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Item #: SCP-XXXX

MRI of D-10300


MRI of D-10300 with modifications by .

Special Containment Procedures: Attempts to discern the origin of SCP-XXXX are currently underway. Connections, both biologically and memetically, are to be cross-referenced thoroughly, including the following of all documentation threads back to their earliest possible origins. Foundation archives are to be scoured for any and all research conducted by and Researcher Sussussa by SYNE66, and updates to current documentation will be made accordingly.

Due to the uncontrollable nature of SCP-XXXX, efforts to convince human society as a whole of its natural existence are currently underway. Brain imaging technology that is significantly more advanced than the most recent in scientific developments has been released under the guise of normal advancement, and should be commonplace no later than 1978. In the event that a more accurate or widespread technology becomes available, it is to be destroyed, and its creators administered Class-C amnestics targeted at their knowledge of brain imaging, neuroscience, and mechanical engineering. Any and all scientific knowledge regarding neuroscience, particularly neurons and their biological functions, is to be updated to fallaciously explain the effects of SCP-XXXX as being due to a false concept known as neurodegeneration.

As per Operation "Mem Peri", two widespread memetic radio waves are to be administered via seventeen Foundation satellites across the entire surface of the Earth. The first wave, equipped with an auditory amnestic agent, is to remove a random array of memories from every human on earth. The second radio wave features a mnestic agent designed to implant false memories and assumptions, as well as altering the general populous's perception of memory as a whole.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the concept of forgetting.

To be more specific, SCP-XXXX refers to the anomalous loss of memories, either by amnestic reduction of clarity, or through degradation of conceptual connections and learned traits. As an individual develops, they become more susceptible to SCP-XXXX, in many cases leading to what is known to the public as conditions such as Alzheimer's or Dementia, which describe the results of an individual being overly exposed to SCP-XXXX and becoming mentally impaired as a result.

Of note is the method by which SCP-XXXX removes memories. Contrary to general amnestics, which remove memories as well as their corresponding neural sac, SCP-XXXX empties neural sacs, leaving the sac itself untouched. This allows for individuals to replenish the sacs with false memories or assumptions that then become rooted as if they were new memories.1

The true nature of SCP-XXXX has yet to be discovered as a result of , a that systematically all forms of communication from knowledge about itself, its existence, or its effects. All that is known about is that it , which in most cases leads to it becoming extremely . No known method of comprehending exists, though it is theorized that SYNE66 has developed a formal understanding of and its .

SYNE66, as programmed by Researcher Sussussa, is to follow its Operations and Limitations Manual in the pursuit of knowledge relating to SCP-XXXX and .

SYNE66 Operations and Limitations Manual

1. SYNE66 will be responsible for collecting and maintaining information relating to SCP-XXXX.
2. SYNE66 will be responsible for conducting research geared towards furthering understanding of SCP-XXXX.
3. SYNE66 will be connected to a database for storing all information deemed relevant to SCP-XXXX.
4. SYNE66 will be connected to Syne-goggles2 for use on D-Class or willing personnel, for the purpose of collecting physical records and information without the need for waste of human life.
5. SYNE66 will prioritize the preservation of human life above all else.
6. SYNE66 will prioritize the preservation of public normalcy from the existence of anomalies above all else, unless it would be discrepant with order 5.
7. SYNE66 will prioritize its duties above all else, unless it would be discrepant with orders 5 and 6.

In an attempt to consolidate information about SCP-XXXX, SYNE66 has kept and compiled a functional timeline of the discovery, research, and experimentation of SCP-XXXX and .

1952: The Foundation begins work on experimental brain imaging technology (an early version of what is now MRI). Among the researchers involved is .

1954: discovers a flaw in the technology, and presents it to the mechanical team, who turns his proposal down. steals an MRI prototype and modifies it to work more accurately. In doing so, he discovers , which infects him with SCP-XXXX.

1954-1957: Due to the effects of SCP-XXXX, forgets his discovery of , causing him to continue doing the same research, and falling into the same cycle, for 3 years.

1957: checks his logs in the foundation archives and discovers that he's been doing the same research for 3 years. He inquires with a coworker, Researcher Sussussa, and ends up bringing him in as a partner.

1958: becomes targeted by , and begins inheriting the same as .

1959: is unable to be comprehended. Researcher Sussussa continues research alone, and discovers via the same methods did.

1959-1962: Due to the effects of SCP-XXXX, Researcher Sussussa forgets his discovery of , causing him to continue doing the same research, and falling into the same cycle, for 3 years.

1962: Researcher Sussussa checks his logs in the foundation archives and discovers that he's been doing the same research for 3 years. He writes up a proposal for experimental android-run research of , which is approved the same year.

1966: Researcher Sussussa completes his research machine, which he names SYNE66. SYNE66's Operations and Limitations Manual is written up by Researcher Sussussa, and it begins compiling information on .

1969: Researcher Sussussa becomes mildly targeted by . SYNE66 gains administrative control over SYNE66.

1973: SYNE66 abuses a loophole in Order 7 of its Operations and Limitations Manual, allowing it to break normalcy for the sake of research. It uses Foundation resources to broadcast knowledge of to all humans on Earth, causing them to become infected by SCP-XXXX. In an attempt to preserve normalcy in post, SYNE66 develops operation Mem Peri, and distributes it to the Overseer council for approval.

1976: After much debate, Operation Mem Peri is accepted and begins being put into effect.

1977: MRI technology is released to the public under the guise of normal advancement, and two Foundation employees, Researchers Paul Lauterbur and Peter Mansfield, take public credit.

1978 Onwards: Humanity continues to thrive, despite being affected by SCP-XXXX. Memory loss is widely accepted as ordinary, and normalcy is held. SYNE66 declares itself a success, and after finalizing Operation Mem Peri's contingency plan, logs off.