You're probably wondering how to finish this article, if you've already read it — and rest assured, I had the same problem. It's the very reason why I had to turn this in for draft swap, after all.

The main idea of this was that, for some reason, William Howard Taft inadvertently let several gallons of flesh drain away into an alternate (and much smaller) universe every day, based on the urban myth that Taft once got stuck in his bathtub. The weakening of spacetime caused by the President's amateur thaumaturgy allowed people from timelines other than the one in which this article takes place (members of the Royal Containment and Protection Initiative, for example) explore this dimension. Of course, you may or may not want to keep these plot points — it's up to you — but I feel like the very premise of this article lends itself better to comedy than any other genre, and what I currently have should serve as a decent framework for your own angle on this.

However, I won't try to wrest control from your hands. At the end of the day, you can add or remove whatever you want from this — it'll probably make it a better article, too.

I can't wait to see where you take this.


Special Containment Procedures: Due to its immovable nature, the space surrounding SCP-TAFT has been enclosed with chain-link fencing. The road upon which SCP-TAFT is present has been closed to the public.

Due to its proximity to Site-75 (5 minutes by car), construction of a site dedicated to study of SCP-TAFT is unnecessary.

Description: SCP-TAFT is a Class-C "Broken Entry" wormhole contained within a pothole in an unnamed road south of Raymond, Alberta, Canada. The wormhole acts as an entrance to an alternate reality, hereby designated SCP-TAFT-1.

The opposite end of SCP-TAFT is positioned in what appears to be an alternate version of early 20th century North America. The opposite end of the wormhole is positioned 7.5 meters above the ground and is in close proximity to Petersburg, Virginia. Several more wormholes are hypothesized to exist within SCP-TAFT-1, implied by the encounter of several members of a Foundation-anologous organization believed to be native to another alternate reality1 during preliminary exploration.

The northwest portion of the United States within SCP-TAFT-1 is covered in a large2 mass of amorphous flesh (designated SCP-TAFT-2). Samples of this mass are genetically identical to human biological material.

Unmanned drone exploration of SCP-TAFT has found the origin of SCP-TAFT-2 to be an upwelling above Washington, D.C. By digging into the flesh, Foundation agents were able to uncover a Class-C wormhole similar to SCP-TAFT (designated SCP-TAFT-3) within the floor of the White House. This wormhole extrudes approximately 1,000 kiloliters of human flesh every day at 9 PM, Eastern Standard Time.