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The following file is Level 5/XXXX Classified
Unauthorized access is forbidden.

Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:



Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-08 Dr. Even Thompson
Dr. Lilith Iles MTF Trisek-0 (“And With His Golden Scepter“)

Special Containment Procedures:1 Information about SCP-XXXX is to be restricted to personnel with Level 5 clearance. Access to SCP-XXXX instances is restricted to authorized personnel with Level-3 Dimensional Exploration Training. SCP-XXXX instances, SCP-XXXX-A, SCP-XXXX-B and MP-6 are to be continually monitored at all times by the Metaphysical Monitoring Array2.



Description: SCP-XXXX is a set of eleven (11) extradimensional locations accessible via Metaphysical Plane 6 (MP-6), located directly below the Primeval Temple of Jehovah, or MP-7. Each SCP-XXXX instance (designated SCP-XXXX-1 through SCP-XXXX-11) appears to be a copy of Earth frozen in a K-Class scenario. SCP-XXXX instances are not temporally frozen— instead, natural processes such as rot and decay do not seem to occur in such locations. Evidence suggests that the K-Class scenarios present in SCP-XXXX instances are a result of HK-Class (“Deific Subjugation”) End of the World scenarios which preceded the aforementioned K-Class scenarios.

While in an SCP-XXXX instance, subjects all report feeling a lingering sense of dread. Certain religious subjects also report hearing a disembodied voice speaking to them, however, none of them have been able to give a detailed recollection, instead stating that the voice “told them not to say”. Occasionally, sounds of loud brass instruments are audible in SCP-XXXX instances with no visible source, however, none of these sounds have been recorded.

SCP-XXXX-A refers to a Class-VII Apex-Tier Deific Entity (classified as DE-0) currently traveling from MP-7 to baseline reality. If SCP-XXXX-A is to fully manifest in baseline reality, a possible HK-Class (“Deific Subjugation”) End of the World scenario is believed to occur. Further research is not permitted at this time.

SCP-XXXX-B is an entity located in SCP-XXXX-11 (see Addendum XXXX.2). SCP-XXXX-B1 was a large book located near SCP-XXXX-B, now transferred to Site-8 DEEPWELL containment.

