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<pretend this is an intervew for now>

"I-I'm May Waters, on the scene AN-SO reporter! I came here to talk to you and show the world that you're here, you're real, and we should welcome you into our world!" She managed to free an arm from the gargantuan hand wrapped around her, then gave the Bigfoot a thumbs up and a confident wink. "I'd love to sit down and talk with you if you'd allow me to!"

The Child of the Night set May down out of sheer curiosity. Perhaps he had made an ally for his kind; one that they could trust. One that wouldn't forsake them to the Jailors, like Tim Wilson did many moon cycles ago. He remembered it well, for he had been the one to scrawl the message onto a trunk for the human. As his father had passed, it would now be his duty to carry the children of the night towards their goal of retaking the world, starting with one last attempt at mercy. The beast unhanded May and the two's eyes remained locked for a moment before she grabbed her notepad.

"What is your name?" She readied her pen, looking up to her companion with a wide smile. The massive beast responded in its native language, one beyond comprehension. May blinked, trying to scribble the best phonetic interpretation of what she had heard. "I see, I see. Now is that 'Guraghaanarak' or 'Ghooraghanurak'?" She questioned, only to be met with silence.

"Nevermind. So, umm… Can I call you Bigfoot?" Again, silence. This interview wasn't going too well at all. The two stood, mute as stone for fifteen seconds until the redhead opened up again. "I'll just… Call you 'G.' So, G, what can you tell me about you and your kind?" She readied herself for a story of apes gaining sentience, a great underground society of giant humanoids traveling between the American North West and Nepal, and maybe even some insight as to why they were so elusive.

taken by May Waters

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