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This document and all associated materials are property of the SCP Foundation, and are subject to the classification requirements and restrictions therein. This document may or may not contain lethal memetic defense measures. Attempting to access or disseminate this document without proper and sufficient authorization is punishable by death.

Item#: 7540
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


DEEPWELL Site-01 access point Ψ.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
DEEPWELL Site-01 [DATA EXPUNGED] O5-3 ATF Alpha-134-7 (“Invisible Necropolis”)

CLASSIFICATION MEMORANDUM: The DRYGIONI classification is an esoteric class assigned to objects under the direct investigation of the OVERSEER COUNCIL.

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Access to SCP-7540 is restricted to members of the OVERSEER COUNCIL, under penalty of termination. ATF Alpha-134-7 (“Invisible Necropolis”) is to guard Access Point B-9 and monitor SCP-7540 for any changes. Any noises emanating from SCP-7540 or deviations in SCP-7540's appearance are to be immediately reported to O5-3. Sublevel 7 of DEEPWELL Site-01 is to be decommissioned and used solely for purposes of monitoring and surveying SCP-7540.


Entrance to SCP-7540.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-7540 is an extremely large (1.26 km by 37 meters) extra-metaphysical extra-dimensional anomaly located in Sublevel 7 of DEEPWELL Site-01. SCP-7540 is accessible via a large crevasse forming within the foundations of the sub-basement.

SCP-7540 generates an extremely high amount of Iles energy;1 Iles counters2 stationed around SCP-7540 generally report levels reading at upwards of 15,000 waves per minute.

Accessible through SCP-7540 is one of eleven (11) anomalous extradimensional locations, designated SCP-7540-1 through SCP-7540-11. Each of these locations leads to another SCP-7540 in another DEEPWELL Site-01 in another Earth. The SCP-7540 instance that SCP-7540 leads to changes once every twelve (12) hours. The new SCP-7540 instance is believed to be randomly chosen as no pattern has been found between cycles. The reality found in each SCP-7540 instance is nearly identical to baseline reality with a few differences, most notably that all humans are dead. A list of all currently known SCP-7540 instances can be found below.

