Stuff and Superpowers


Tier: B?
Rank: almost probably
Team: A
Role: Speedster
Metatype: human
¬Ability type: Equipment
Gender: M
Personality type: protective, caring, moral, stubborn?
¬Equipment: two tower shields, heavy armour suit.

Interpersonal relationships:


Class: A
Rank: 1
Role: Decker
Metatype: Metahuman
Gender: varies
Personality type: reclusive, mysterious, vengeful
Abilities: physical polymorphism (humanoid only), holographic head representation
¬Equipment: a staggeringly enormous amount of drones

Interpersonal relationships:

Mimiko <- ultimate hatred for some past infraction, perhaps Mimiko took her place for the experiments that made her technopathic.

First story arc

Characters involved: Mimiko, Athens/Athena, Matrix, Superior, Blue Steel, Bulark, Influence, Gatling

Story events:

Opening section to show an average operation undertaken by the A-team? Influence, Superior and Bulwark maybe?

Bulwark comments on the lack of low-tier missions to Influence, and also how suspicious Blue Steel is being

Influence approaches Gatling and Matrix to try and find out if they know anything about BS's suspiciousness, they know nothing.

Inf, Gat and Bul approach BS directly, BS blows them off when he gets a call.

Gat texts Mat to try and hide in BS's armour, she agrees instantly despite not moving at all.

BS goes to meet with someone, Mat piggybacks on his armour cameras

BS meets up with Mimiko for an information handoff, Mat streams camera feed to squad

BS returns to HQ, Inf confronts him with the footage "Ah tits."

BS calls Mim to say she can now live at HQ if she wants, which of course she does.

Mim meets Inf first (bad encounter), Bul and Gat next (average interaction, somewhat rushed), Mim bumps into Superior and gets a tour of HQ, encounters Mat along the way.

Mim gets settled, finds BS to finalize her moving in when her ability is triggered by arrival of drone 1.

Mim takes a hole out of BS’s wall and is comforted by Sup. “You did not kill our leader. Good job.”