Former United States President Harry Truman. A member of GOI-012

Item #: SCP-4000-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000-EX has been eliminated. The group is to be reclassified as Explained and this file is to be locked to those without Level 4 clearance.

Description: SCP-4000-EX was the designation for GOI-012 (Majestic 12) and it's members. While SCP-4000-EX and it's members were not anomalous in nature, due to their behavior, they were treated as such. SCP-4000-EX was formed in 1948 by the United States to obscure extraterrestrial entities and objects from the public eye. SCP-4000-EX had a paramilitary force within it.

AnSO (GOI-1221-0) attempted to expose GOI-012 {is it GOI 12 or 13? also this is the original ANSO yes? they should have different GOI designations, as well as a footnote or something noting that} ( this was a typo by me, fixed now. GOI-012 is 4K-EX and 1221-0 is AN-SO. This is still an outline, though.) but were crushed by the Paramilitary force in 1950


  • World War 2 vets
  • All armed with best weaponry at the time
  • Normally selected from those who worked on black operations (Trinity Test, Manhattan, etc.)

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