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Image by Modulum


Image by Modulum

Canon Renaissance Contest

Hosted by Modulum and ProcyonLotor

While some canons bustle with life in the now, the vast majority are ghost towns - sketches of a world, "what if" questions that beg for development and for answer.

Universes that, long ago, were opened. Universes that have yet to be explored to their fullest potential.

By working with the lore of these small or sleepy canons, you can help bring our orphaned worlds to the light of the modern day. MORE INFO...


Image by Raddagher


Image by Raddagher

Exquisite Corpse Contest

Hosted by ProcyonLotor and A Random Day

According to Wikipedia, an exquisite corpse “is a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule… or by being allowed to see only the end of what the previous person contributed.” In this case, we’re challenging you to write an exquisite SCorPse: you will enter an Object Class, then write Containment Procedures for someone else’s Object Class, and then write a Description for someone else’s Object Class bolted to yet someone else’s Containment Procedures.
And you won’t know what you’re getting until you get it. MORE INFO...

CorpseCon Winners

Popsioak and Dyslexion with
SCP-5250 - Act I: The Lake South, The Deer North





144-Hour Jam Contest Two

Hosted by ProcyonLotor and A Random Day

A jam contest, you say? What's that?

It's simple. From March 9th through March 15th, you will write three stories over a six-day period, competing for honor, glory, and meaningless prizes. This contest is designed to squeeze inspiration out of you and see what kind of works you can produce in an accelerated timeframe. MORE INFO...

JamCon 2020 Winners

Rounderhouse with

Uncle Nicolini with


Image by Raddagher


Image by Raddagher

SCP-5000 Contest

Hosted by ProcyonLotor


At its core, the SCP Wiki has been an attempt to expand upon, and perhaps solve, the mysteries and riddles posed by SCP-173 on /x/ more than a decade ago. What is the Foundation? What are SCP objects, and where do they come from? What in the world is an 'HMCL supervisor'? As the fiction has expanded, the mysteries have only gotten more and more complex. Now, for SCP-5000, you shall be posing more. Perhaps you'll solve them as well. That's up to you. MORE INFO...

5K Winner

Tanhony with
SCP-5000 - Why?



Image by Dr Merlin - VI


Image by Dr Merlin - VI

Collaboration Contest

Hosted by ProcyonLotor and A Random Day

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? That's the theme of the 2019 Collaboration Contest! In this contest, you will team up with a partner to produce two articles about a team-up between two factions in the Foundation Universe. MORE INFO...

CollabCon Winners

KindlyTurtleClem and Lt Flops with

not_a_seagull and Mew-ltiverse with

Ihp and Uncle Nicolini with


Image from a HelenBot contest timer


Image from a HelenBot contest timer

144-Hour Jam Contest

Hosted by ProcyonLotor and A Random Day

A jam contest, you say? What's that?

It's simple. From March 9th through March 15th, you will write three stories over a six-day period, competing for honor, glory, and meaningless prizes. This contest is designed to squeeze inspiration out of you and see what kind of works you can produce in an accelerated timeframe. MORE INFO...

JamCon 2019 Winners

not_a_seagull with

NatVoltaic with

Mortos with


Image by dentixvoxel


Image by dentixvoxel

Cliché-Con 2019

Hosted by taylor_itkin and Uncle Nicolini

The Cliché Contest is here! What does that mean?

Create an article (tale, SCP, or otherwise) that contains at least one (1) of the common clichés associated with the SCP-universe.

This contest is meant to be a challenge - there is a reason that clichés are common pitfalls. However, we want to see you take these clichés and make them good, make them work. MORE INFO...

Cliché-Con Winners

Woedenaz with
SCP-4205 - In The Eyes of the Beholder 🖳

aismallard with
SCP-3597 - Maladroit

DrAnnoyingDog and Rounderhouse with



Image by NewyRose


Image by NewyRose

Halloween Contest 2018

Hosted by Dexanote

Write a tale dealing with the SCP Foundation and Halloween.

We’re going to have a bit of a challenge this time around, though. This year, we wanted the community to help us out with the contest. So we had you all make suggestions for what kinds of tricks and treats to include, stipulations that you must follow when writing your entries.

We made our choices. MORE INFO...

