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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX instances are to be contained within a 40 x 40 meter designated containment area marked off with a chain-link fence of a minimum of 12 meters in height, though fences of greater height may be necessary depending of the specific SCP-XXXX instances jumping ability. No more than 5 fully grown SCP-XXXX instances are to be kept within a singular containment area. SCP-XXXX offspring are to not be separated from any SCP-XXXX instances they have significantly bonded with emotionally under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the collective designation for a subspecies of Macropus rufus1 that exhibit multiple nonstandard biological features of a typical kangaroo. SCP-XXXX entities possess jumping capabilities that far exceed that of a regular kangaroo, with the average instance able to jump approximately 10 meters into the air, with the highest recorded jump being 27 meters. SCP-XXXX entities also have several organs within their mouth and throat that allow them to produce fire at will, with the ability to reach upwards of 120 degrees Celsius within a fraction of a second. These flames seem to cause no harm to SCP-XXXX entities, although testing has proven fire created via alternative means is dangerous to SCP-XXXX entities.

SCP-XXXX individuals appear to possess minor amounts of sapience. They are capable of human speech, though this appears to be limited to typical Australian swears and insults. It is currently unknown if SCP-XXXX entities are intentionally using these phrases as insults, or if they are incapable of using other phrases and use them without actual meaning. Entities are exceptionally social when compared to typical kangaroos, particularly when not fully grown. SCP-XXXX entities has been shown to become extremely aggressive when separated from their mob, attacking and killing any visible creatures before rapidly returning to their mob.

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