My Dream
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Item#: 0000
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Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Currently SCP-0000 should not be contained. The images seen by tourists due to the abnormal proporties of SCP-0000 will be interpreted as illusions. As for now, SCP-0000's right of management reserves to Chet Duncan. There is no need to restrict the flow of visitors of except for the overcrowding that may occur on annual Valentine's Day.
SCP-0000当前无需被收容,游客因SCP-0000异常性质而看到的画面被解释为幻觉。目前,SCP-0000的经营权保留在Chet Duncan手中。除每年情人节当天可能出现的参观人员过多的情况,无需对前来参观SCP-0000的游客进行限流。

Description: SCP-0000 is a park full of cherry blossom trees with a single entrance. The entrance ticket costs 30 cents. It's abnormal proporties is that:

  • When a human enters SCP-0000, the tempreture inside SCP-0000 will increase slightly. Research shows that this kind of variation in tempreture usually stops as soon as most people inside feel comfortable.
  • 当有人类进入SCP-0000,SCP-0000内部的温度会小幅度升高,研究表示,这种温度的变化通常在其内部大部分人感觉舒适后停止。
  • The cherry blossom inside SCP-0000 is edible with sweet taste. After eating, it can lead to the rapid increase of whom's dopamine secretion but cause no adverse impact on the human body.
  • SCP-0000内部樱树的樱花可食用,味道甘甜,食用后可导致食用者体内多巴胺分泌加剧,但对人体没有不利影响。

SCP-0000-1 is a 72-year-old Caucasian female. It has now been confirmed that SCP-0000-1 has no abnormal proporty. SCP-0000-1 appears in SCP-0000 every morning at 7 am and leaves after sunset in the evening. When entering the park, SCP-0000-1 does not need to pay entrance fee to Chet Duncan. Her lunch is provided by Chet Duncan. SCP-0000-1 spends most of time sitting on a normal bench and looking into the distance in SCP-0000. Whether SCP-0000-1 is the reason of SCP-0000 producing abnormal propoties is still to be researched.
SCP-0000-1为一72岁的白人女性,目前已证实,SCP-0000-1不具备异常性质。SCP-0000-1每天早上7点会出现在SCP-0000内,晚上日落后离开。SCP-0000-1在进入公园时无需向Chet Duncan缴纳门票费用,午饭由Chet Duncan提供。SCP-0000-1在SCP-0000内的大多数时间都是坐在一张普通的长椅上望着远方。关于SCP-0000-1是否导致SCP-0000产生异常性质仍待考证。

After SCP-0000-1 died in 2021/01/13, a phantom that an unindentified Caucasian male holding hands with SCP-0000-1 appears in SCP-0000. It is confirmed that the frequnency of this phenomenon is in direct proportion to the amount of lovers in SCP-0000.
2021/01/13 SCP-0000-1死亡后,SCP-0000内会出现SCP-0000-1与一不明身份的白人男性牵着手的幻影,目前已证实,这种现象出现的频率与SCP-0000内情侣的数量成正比。