Halloween 2018 Winner

Rounderhouse with
MTF Sigma-5 "Pumpkin Punchers"


Image by Zhange


Image by Zhange

SCP-4000 Contest

Hosted by ProcyonLotor


Our wiki's been around 10 long years. But the Foundation, the GOIs, anomalies, and the world have been around a hell of a lot longer than that. How did things look 20 years ago? 200? 2,000? 20,000? We look forward to you guys telling us.

So what happens now? MORE INFO...

4K Winner

PeppersGhost with
Taboo - Taboo


Image by Zhange


Image by Zhange

Doomsday Contest

Hosted by ProcyonLotor

The SCP Foundation is no stranger to the end of the world - it's caused, fixed, and then caused them more times than you can count. The XK-Class End-of-World Scenario, the ZK-Class Reality Failure Scenario, the CK-Class Restructuring Scenario, and so much more promise a swift end to life as we know it.

But why stop there? MORE INFO...

DoomCon Winners

Weryllium, CadaverCommander, Modern_Erasmus, and fieldstone as Team Clever Gentlemen with


Image from a HelenBot contest timer


Image from a HelenBot contest timer

72 Hour Jam Contest

Hosted by A Random Day and ProcyonLotor

Come on and slam…

And welcome to the 72-Hour Jam Contest!

A jam contest, you say? What's that?

It's simple. From February 17th through February 19th, you will write three stories over a three day period, competing for honor, glory, and meaningless prizes. This contest is designed to squeeze inspiration out of you and see what kind of works you can produce in an accelerated timeframe. MORE INFO...

First JamCon Winner

Rimple with

  • SCP-3772 - 😂 WHO DID THIS 😂
  • SCP-3224 - Family Tree
  • SCP-3880 - ILLEST RAIN SOUNDS ∞ Hours No Looping - White Noise, Nature/Healing/Ambient, Meditation/Insomnia/Study ASMR [ORIGINAL]



Image by DAME


Image by DAME

Social Media Art Contest

Hosted by the Internet Outreach Team

Greetings from the Internet Outreach team, skippers!

We are running an art contest! In celebration of the ten-year anniversary of our fair community coming to be. Sometimes it's hard to believe that SCP has really been around for a decade. We've certainly accomplished a lot here together. MORE INFO...

Winning Illustrator

Hercules Rockfeller with
An illustration of SCP-120 ⁠- Teleporting Paddling Pool


Image by Cyantreuse


Image by Cyantreuse

10 Years Birthday SCParty

Hosted by Dexanote

A brief celebration of 233 words.

This isn’t a contest; it’s a challenge. And the focus of this challenge is the origin of it all; SCP-173.

Produce a Tale about 173, as it’s written in the original article. A classic creepypasta monster, frightful in its simplicity and malice. Around your throat, a harsh snap. Concrete and rebar; origin is as of yet known.

It’s all for fun. Just like the rest of the wiki. MORE INFO...


Image by Cyantreuse


Image by Cyantreuse

SCP-3000 Contest

Hosted by the SCP Wiki Administration

You don't get to 3000 contained objects without encountering some unspeakable horrors.

Theme: Horror! Your objective as an author in this contest is simple: scare us. Unsettle us, make us paranoid, creep us out. The SCP Foundation's oldest works were intended to bring genuine fright to our readership. This is your aim. MORE INFO...

3K Winners

A Random Day, djkaktus, and Joreth with
SCP-3000 - Ananteshesha


Images from SCP-2624, SCP-2736, and Wrong Proposal


Images from SCP-2624, SCP-2736, and Wrong Proposal

This Contest Is History!

Hosted by Roget

So what's all this about, Rogay?

It's a new year. The world is full of possibilities for the future, and as we reflect on our past we may grasp at what it can teach us. There has always been a place for historical fiction on the SCP wiki, and it's time we put it in the limelight. It's about time we had a history contest! MORE INFO...

History Contest Winners

TyGently with
SCP-2624 - Laika's Sweetheart Space-Beacon

Doctor Cimmerian with
Now Hollow Fires Burn Out To Black And Lights Are Guttering Low



Image by Ladyofthecrescent


Image by Ladyofthecrescent

D-Class Contest

Hosted by Decibelles and Dexanote

The D doesn’t stand for Disposable…

…but it might as well. The general consensus is that D-Class are a plot device. They're a part of the site that is rarely looked at too deeply. While some D-class canon does exist, there is always room for more expansion. Readers know practically nothing about these key cogs in the Foundation machine. MORE INFO...