Instance Description
SCP-7540-1 SCP-7540-1 appears to be nearly identical to modern-day Earth, however, all living entities within it appear to be in a comatose state. Furthermore, all humans inhabiting the dimension appear to have only one large eye located in the center of their face, and lack no other discernible facial features. Some particularly religious subjects visiting this location report feeling dizzy or drowsy, while other subjects have passed out while inside, waking only after being removed from the location.
SCP-7540-2 SCP-7540-2 appears to be covered in a thin sheet of what is believed to be ice, with testing on the substance proving inconclusive. A thick layer of snowfall constantly and consistently descends on the Earth, even in regions where snowfall is not common (such as the Amazon). Most human subjects located in SCP-7540-2 appear to possess more limbs than usual; some subjects found in SCP-7540-2’s Australia have been reported to have upwards of seven (7) arms and eight (8) legs.
SCP-7540-3 SCP-7540-3 is perpetually covered in a layer of molten lava, consistent across the entire planet, including places such as Antarctica. Nearly all civilization in SCP-7540-3 has been swallowed by the lava, however, some instances of human subjects have been found in fetal positions. Visible above the horizon of the Earth is a large Foundation logo with five arrows in the center.
SCP-7540-4 SCP-7540-4 is perpetually enshrouded in a black fog that is toxic to nearly all humans and animals exposed to it. Effects of the toxin include: epiphora (teary eyes), retrograde amnesia, confusion and dizziness, and eventually, total CNS3 depression. Scattered along the landscape of most of Central Europe are thousands of millions of dead and emancipated human bodies, who appear to all have succumbed to the toxic fog. Multiple modified Foundation EGN-263M4 eigenweapon engines are scattered around the bodies, however, they all appear to be in a state of disrepair.
SCP-7540-5 SCP-7540-5 appears to have undergone severe volcanic activity, which is hypothesized to have caused the death of most of the population on its Earth. Although most of the eruptions have already ceased, a large layer of volcanic ash still persists in the lower troposphere. Notably, a large gap exists in the ash cloud, taking the form of a half-lidded eye. Research into the patterns of volcanic activity that used to be present in SCP-7540-5 show that they do not conform to any known volcanic patterns, and appear to only erupt near high population areas. Near the coordinates 0°N 0°E on SCP-7540-5’s Earth is a large 5-sided tower extending nearly 30km above sea level (designated SCP-7540-5A), with a single charred corpse hung from a noose at the top. The corpse is that of a 56-year old Caucasian man, bearing slight cranial trauma. SCP-7540-5A possesses a slight memetic effect that intensifies in strength as a subject approaches the corpse at the top of the tower wherein subjects report hearing their own voice repeat the phrase “FALSE GOD. FALSE PROPHET” again and again.
SCP-7540-6 SCP-7540-6’s Earth is nearly completely destroyed due to a number of now burnt-out forest fires previously spanning the entire world. About 80% of all humans on SCP-7540-6’s Earth have expired due prolonged oxygen deprivation and subsequent death from asphyxiation. Most human subjects have been identified with expressions of laughter on their faces at their time of death. The remaining humans in SCP-7540-6 appear to have expired due to smoke inhalation or immolation.
SCP-7540-7 SCP-7540-7 possesses nearly no identifiable differences to modern-day Earth. However, all human subjects found in SCP-7540-7 appear to be dead, with the cause of death believed to be sudden cardiac arrest. Furthermore, several subjects found within SCP-7540-7 appear to lack all facial features, with some possessing no head at all. Further autopsies pending.
SCP-7540-8 All of humanity in SCP-7540-8 is believed to have gone extinct due to a sudden spike in infertility. Near the center of the Pacific Ocean in SCP-7540-8’s Earth, a dead goddess floats in the water.
SCP-7540-9 All of humanity in SCP-7540-9 appears to have been wiped out by an extremely harmful anomalous mutation of the E. Coli bacteria (designated SCP-7540-9A) that eventually kills its host via hemorrhaging of the hippocampus region of the host’s brain. Analysis of SCP-7540-9A victims’ brains shows instances of realized religious iconography located in the cerebellum, and irrefutable evidence of the murder of a forgotten brother of god. No one forgets any longer.
SCP-7540-10 Nearly all humans in SCP-7540-10 appear to have been fused together into a gestalt entity near the tip of the north pole. The gestalt entity (designated SCP-7540-10A) consists of approximately 6.2 billion individual human bodies, many connected together by the arms and legs. SCP-7540-10A takes the approximate form of a large sphere, perpetually suspended 4km above the ground. Though the bodies that consist of SCP-7540-10A show no biological signs of life, many of the corpses appear to be screaming, however, no sound can be heard. About 35.4% of the total human corpses in SCP-7540-10A appear to be twisting and coiling in random intervals. The other approximately 1.5 billion humans on SCP-7540-10’s Earth are scattered intermittently around the center of SCP-7540-10A, with some subjects recorded to be found 3km away from SCP-7540-10A. These other bodies also show no biological signs of life, however, they all appear to be laughing. This laughter is audible.
SCP-7540-11 SCP-7540-11 is nearly identical to baseline reality, however, Earth is nearly completely flooded with water. The amount and depth of water varies from location to location, however, it always appears to fully cover all man-made structures. For example, the Burj Khalifa, located in SCP-7540-11’s United Arab Emirates is completely submerged from base to tip. The fluid that is SCP-7540-11's floodwater is mostly composed of non-anomalous water, however, large amounts of potassium cyanide have been found in some areas.

Analysis of humans found in all SCP-7540 instances shows signs of the following in nearly all subjects:

  • Brain death;
  • Advanced noögenesis;
  • Insufficient (null) chronology;
  • Wraiths;
  • Contact with hyper-dimensional (aggregate deific realm) Class-X Deific Entities, or vice-versa;
  • Formation of multiple hand-shaped welts and burns;
  • Divine retribution / Wrath (Class-IV Ψ-ξ);
  • Soul-death and spectrodamnation;5

Information found within certain SCP-7540 instances suggests [INFORMATION EXCISED BY ETHICS COMMITTEE ORDER]


DEEPWELL Site-01 Sublevel 7.

DISCOVERY: SCP-7540 was discovered underneath DEEPWELL Site-01 in the foundations of Sublevel-7, the lowest basement of Site-01 during a renovation project in order to install a new metaphysical laboratory. When SCP-7540 was discovered on 9/12/2025, however, construction immediately ceased and the crevasse around SCP-7540 began to expand. Due to DEEPWELL Site-01's status and importance as a record-keeping site, anomalies are prohibited within the boundaries of the facility. Thus, considering SCP-7540's location and size, DEEPWELL Site-01 was officially decommissioned on 12/12/2025.

