SCP-NULL (Prototype_Toaster's resignation)
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SCP-NULL as observed within metaspace

Item #: SCP-NULL

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: General Forelli is the origin point of SCP-NULL and as such, is to be locked in isolation. Forelli is only to be fed paper and fish bowl water. While in isolation, Forelli is to be forced to listen to the album "Pulse Demon" by Japanese noise music creator, Merzbow every 12 hours. All requests by Forelli for the listening secessions to end early are to be ignored.

If SCP-NULL manifests, Agent Forelli is to be released from isolation and must spend all 24 hours attempting to neutralize the anomaly.

Description: SCP-NULL is an anomalous form of energy that originates from General Giorgio R. Forelli. Those who are affected by SCP-NULL begin to lack creativity, lose interest in interaction, have a self destructive nature, and often become obsessed with anime.

It is the belief of several researchers that General Forelli is an entity composed of pure SCP-NULL.

Addendum 1: SCP-NULL was discovered when General Forelli attempted to enjœÆÆÆÝ hi NO!

Hi. There is no SCP-NULL. Go ahead. Call me a knockoff of SirBaubius cause I've honestly stopped caring.

Look, do you know that feeling you get when you do the same thing every day and it begins to grind on you? That's what I've been feeling as of late. It's just been a constant grind of trying my hardest and constantly feeling awful and falling short of my goals. Take a look in my sandbox. All of these ideas and drafts I have not touched in months. I've been too scared to touch them because I always had a feeling of dread saying that I will fail no matter how much criticism I get on them. I tried to make a tale a few months back and I got more crit on it than anything else I had ever gotten criticism on. OFC, it bombed. To make things worse, it was part of a series I was planning on so that was 3 drafts I had to scrap.

Then came that feeling I wasnt good enough and that my ideas weren't what this community wanted. Being told by my head and by others that I wasn't good enough and didn't have the skill to write for the wiki. I first came in here after seeing all these Juni Ito and Lovecraft horrors and wanted to write exactly that. Then I see articles that are the complete opposite of that. It was some big terrible lie I had drugged myself in to believing. That's exactly what my puppy centaurs skip was going to be. I thought all my ideas were not what this wiki wanted. I thought that what they wanted was stuff that people would be making cute fan art of and what cuter than a puppy, or should I say "a good boy doggo", that defends humans and kills monsters?

Yes I know what you might say. "Proto you did X so don't guilt trip me". I am aware and I apologize. I'm human too, I make screw ups. What makes me human is being able to recognize them and move past them. When I realize my mistakes, I am able to grow as a person.

My mind does not want me to be here anymore. It's taking too much of a toll on it. I joined this site at the start of my depression and this has done nothing to improve it.

Autism + Depression + Stressful Environment = Horrible feelings.

For my sake and yours, consider this my official letter of resignation.

My articles will stay up for all to enjoy.

My social media and rights to rewrites can be found on the bottom of my Author Page

To those of you who enjoyed my company, I apologize for leaving. To those of you who didn't, I apologize for being a burden to you.