D-Class Contest Winners

Jack Ike with

Kalinin with
SCP-2669 - Khevtuul 1

Humanmale with


Image by Raphael


Image by Raphael

Hosted by TroyL

Crack Fiction. The dark, stank filled corner of the internet that the SCP Foundation — with all its rules, organization, and grammar-filled-goodness — stands strongly against, rallies against, and prevents from filling our site.

Until now. MORE INFO...


Image by Scorpion451


Image by Scorpion451

Mobile Task Force Contest!

Hosted by Decibelles and TroyL

Mobile Task Forces. They're the unseen, unknown groups that keep the Foundation running. Hordes of nameless, faceless men and women in uniform, keeping the world safe, while people like Dr. Clef and Dr. Bright catch all the glory.

It's time to tell their stories. MORE INFO...

MTF Contest Winners

LurkD, djkaktus, Roget, and Doctor Cimmerian as Team Basic with


Short Works Contest

Hosted by Sophia Light

One day, I will find the right words, and they will be simple. -Jack Kerouac

SCP-895 did it in 490 words.
SCP-1057 did it in 423.
SCP-902 did it in 337.
SCP-1959 did it in 321.
SCP-173 did it in 237.

What can you do? MORE INFO...

Short Works Contest Winner

LurkD with
SCP-2521 - ●●|●●●●●|●●|●

Reimagining Contest

Hosted by Moose and TroyL

The idea here is simple. You take anything written on the site from 2011 or earlier, and you reimagine it as something new. You put it into a new format (tale, recovery logs, interviews, experiment logs, GOI formats, or even the SCP format), and you submit it for the contest.

Note that this isn't just taking SCP-173 and writing Crunch. It's even more than turning SCP-173 and making Revised Entry. This is taking SCP-173 and thinking "What if it was as big as Rushmore?" or "Why doesn't it play the flute and lure other statues into holes in the side of a hill?" or "What if it was actually a pig-demon?"

You are not rewriting. You are not expanding. You are reimagining the whole dang concept. MORE INFO...

Reimagining Contest Winner

Sophia Light with
The Lucky Dinosaur


Dystopia Contest

Hosted by Rejekyll

That's right, it's that wonderful time of year again… The leaves are turning wonderful shades of red and orange, it's getting colder, and the marmots are beginning their long, wintry slumber. You guessed it: We're having another contest! The theme of this one is dystopia. For reference, dystopia is defined by Google as "an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one." MORE INFO...

Dystopia Contest Winners

Dr. Reach with
Mission Statement

Groups of Interest Contest!

Hosted by TroyL

Alright, guys. It's been a while, but we had such a solid turn out last time that we are doing another team contest. Hopefully, we'll get to see some awesome new additions to the site in our new…


This contest is fairly simple, but it will require that you form a team. Within this team, you will create a small group of stories for a Foundation Group of Interest and a selection of SCP Objects for them. This means that, in addition to writing tales about the GoI, you and your partners will be making a whole new method of classification for things and trying it out. MORE INFO...

GoI Contest Winners

thedeadlymoose, Dexanote, Vivax, and Zyn as Team Isinglass with
The Serpent's Hand

The Under-Appreciated SCPs Contest

Hosted by CryogenChaos

It's a contest to give some love to the less well-known SCPs on the site.

We now have over 2000 SCPs at our disposal; however, only a handful of them are ever seen frequently or even semi-frequently in tales. We want to remedy this. Your challenge is to take one or more SCPs with a score of +40 or less each and write a tale involving them. How you write about them is completely up to you, but they must be featured in your tale as at least semi-important elements. MORE INFO...