Sites WARMASS (West Antarctica Remote Monitoring and Secure Storage) Site-212 and SSSMRAC (South Siberian Secure Metaphysical Research and Containment) Site-34 were both deactivated temporarily after large fissures were found developing within their respective sub-basement levels, similar to SCP-7540. Neither of the fissures were found to contain access points for metaphysical convergence, and stopped expanding roughly twelve (12) hours after beginning to split. Investigations are underway.

ADDENDUM 7540.1: Exploration into SCP-7540-1 by MTF Delta-23 ("Five-Pronged Trident")

On 15/12/2025, MTF Delta-23 ("Five-Pronged Trident") was granted access to DEEPWELL Site-01 and explored SCP-7540-1. A complete log of the exploration is available below. The five-man team consisted of the following members:

  • D23-ALPHA (MURRAY): Team Lead, Fire Support
  • D23-BRAVO (TUCKER): Liaison from Department of Metaphysics
  • D23-CHARLIE (PETERS): Liaison from Department of Theology
  • D23-DELTA (SNYDER): Liaison from Department of Photography
  • D23-ECHO (SMITH): Fire Support

The team was outfitted with standard Anomalous Extradimensional Exploration Suits and were each given firearms and other non-anomalous weaponry in order to defend themselves in case of possible danger.




Entrance tunnel to Sublevel-7.

MURRAY: Coms, check.

TUCKER: Check.

PETERS: Check.

SNYDER: Snyder, check.

SMITH: And check.

[The team enters Sublevel-7, where SCP-7540 is contained.]

PETERS: Jesus Christ. That thing is enormous.

MURRAY: Our goal is to attempt to enter the crevasse and explore the space beyond it.

SMITH: How do we get in? There's not even space to fit in my boot.

[SMITH attempts to lower himself into a large opening in SCP-7540.]

MURRAY: Up there looks better. [Gestures to a further portion of SCP-7540, about 20m away.] We'll try to rappel in, just in case we come out somewhere dangerous.

SMITH: Got it.

[The team ties up their pulleys to a large pillar in the middle of the room and begins rappelling down into SCP-7540.]

TUCKER: Ah [EXPLETIVE REMOVED]! [TUCKER's suit has torn on the rocks around SCP-7540.] Is it okay? What should I do?

MURRAY: It looks fine. We're not expecting something super dangerous on the other side, anyway. 90% of all unknown extradimensional spaces are habitable for human life. You'd be surprised at how rarely we find dangerous anomalous spaces. Not everything automatically hates humans.

TUCKER: That still leaves a 10% chance…

PETERS: C'mon. Tucker, we're going in.

[The team prepares to enter SCP-7540. TUCKER seals the leak in his suit with some duct tape and enters with the rest of the team.]

[Footage from this part of the exploration is grainy as the team's cameras enter the anomaly with them. Notable visual and audio distortion is present. The team emerges on the other side of SCP-7540, which is a near-exact replica of DEEPWELL Site-01 Sublevel-7, in baseline reality.]

TUCKER: It looks exactly like where we came in from. Except, huh. The lab is completed on this side. That's odd.

MURRAY: The anomaly looks exactly as it does on our side, though. Interesting. Let's keep looking around— we've been cleared to look wherever we want on this side of the anomaly. Snyder, take some photos. Let's get some samples from that lab.


Laboratory bench in SCP-7540-1.

[TUCKER attempts to pull some data off a nearby computer terminal onto a flash drive.]

SNYDER: Niiice. Tucker, smile for the camera!

[SNYDER attempts to take a photo of TUCKER, who immediately runs away.]

SNYDER: Ha, pussy.

TUCKER: What? I'm camera shy.

MURRAY: Enough over there, lets go explore the rest of the site through the access tunnel over by the entrance.

[MURRAY gestures to the access tunnel, where the team came entered through in baseline reality.]

SNYDER: Okay, got it.

[The team makes their way towards the access tunnel.]

TUCKER: Hey, I remember this room. We were putting in a new lab over here before I got transferred to the task force. I heard a little about it afterwards, only that they stopped construction for some reason.

SNYDER: I guess this is the reason.

SMITH: Yeah, hard to build a lab when there's a pit in the middle of your room.

SNYDER: Hey, look. The panel's busted. Whoever was last in here tried to seal it up for good.

SMITH: And seal us up for good. The door's inoperable now.

TUCKER: No, I remember these bulkhead doors. They have an emergency open switch that shouldn't have been destroyed.

SNYDER: Why wouldn't they destroy that too?

TUCKER: Because it's literally impossible. It's built right into the wall and takes an entire team to remove.

MURRAY: Found it.

