sunny quotes to use in scps

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me stuff
  • "A starter car? THIS IS A FINISHER CAR!"
  • "A storm of fists, raining down on your head."
  • "I can't read these words; they're not in the right order."
  • "Trouble time 4 U when he comes."
  • "You think a pirate lives in there?"
  • "How are you gonna be wood?"
  • "Feast your ears on that spin-doctor's mix."
  • "I count how much gas is going into the car."
  • "Let's say you and I go toe-to-toe on bird law."
  • "Give me money. Money me. Money now."
  • "Trundle the Great."
  • "I thought North was up."
  • "Yeah, but let's pretend you aren't who you are."
  • "Do not try and swim to Europe."
  • "Cat in the wall, eh?"
  • "You know exactly what you've done, sir."
stuff other people did
  • "Skip the SCP, quit the shit."