Contest Winners

HammerMaiden with
Exit History

Chubert with
Exploded Diagram of a Young Woman


SCP-2000 "Science Fiction" Contest

Hosted by the SCP Wiki Administration

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, and whatever else you may self identify as, It's become that time again. Roughly two years ago, we had a fantastic contest for the SCP-1000 slot, which ended up netting us some amazing SCPs, not least of which is the one what won. But, after two years, we've built up another, oh, 900 SCPs, which means… That's right…


Huh. I feel like I did that joke before. Ah well. No, what it really means is much simpler. You have approximately one month to write an SCP based on a theme chosen by the Admins of the SCP site.

The theme for the SCP-2000 contest IS:


Bring me your robots, your ray guns, your ufos, all the things that make Science Fiction grand! Invaders from another galaxy, or the ones too small to see, living inside us… MORE INFO...

2K Winner

HammerMaiden with
SCP-2000 - Deus Ex Machina

Time Contest!

Hosted by Drewbear

A contest to explore the ultimate decider, the one foe against which all things will fall. Barbra Streisand Time.

Everything is affected by the passage of time, however much or little. Everything changes or is changed. So your task, should you choose to accept it, is to write about how one (or more!) SCP Item interacts with time or changes over time or how it existed in a different time period or, well, you get the idea. And although this doesn't exclude SCPs that explicitly deal with time, wouldn't it be more interesting to work with one that doesn't obviously do so? MORE INFO...

Time Contest Winners

Smapti with
And the Winner Is...

Five Questions

Hosted by Dr. Mann

There's a new contest in town. This one involves no fancy team-building, no organization, just writer against writer. Sadly, my dream to have you all flown in by black helicopters and forced to fight to the death have been pushed back due to budget cuts (though there's always next year).

This contest will be about answering questions.

There are always questions. Little mentions of this or that, thrown in to add an aura of mystery and a hint of a larger story. No article ever addresses everything. And five authors have chosen questions that even they don't have answers for. Five questions from five articles.

Your job is to write a tale that attempts to answer one of theses questions. MORE INFO...

Five Questions Contest Winners

HammerMaiden with
Iteration 0

Rikks with
Playing God

Roget with
Children Of Doubt

Dmatix with
A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

Giant Enemy Spycrab with

New Years Contest!

Hosted by TroyL

"Create-A-Canon" Team Contest

This contest is fairly simple, but it will require that you form a team. Within this team, you will create a canon of stories for the Foundation, each of which must connect in some way to the others. This connection can be centered on any number of ideas, such as:

  • Dealing with the same SCP (or SCPs).
  • Involving the same cast of characters (implies significant development).
  • Working at the same site (though there should be a running theme).
  • Any other connection you can think up.



Halloween Contest!

Hosted by TroyL


Yes, we are running a Halloween Contest! It's… It's not that big or exciting, but I hope you'll participate! The contest is simple.

Write a tale dealing with the SCP Foundation and Halloween.

Somehow, there is practically nothing matching this theme on the site, and the staff several people a couple of us I think we desperately need more of it. MORE INFO...

Halloween 2012 Winner

Dr. Gears with


Contest for 1000!

Hosted by the SCP Wiki Administration

Ladies and Gentlemen, and I use both terms loosely, and assorted other creatures, it is my pleasure to announce that as of the writing of this post, we stand at a healthy 961 SCPs. Which means only one thing:


Dodges, dips, ducks, dives and dodges the resulting attacks from members of the Senior Staff who remember the last one. No, no, I'm just kidding, what we're actually doing is holding a contest, to see who gets the coveted number one thousand spot. MORE INFO...

1K Winner

thedeadlymoose with
SCP-1000 - Bigfoot


The Great Short Story Contests

Hosted by Dr. Rights

Boys, Girls, tentacled beasts from the Marianas Trench, this is a creative writing exercise. Don't feel pressured or restrained, and just write and have fun, while giving us all some good ideas.

The Challenge
To write a short story based off a simple SCP-related concept. Stories can be serious, funny, sad, whatever, they can be SCP entries in and of themselves. They can be two paragraphs long or five pages long. The only guidelines are the story prompt, and even then, you're free to interpret that however you see fit. MORE INFO...