[The entrance bulkhead door opens and the team enters the rest of the site. A corpse is visible in the hallway beyond the door, facing the ground.]

TUCKER: Looks like she was running away from the lab. I guess this was the gal who tried to seal it up. Huh, there's an IV line here too.

MURRAY: Strange. She looks like a Foundation doctor. Flip her over and check if she has any ID.

[PETERS attempts to flip over the corpse but yells in surprise as he sees the corpse's face. It is empty, save for a single large eye in the center of its face.]

PETERS: Oh god. That's terrifying.

SMITH: Jeez, yeah. Name tag says "Dr. Lilith Iles", though. And the badge looks valid.

TUCKER: Oh wait, I know her. She's the director of the department on our side. But I know she definitely doesn't look like that.

MURRAY: Huh, steal that badge and keep it. Command will want to check that afterwards.

SMITH: Got it.

[SMITH rips off the badge and the team continues down the hallway. After around 150m, they reach an elevator.]

MURRAY: Here we go. Hopefully the elevator still works.

[PETERS presses the button to go up on the elevator.]

PETERS: Smith, hand me that badge.

[SMTIH hands PETERS the badge and PETERS swipes it through a card reader attached to the elevator. It buzzes green and the team enters.]

MURRAY: Good thinking. Let's go up to the top and see what it looks like outside.

[The team proceeds upwards on the elevator. At ground level, the elevator doors open.]

ELEVATOR: Ground floor. Department of Oversight and Administration and RAISA technical offices.

PETERS: Guess this is it.

[The team steps out into a large lobby. Corpses litter the room, all lacking other facial features with the exception of a large eye in the center.]

SMITH: Oh god. What happened here?

PETERS: Take a look at these readings. They all show signs of being affected by something deific, their Akivas have skyrocketed.

TUCKER: I guess that's what must have done it— no signs of any physical wounds.

SNYDER: Look. Burns.

MURRAY: Yeah, it kind of looks like a hand, see.

TUCKER: I'm seeing that here also.

PETER: That can be common with deific entities, but the level of deific presence here— just ambient in the air— makes me think its Class-X or higher.

MURRAY: Interesting. Well, take some samples and let's see if we can access the servers.

[SMITH and PETER take some samples of the corpses while TUCKER attempts to access a nearby computer terminal.]

TUCKER: It accepted it. Huh. I guess there must be an Agent Tucker here, too.

MURRAY: It's common that alternate dimensions form similarly.

TUCKER: Well, not that similarly.

MURRAY: Yeah. Peter, can we get that card? Try accessing the terminal with Iles' card. See what you can access.

TUCKER: You got it.

[PETER hands TUCKER the security access card and TUCKER swipes it into the terminal. It buzzes and a ACCESS GRANTED appears on the terminal.]

TUCKER: I want to know what she found that made her seal up the lab and start running. And what made everything die.

MURRAY: Check the "metaphysics" tag on SCiPNet.

TUCKER: Oh. No need. She sent the files to everyone in the Foundation.

MURRAY: Something must have been important. Save the files to the flash drive and let's keep looking.

[The team continues to search the lobby of the facility before deciding to exit the site to the surface. Extraneous dialogue removed.]

MURRAY: And there we go. Way easier to exit a site than enter one.

[The team exits the site through the main entrance to ground level.]

PETERS: Take a look at that. [Gestures to the sky.]

[The team looks up. The skies are mostly cloudy but an enormous fissure has formed in the clouds around the southern region of the sky. A large eye-shaped discoloration in the sky is visible through the fissure. Camera quality degrades when directly viewing the anomaly.]

MURRAY: Wow. Almost like its watching us.

PETERS: It doesn't really remind me of anything deific per se, but I do remember something from school about how deific entities in the aggregate deific realm tend to leave "impressions" in the sky. Some weird anomalous phenomenon.

SNYDER: H- hey. Does anyone hear anything odd? Like- whispering? Or trumpets? No? Huh.

MURRAY: That's strange. I don't think I hear anything. You guys?

[The rest of the team shakes their heads.]

SMITH: Well, it doesn't look hostile, but we'd better not wait for that to be true.

MURRAY: Agreed. Let's head back to the extraction point.

[The team reenters DEEPWELL Site-01 and proceeds back to SCP-7540. They are extracted without incident.]


Following the exploration, the samples brought back by MTF Delta-23 were sent to Site-38 for analysis.

ADDENDUM 7540.2: Analysis of Recovered Samples

The samples from the corpses were recovered from MTF Delta-23 and tested at Site-38's Medical Laboratory. The final report is available below.


