Doomcanrencon 2 Planning

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MI-Class "Metafictional Invasion" Scenario - A metapocalypse, with (public domain/CC-compliant) fictional characters invading the "real world" of the Foundation and wreaking havoc. Probably wouldn't go into 'pataphysics.

Preliminary outline:

  1. Serpent's Hand GOI format
  2. Skip
  3. Tale
  4. Tale or GOI Format
  5. Skip
  6. Tale or Skip

Metafictional Invasion Scenario character ideas:

  • Anna/Annie Fabula - anafabula in physical form

Miscellaneous ideas:


observations - first onset of the festival known in the Written Word? or a veeery old patron relaying info on the first one

stories - maybe one text mimicking a passage from a public domain work where a character seems to have experienced the festival and gone into the "real world" and speaks their experience

that section in particular could be where we get into the present-day festival occurring and the fallout to that

in Doubt i am envisioning one piece about doubting the self-awareness of fictional characters and not thinking they can pose a threat