"Post-SCPocalypse" Winner

Doctor Gears with
Document Recovered From The Marianas Trench

"Crackfiction" Winner

Darkblade with
Saving Sigurrós Potter

"SCPs in War" Winner

TroyL with
The Man from Maple Street

"The Death of Alto Clef" Winner

TroyL with
Unfinished Business

"Diary of an SCP" Winner

Chaoseed with
Happy Free Market Log 17643390

"Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd" Winner

TroyL with
An Average Life



Image by Shiro


Image by Shiro

Gears Birthday Contest 2009

Hosted by Dr. Gears

It's been a good long while since the last contest, so i thought it might be fun to try something a little different to get back in to the swing of things…

Dr. Gears is turning 26!

Well…ok, not the SCP researcher, but me, the man behind the soulless monster! MORE INFO...

Gears Day 2009 Contest Winner

tunedtoadeadchannel with
Opportunity Knocks

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Contest Names Hosts Winning Entries Winning Authors
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144-hour-jam-contest-two ProcyonLotor & A Random Day SCP-5983, adoption-poster-pearl, & SCP-5149 Rounderhouse
cool-guys-dont-look-at-explosions, project-proposal-2018-145, & SCP-5047 Uncle Nicolini
exquisite-corpse-contest ProcyonLotor & A Random Day SCP-5250 Popsioak & Dyslexion
canon-renaissance-contest Modulum & ProcyonLotor in progress in progress
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144-hour-jam-contest ProcyonLotor & A Random Day SCP-4808, SCP-4804, & not-a-seagull-proposal not_a_seagull
SCP-4290, barrels-of-prose, & sweeter-dreams-inc 9Volt
SCP-4464, SCP-4494, & SCP-4744 Mortos
collaboration-contest ProcyonLotor & A Random Day Land Of Honey & SCP-4475 KindlyTurtleClem & Lt Flops
SCP-4688 & Eric's Journal not_a_seagull & Mew-ltiverse
Carroll 280: Barrels O'Hooch/Chicago Spirit Repeating Order (R-01221) & SCP-4256 Ihp & Uncle Nicolini
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72-hour-jam-contest ProcyonLotor & A Random Day Varied Rimple
doomsday-contest ProcyonLotor & A Random Day Team Clever Gentlemen Weryllium, CadaverCommander, Modern_Erasmus, & fieldstone
scp4000contesthub SCP Administration Taboo PeppersGhost
halloween-contest-2018 Dexanote MTF Sigma-5 "Pumpkin Punchers" Rounderhouse
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history-contest Roget SCP-2624 TyGently
now-hollow-fires-burn-out-to-black-and-lights-are-waning-low Doctor Cimmerian
scp3000contesthub SCP Administration SCP-3000 A Random Day, djkaktus, & Joreth
173-festival Dexanote everyone everyone
social-media-art-contest Internet Outreach Team Varied Varied
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Mobile Task Force Contest Decibelles & TroyL Team Basic LurkD, djkaktus, Roget, & Doctor Cimmerian
April Fools Crack Fiction Contest TroyL gears-is-totally-not-a-robot-guys Dr Solo
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orgy-5-counsel-9 TyGently
my-loever-the-dog Zmax15
d-class-contest Decibelles & Dexanote SCP-2439 Jack Ike
SCP-2669 Kalinin
history Humanmale
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reimagining-contest Moose & TroyL lucky-dinosaur Sophia Light
short-works-contest Sophia Light scp-2521 LurkD
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Groups of Interest Contest TroyL Serpent's Hand thedeadlymoose, Dexanote, Vivax, & Zyn
dystopia-contest Reject Mission Statement Dr. Reach
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New Years Contest TroyL Unfounded DrClef, Fantem, Photosynthetic, & Pig_Catapult
five-questions Dr. Mann Iteration 0 HammerMaiden
Playing God Rikks
Children of Doubt Roget
a-slumber-did-my-spirit-seal Dmatix
Bugs Giant Enemy Spycrab
Time Contest Drewbear and-the-winner-is Smapti
SCP-2000 Contest SCP Administration SCP-2000 HammerMaiden
under-appreciated-contest CryogenChaos Exit History HammerMaiden
Exploded Diagram of a Young Woman Chubert
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Halloween Contest TroyL Treats Dr. Gears
Contest Names Hosts Winning Entries Winning Authors
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The Great Short Story Contest Archives Dr. Rights varied varied
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gears-birthday-contest-2009 Dr. Gears Opportunity Knocks tunedtoadeadchannel