The Search for True Art
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1/7074 LEVEL 1/7074



Item #: SCP-7074

Object Class: Euclid

Ness strains for several seconds. Their eyes begin to luxate before their cranium explodes outward with enough force to cause a small shockwave and pelt onlookers with hair, skin, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, and skull fragments.

As spectators gasp, scream and clear the area, a mass of small spheres of light begin to disperse from within Ness's empty cranium. Several small implosions occur within the resulting cloud, and dust and rocks are pulled from the ground and become a part of several clouds of matter anomalously suspended in the air. The resulting agglomeration resembles a nebula.

Ness's head has been almost completely destroyed, and fragments of bone attached to skin hang from the parts of their skull that remain intact. Despite this, they remain standing; their lower jaw begins to move, and their voice gurgles from their throat.

Ness: That's real art!

Upon saying this, Ness's body collapses.

Foreword: On July 27th, 2022, Foundation agent Raymond Orbison was dispatched to the Philadelphia Zoo. Tracing efforts had found that SCP-7074 originated in the zoo and had been sold as part of a fundraiser; further questioning uncovered that the creator of the painting was Hamburger, an abnormally intelligent 20-year-old male chimpanzee. As the Philadephia Zoo is owned and operated in part by Wilson's Wildlife Solutions, containment of Hamburger is currently impossible due to the terms of the Boring Agreement. Agent Orbison was instead tasked with interviewing Hamburger to uncover possible motives for creating SCP-7074.

Begin Log


Hamburger in his enclosure. According to his handlers, he takes great joy in painting but is averse to cameras and positive human attention.

Orbison: Hello, Hamburger. I'm here to ask you a few questions.

End Log