SAMPLES 7540-000 TO 7540-024 - FINAL REPORT

The samples recovered from SCP-7540-1 show that each subject expired via sudden brain death. The time of death is difficult to discern, but appears to be around 23-24 billion years ago (using anomalous dating methods). Standard radiocarbon dating fails to report any results. Skin samples and organ samples show multiple hand-shaped welts and burns. Brain samples show advanced noögenesis; it is difficult to know how this was developed but signs show the development of a REALIZATION-type infohazard. The contents of the infohazard or what it entails is currently unknown.

Microscopic realized religious iconography can be found and extracted from brain samples. Using anomalous testing, most samples show insufficient/null chronology. TEMPOS-Class temporal testing fails to show any chronology at all. Akiva testing shows definite signs of contact with hyper-dimensional deific entities, Class-X or above.

THANATOS-Class testing shows soul-death and spectrodamnation.

I'm not writing what I found in those brain samples; I don’t feel comfortable writing those things down. If you really need to know you can come down to Lab XH41-B yourself and see. But I wouldn’t recommend it.

Dr. Alvin Zhang
Site-38 Medical Laboratory
SCP Foundation

TO: <||gnahz.nivla>
FROM: <||egiap.nivlac>
TIMESTAMP: 3:04 PM GMT - 19/12/2025
SUBJECT: 7540 Report

Alvin, that was incredibly inappropriate, especially for a formal medical report. What is going on down there that could possibly be that bad? No need to respond— I'll be coming down for a review in a couple days anyway, I'll check it out then.

Dr. Calvin Paige
Department of Oversight
SCP Foundation

The recovered documents and files from SCP-7540-1's Dr. Lilith Iles are available below.

FROM: <||seli.htilil>

Personnel of the SCP Foundation,

I don't know if you know me or my department, but we deal with metaphysical anomalies— anomalies that deal with conceptual or deific forces that humans have no right ever messing with. But that's beside the point.

I've found something scary. I've seen monsters— I know information that could turn normal men deranged, truths about the universe so horrible to bear most would rather kill themselves then continue to live with the knowledge— and this truly scares me. And if I'm right, well, we don't really have much time left to ponder it. So I call on you, Foundation. Do what we do best. The documents are attached below. Get to work. I'm sorry.

Dr. Lilith Iles
Department of Metaphysics
SCP Foundation


  • scp-7540.rtf
  • notes.rtf





ITEM №: SCP-7540

OBJECT CLASS: Uncontained.

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-7540 is to be monitored at all times. Research is ongoing.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-7540 is the designation for DE-0 (JERHOVAH), a Class-XII Apex-Tier Deific Entity located in the upper aggregate deific realm of the Noösphere. SCP-7540 has shown full dominion over all lower deific entities.

SCP-7540-1 is the designation for the entity currently inhabiting SCP-7540's left eye. HELLFIRE readings show Infernal Contamination (layers 23-67) and cancerous growths of Type-δ HATEFUL entities. It is believed that the consciousness of SCP-7540 is split between SCP-7540's own and that of SCP-7540-1.

SCP-7540-2 is the designation for DEADEYE.aic and the DEADEYE machine, a device which allows for the sousveillance of upper aggregate deific realms. DEADEYE.aic is an artificial intelligence which interprets DEADEYE image/deific consciousness feeds. The DEADEYE machine works by ascending a piece of human material to Class-II stage, then monitoring the material's consciousness (see PROJECT: MIND'S EYE).

ADDENDUM 7540.1: DEADEYE Readings

The following are readings from the DEADEYE machine, transcribed by DEADEYE.aic.



[The camera feed starts. The scene appears to be an endless cloudy sky. Below the sky is HOME OBJECT UNKNOWN a necropolis. Eleven forgotten worlds sit beneath the sky, as it is torn apart.]

[An enormous gap opens up in the sky as a golden white light emerges. A singular eye is visible through the light. The eye screams.]


[Another gap opens up nearby the first gap. A red light emerges. An eye, similar to the first eye can be seen through the light, however, it is immensely distorted. The eye screams. The DISTORTION smiles.]


[A cruel hand, affected by the same DISTORTION emerges from the clouds. It thrashes for a while, before stopping. The two eyes look directly at the camera.]



The test was attempted again the next day.






[Scene begins on a mountain above the clouds. Above, metaphysical gods dine in their metaphysical tables.]


[JERHOVAH DE-0 is visible. The sky splits. The sky screams.]


