WWS Interviews

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Volunteer Interviews!

April 27th, 2014


Wilson's Wildlife Solutions is in need of more volunteers!

We're looking for folks with the can-do attitude it takes to wrangle, feed, and study the weird and wild of Clackamas County.

If you think you've got what it takes, mosey on down to the Wilson Terrestrial Center in Boring on April 27th! We look forward to seeing you there.

Please do not taunt the bear, she is testy.


Wilson: …

Clef: … Are you going to ask me any questions about volunteering or are you gonna gawk at me for another few minutes?

Wilson: Mister, are you aware your head is a giant spider?

Wilson: So… Can you tell me about your work ethic?

Anderson: Everything in its place, working as efficiently as possible. Efficiency is my name.

Wilson: Ah, I see. Now, why do you want to volunteer at the center?

Anderson: I don't.

Wilson: Oh?

Anderson: I'm here to make a business proposition.

(Wilson is about to speak but stops when he notices "SPC" on the interviewee's uniform)

Wilson: You know where the door is.

(The interviewee stands up and leaves)

(Wilson reads the list of scheduled interview candidates, looking at 'Nobody')

Wilson: Oh goodie, a break! I'm starving, I hope Fae brought tacos.

(Wilson leaves the office.)

Wilson: You know miss, you seem kind of familiar.

Wondertianment: I have no idea why that could be!

Wilson: … Who let a dog into my office? And why is it wearing a suit? Fae?

(Wilson leaves the office.)

Crow: Well then. Guess I'll be off.

SCP Foundation- Interviews with Dr. Clef and Dr. Crow
GAW- lesbiangengar?
Nobody- lunch break
Black Queen- One dorky, one qualified with animals, one who wants to pet animals
Anderson Robotics- Offers to completely automate volunteers
Wondertainment- Havent we met already?
UIU- Something relating to Portland (not Portlands)
MC&D- Purchasing some animals