The Trashfire
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The Foundation is underfunded,

its contemporaries are scrambling to mend the seams of a reality broken from inception,

the world is on fire,

and all things considered, the fact that it's not worse is a fucking miracle.

The Trashfire


The Trashfire can be summed up in a single sentence: "The world sucks, and everyone's scrambling to fix that."

The terrors that plague existence are not the result of some apocalypse, some fallen angel looking to ruin the creation they were denied power over, a steadily fraying space around an experiment gone wrong. No grand narrative will link them to a set of reality keystones, and no curse animates their forms. Mistakes of existence were not engineered by the foolish.

They're simply there, and they resent that fact as much as you most likely do.

It's a problem endemic to the multiverse, to the mounds of flesh Ion witnessed, to the beautiful machine supposedly commandeered by Mekhane, to the folds of reality the Ortothans hold dear. Whatever cosmic computer controls the cosmology has been fitted with numerous redundant and obsolete components, stretching the ontological CPU to its absolute limit even before one factors the dust, broken cabling, and otherwise. It is filled with bugs, in more than one sense.

Pillars of the Canon

The thematic core of the Trashfire is held up by three central pillars.

Planned series/brainstorming

Olney Ironworks
  • SCP-XXXX: You Can't Top Pigs with Pigs

King of Diamonds

  • Alpha-Unseelie
  • Beta-Unseelie: blue
  • Gamma-Unseelie: The Catacombs
  • Delta-Unseelie
  • Epsilon-Unseelie
  • Zeta-Unseelie: Site-56
  • Eta-Unseelie
  • Theta-Unseelie: 2677
  • SCP-001

King of Hearts

  • Thesis of Xuegang Montgomery Long
  • Mrs. Gentrification