[MALIGNANT DEITY DE-00000 is visible able to be seen perceivable perceiving. Watching. DUAL-Type consciousness detected.]

DE-0 THE ENTITY EYE: [The sound of smiling is heard.]


GOD: 35 74 84 23 74 34 64 56… WITNESS. APOLOGY. [Weeping.] Pain.

[Too many eyes.]



The significance of this is unknown. Two IV bags attached to the DEADEYE machine were found to have burst at the end of the test. They were replaced and the test was attempted again the next day.



[The camera feed starts up. The scene is a night sky. Two eyes are visible within the void. The eye on the left is red, bloodied, and heavily distorted. The eye on the right weeps.]



RIGHT EYE: APOLOGY. [Sobbing.] Agony.


[The eyes get closer. The eyes and camera begin to both descend. The camera and eyes pass through the clouds. A red, bloody hand, heavily distorted emerges through the clouds as well. The avatar of GOD is laughing and sobbing. its in pain its in pain im in pain stop stop—


[There is only a single TRUTH. The DISTROTION hates it hates me it hates all hate hate pain stop stop stop stop—


ADDENDUM 7540.2: Anomalous Effects

A number of anomalous effects that are believed to be in relation to SCP-7540 are listed below.

  • A number of Church of the Broken God sects begin anomalously changing their own members and start taking over villages nearby. These "rogue" sects are looked down upon by members of the primary CotBG church. 32 Foundation casualties.
  • Global brain cancer rates rise.
  • A number of Christian megachurch pastors are found dead. No cause of death can be identified.
  • A village near Northern Siberia is found to have been entirely abandoned. Upon exploring the village, a pit is found to have been erected in the center of the town church. A single figure is visible, suspended in thin air ~100m above the church.
  • A newly-identified cult, the "Worshippers of the Malignancy" performs one of the largest recorded rituals known to date. [DATA EXPUNGED] is eventually contained after two days of fighting. Affected civilians are terminated, while nearby infected towns are destroyed.
  • Earth is constantly enshrouded in cloud cover and a thin white mist is visible nearly everywhere. A large gap appears near Manhattan and a heavily-distorted red eye is visible through it. Air traffic is redirected as affected planes [DATA EXPUNGED] covered in blood. Disinformation campaigns are underway.
  • Anomalies already in containment become more difficult to contain, while some anomalies undergo complete transformations, becoming more dangerous in the process. For a full list of affected anomalies, see DOCUMENT 7540-AFANOM-03.
  • General feelings of anxiety, especially in religious subjects.
  • A number of FALSE GODS manifest. They are contained.



The feeds make no sense. DEADEYE starts viewing the feed and within minutes its output becomes a strange, garbled mess. Something significant is happening— a god is trying to speak to us. There is only one way to know what's really happening. I'm entering the machine.

The machine is starting up. I am sitting on the floor of the central chamber. I've started an IV on myself (with difficulty) and I should be getting a constant stream of mnestics.

I am entering Tier-I. Nothing seems to be happening yet, but this is common, especially with lower tiers.

I am now entering Tier-V. I can feel it now. I can see it. A black inky void of night, and only one star shines in the darkness. It is God, I can feel it. Below me is a graveyard. I see worlds before me and I see my own home. Our home is the only one still alive. I hope it remains that way.

The star and I now rise through the clouds. I am entering Tier-X. I cannot become a Tier-XII deific entity— that spot is reserved for the highest tier deity only— God. Or, in this case, SCP-7540.

The star in front of me changes. It becomes a pair of eyes. The right eye smiles weakly at me. It radiates a warm glow. The weight of its burden falls upon me and I am crushed. The left eye radiates a warm hate— DEADEYE described it as a "distortion" but it is so much more than a mere distortion. It is red yet blackened, at once horrifying and at the same time beautiful. It is corrupted. It detests me. It detests God. It cries out a shrill laugh and the God in front of me screams.

The scene before me changes. I am transported back in time and see the formation of God. God at this time is pure, beautiful. He creates a world, and with it, Man. For a while they live together in harmony, but after what feels like an instant but what I know to be eternity, a HATEFUL SIN, so glowing in its malignancy develops and Man infects God with a primeval horror. An abomination. In these early stages, God, so knowing and good, puts Man out of his misery and places the first world into a slumber.

God creates the next world. In this one, Man's form in flesh is slightly different, but he is Man nonetheless. After yet another eternity, Man becomes disgusting and sinful again and God is infected yet another time. So God destroys the second world and Man is put to slumber again.

