. Once you have a draft, make a thread in the draft forum and add links to your article and the draft thread to the table below.

When the drafting period is over, all entrants should take the time to read through at least one other draft on the list and give critique on the forums - try to review one which hasn't already been critiqued, so that everyone gets feedback. If you can, feel free to critique more than one article!

After a week of feedback and revision, all entrants can post their short SCPs and celebrate!


  1. All final entries must be fewer than 1000 words, excluding image blocks, css components, and other technical parts.
  2. SCPs, Tales, and GoI-formats are all allowed.
  3. Drafts can be longer than 1000 words, but writers should expect to shorten them before the final posting.
  4. While not required, entrants are urged to give feedback on at least one other article during the critique period
  5. Entrants are not required to post drafts for the critique period - coldposting during the posting period is allowed, but discouraged.


  • Critique period opens September 15th
  • Posting period opens September 22nd
  • Festival ends September 29th


Add your name to the bottom of this list to enter!

User Article Draft Forum Link
incidental_cabbageincidental_cabbage SCP-XXXX: Cloud Factory (WIP)