And yet again I see God create a world, and with it Man. And yet again the HATEFUL SIN is created. And I see cycles, entire worlds created and destroyed in front of my eyes. After ten iterations, I see myself. I see my world. And I see God, his eyes sad. And I realize that God itself is not a tumor. No, God's tumor is Man.

And now we await Rapture.

A video log was recovered from a security camera in SCP-7540-1's DEEPWELL Site-01.



[The camera shows a hallway. A woman with a single eye in the center of her face runs down the length of the hallway, pulling an IV line out. She seals the door halfway down and punches the door's control panel, destroying it.]

[She continues to run before falling to her knees. Trumpet calls are audible, despite no visible source. A single tear is visible emerging from the large eye in the center of her face. The eye turns red, before turning white. The woman collapses. A extremely distorted voice with no visible source is audible in the distance.]

VOICE: Apology. Warning. A portal to the next victim. Children, repent.

[It is believed that at this point, an event occurred causing the death of every human-entity on Earth. Despite this, however, the voice can be heard sobbing in the background.]

VOICE: [Sobbing.]

[The voice fades out until it is no longer audible.]

[No activity is detected for the remainder of the recording.]


It is believed that instances SCP-7540-2 through SCP-7540-11 suffered the same fate.

TO: <||gnahz.nivla>
FROM: <||egiap.nivlac>
TIMESTAMP: 09:12 PM GMT - 25/12/2025
SUBJECT: RE: 7540 Report

Jesus Christ. I'm putting the lab under infohazard lockdown for now. Alvin, go get some amnestics. God knows I'll be needing some too.

Dr. Calvin Paige
Department of Oversight
SCP Foundation

ADDENDUM 7540.3: Report by the Department of Metaphysics

A report was compiled by the Department of Metaphysics. It is available below.



The first thing to note about SCP-7540 is the exploration log. Within it, we see a fully finished metaphysics laboratory within SCP-7540-1. Upon reviewing the footage from all five body cameras, the lab in SCP-7540-1's DEEPWELL Site-01 appears to be a fully completed version of the lab our department was going to be built here in our Site-01. If not for SCP-7540, we would have completed it as well and discovered whatever they found too. Unfortunately, we didn't. Luckily for us, we still have the recovered documents, which happen to tell us exactly what is was their Metaphysics Department found.

These files were recovered from an email an alternate me sent to the entirety of an alternate Foundation. The first of the attachments is a document for SCP-7540, however, it describes a Type-XII deific entity, not a crevasse underneath a Site. For those who do not know, a Type-XII deific entity is a reserved classification for a singular entity that is observed to hold full dominion on all other entities, deific or otherwise. And yes, if found, a Type-XII could be considered God. Now, our department has never found any entity that would be classified as Type-XII before. There have been some minor deities that have come close, but none have been fully classified as Type-XII.

I should note here that a Type-XII deific entity would surpass all metaphysical or dimensional boundaries. This means that throughout all dimensions, only one Type-XII exists. This means that whatever entity this alternate Foundation found still exists and is observable in our dimension as well. We have not found it. Apparently, this alternate Foundation has.

Notably, this alternate Foundation describes God as having a "cancerous growth", which they classified as SCP-7540-1. What this means will become clear soon.

Skipping forwards a bit, the document describes some effects this entity has on reality. From what we can see, most of these effects involve religious people, places, or objects. Most of these effects are not good.

Next, we see some notes taken by the alternate Dr. Iles. She describes stepping into the DEADEYE machine and ascending to the deific level of a lower god. From this metaphysical vantage point, she is able to see what is believed to be their SCP-7540— god. And here we finally see, described by Dr. Iles, god's tumor. And now we learn the most important fact: it comes from us.

I think its pretty obvious what this all means. And I think its pretty obvious what the alternate Dr. Lilith Iles thought was so important to share.

Now, to the Council. I know you're reading this. For the sake of the Foundation, for the sake of humanity, something must be done. We can try to repent, but god knows that's futile. No. We're the goddamn Foundation. Do what we do best.

Secure, contain, and protect. At any means necessary. I don't know how much time is left, so, and I cannot stress this enough, we must try.

Dr. Lilith Iles
Department of Metaphysics
SCP Foundation

ADDENDUM 7540.4: Anomalous Effects

A number of anomalous effects that are believed to be in relation to SCP-7540 and its associated anomalies are listed below.

  • A number of Sarkic sects begin anomalously changing their own members and start taking over villages nearby. These "rogue" sects are looked down upon by members of the primary Sarkic sect. 39 Foundation casualties.
  • Global sarcoma rates rise.
  • A number of nondenominational megachurch pastors are found dead. No cause of death can be identified.
  • A town in southern Kentucky is found to have been entirely abandoned. Upon exploring the village, a pit is found to have been erected in the center of the town church. Twelve figures are visible, suspended in thin air ~200m above the church.
  • A newly-identified cult, the "Followers of the Malignancy" performs one of the largest recorded rituals known to date. [DATA EXPUNGED] is eventually contained after thirteen days of fighting. Affected civilians are terminated, while nearby infected towns are destroyed.
  • Earth is constantly enshrouded in cloud cover and a thin white mist is visible nearly everywhere. A large gap appears near Tokyo and a heavily-distorted red eye is visible through it. Air traffic is redirected as affected planes [DATA EXPUNGED] covered in blood. Disinformation campaigns are underway.
  • Anomalies already in containment become more difficult to contain, while some anomalies undergo complete transformations, becoming more dangerous in the process. For a full list of affected anomalies, see DOCUMENT 7540-AFANOM-07.
  • General feelings of anxiety, especially in religious subjects.
  • A large number of FALSE GODS manifest. They are uncontained.

TO: <||egiap.nivlac>
FROM: <||gnahz.nivla>
TIMESTAMP: 03:34 AM GMT - 30/12/2025
SUBJECT: RE: 7540 Report

do you see the cracks forming its growing its spreading spreading i do not need amnestics i am fine

i looked into the microscope and i saw the sound i heard the light and it screamed

calvin i recommend that you do to come down to my lab and see for yourself

Dr. Alvin Zhang
Site-38 Medical Laboratory
SCP Foundation

ADDENDUM 7540.5: O5 Council Meeting and Decision

The OVERSEER COUNCIL gathered on 05/01/2026 in order to come to a consensus on the possible containment or neutralization of SCP-7540-related anomalies. O5-3 ("ZENITH") took the role as meeting lead, due to his position on the Council as liaison to the Department of Metaphysics.



O5-1: Three, please for the love of god make this worth my time. Just tell us what's been happening, we're all terrified as [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] right now—

O5-3: Alright, alright. I'm pretty sure you guys have read the reports on what's going down.

O5-8: Yeah, we have, and we just want to know why

O5-3: If I may…

[Silence. O5-8 rubs his eyes.]

O5-3: Thank you. A couple days ago, the Foundation found out about God. Not the manifestation of another religious GoI, not an extremely powerful reality bender, but rather the one true god. A Class-XII Apex-Tier Deific entity. It currently has no classification, but its what our predecessors called SCP-7540.

O5-6: Sure, but why would that cause this? This… hell?

O5-3: We— humans cause something to happen to god— we cause it to grow a tumor, something abhorrent. That's what's causing this. Humanity's sins have caught up to us. It happened to the universes before us. It's happening to us now.

O5-8: Is this all true? What do we do now?

O5-3: We do what we've always done. We will secure the anomaly, we will contain the tumor, and we will protect humanity against god.

O5-10: What proof do we even have that this is real? What, you hear some cock-and-bull story from Zen's mouth and suddenly we all believe—

O5-7: It is real, Ethhie, you of all people should know—

O5-10: You think I [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] believe that man—

O5-1: Enough. Ten, you and I both know that something bad is happening, and if that guy [Gestures to O5-3.] says that its real, well then, there's nothing we can do to disprove him.

O5-10: Okay, fine, but then how do we attempt to contain this thing? It's not like we can point a gun in its face.

O5-7: Yes, how? Do you have a plan to fix this?

O5-3: We can't really do anything from here… I think the only way to contain this— this thing is to…

O5-8: Is to what?

O5-3: Become gods ourselves.


The OVERSEER-5 Council voted on 05/01/2026 in order to come to a consensus on whether to initiate [DATA EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ASCENSION].


O5-1 O5-5 O5-13
O5-2 O5-7
O5-3 O5-10

Result: Final tally 9-3-1. [DATA EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ASCENSION] approved and cleared to begin immediately.


ADDENDUM 7540.7: Updated Documentation

ITEM №: SCP-7540

OBJECT CLASS: Contained.

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: The containment of SCP-7540 falls under the direct purview of the OVERSEER COUNCIL. Standard matters of classification and containment previously handled by the OVERSEER COUNCIL are now to be handled by the Department of Oversight.

The continued deific status of the Foundation is of the utmost importance.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-7540 has been successfully contained. Further information is not available at this time.