List of SCP-XXXX Instances

Instance Description
SCP-XXXX-1 SCP-XXXX-1 appears to be nearly identical to modern-day Earth, however, all living entities within it appear to be in a comatose state. Furthermore, all humans inhabiting the dimension appear to have only one large eye located in the center of their face, and lack no other discernible facial features. Some particularly religious subjects visiting this location report feeling dizzy or drowsy, while other subjects have passed out while inside, waking only after being removed from the location.
SCP-XXXX-2 SCP-XXXX-2 appears to be covered in a thin sheet of what is believed to be ice, with testing on the substance proving inconclusive. A thick layer of snowfall constantly and consistently descends on the Earth, even in regions close to the equator (such as the Amazon. Most human subjects located in SCP-XXXX-2 appear to possess more limbs than usual; some subjects found in SCP-XXXX-2’s Australia have been reported to have upwards of seven (7) arms and eight (8) legs.
SCP-XXXX-3 SCP-XXXX-3 is perpetually covered in a layer of molten lava, consistent across the entire planet, including places such as Antarctica. Nearly all civilization in SCP-XXXX-3 has been swallowed by the lava, however, some instances of human subjects have been found in fetal positions. Visible above the horizon of the Earth is a large Foundation logo with five arrows in the center.
SCP-XXXX-4 SCP-XXXX-4 is perpetually enshrouded in a black fog that is toxic to nearly all humans and animals exposed to it. Effects of the toxin include: epiphora (teary eyes), retrograde amnesia, confusion and dizziness, and eventually, total CNS3 depression. Scattered along the landscape of most of Central Europe are thousands of millions of dead and emancipated human bodies, who appear to all have succumbed to the toxic fog. Multiple modified Foundation EGN-263M4 eigenweapon engines are scattered around the bodies, however, they all appear to be in a state of disrepair.
SCP-XXXX-5 SCP-XXXX-5 appears to have undergone severe volcanic activity, which is hypothesized to have caused the death of most of the population on its Earth. Although most of the eruptions have already ceased, a large layer of volcanic ash still persists in the lower troposphere. Notably, a large gap exists in the ash cloud, taking the form of a half-lidded eye. Research into the patterns of volcanic activity that used to be present in SCP-XXXX-5 show that they do not conform to any known volcanic patterns, and appear to only erupt near high population areas. Near the coordinates 0°N 0°E on SCP-XXXX-5’s Earth is a large 5-sided tower extending nearly 30km above sea level (designated SCP-XXXX-5A), with a single charred corpse hung from a noose at the top. The corpse is that of a 56-year old Caucasian man, bearing slight cranial trauma. SCP-XXXX-5A possesses a slight memetic effect that intensifies in strength as a subject approaches the corpse at the top of the tower wherein subjects report hearing their own voice repeat the phrase “FALSE GOD. FALSE PROPHET” again and again.
SCP-XXXX-6 SCP-XXXX-6’s Earth is nearly completely destroyed due to a number of now burnt-out forest fires previously spanning the entire world. About 80% of all humans on SCP-XXXX-6’s Earth have expired due prolonged oxygen deprivation and subsequent death from asphyxiation. Most human subjects have been identified with expressions of laughter on their faces at their time of death. The remaining humans in SCP-XXXX-6 appear to have expired due to smoke inhalation or immolation.
SCP-XXXX-7 SCP-XXXX-7 possesses nearly no identifiable differences to modern-day Earth. However, all human subjects found in SCP-XXXX-7 appear to be dead, with the cause of death believed to be sudden cardiac arrest. Furthermore, several subjects found within SCP-XXXX-7 appear to lack all facial features, with some possessing no head at all. Further autopsies pending.
SCP-XXXX-8 All of humanity in SCP-XXXX-8 is believed to have gone extinct due to a sudden spike in infertility. Near the center of the Pacific Ocean in SCP-XXXX-8’s Earth, a dead goddess floats in the water.
SCP-XXXX-9 All of humanity in SCP-XXXX-9 appears to have been wiped out by an extremely harmful anomalous mutation of the E. Coli bacteria (designated SCP-XXXX-9A) that eventually kills its host via hemorrhaging of the hippocampus region of the host’s brain. Analysis of SCP-XXXX-9A victims’ brains shows instances of realized religious iconography located in the cerebellum, and irrefutable evidence of the murder of a forgotten brother of god. No one forgets any longer.
SCP-XXXX-10 Nearly all humans in SCP-XXXX-10 appear to have been fused together into a gestalt entity near the tip of the north pole. The gestalt entity (designated SCP-XXXX-10A) consists of approximately 6.2 billion individual human bodies, many connected together by the arms and legs. SCP-XXXX-10A takes the approximate form of a large sphere, perpetually suspended 4km above the ground. Though the bodies that consist of SCP-XXXX-10A show no biological signs of life, many of the corpses appear to be screaming, however, no sound can be heard. About 35.4% of the total human corpses in SCP-XXXX-10A appear to be twisting and coiling in random intervals. The other approximately 1.5 billion humans on SCP-XXXX-10’s Earth are scattered intermittently around the center of SCP-XXXX-10A, with some subjects recorded to be found 3km away from SCP-XXXX-10A. These other bodies also show no biological signs of life, however, they all appear to be laughing. This laughter is audible.
SCP-XXXX-11 SCP-XXXX-11 is nearly identical to baseline reality, however, Earth is nearly completely flooded with water. The amount and depth of water varies from location to location, however, it always appears to fully cover all man-made structures. For example, the Burj Khalifa, located in SCP-XXXX-11’s United Arab Emirates is completely submerged, from base to tip. The fluid that is SCP-XXXX-11's floodwater is mostly composed of non-anomalous water, however, large amounts of potassium cyanide have been found in some areas of SCP-XXXX-11’s Earth. Floating near the center of SCP-XXXX-11’s New York City is a large (approx. 1.3 meters in radius) glowing sphere of anomalous pseudo-matter5 (designated SCP-XXXX-B). SCP-XXXX-B is sentient and sapient, and is capable of communication in most ancient and modern day languages. Floating perpetually one (1) meter above SCP-XXXX-B is SCP-XXXX-B1, a very large (3 by 2 meters) leather-bound book entitled “THESE FOUNDATIONS”. SCP-XXXX-B1’s text contains a memetic effect; it appears to translate itself into the language most easily comprehensible by the person reading it, thus it is readable by nearly all human subjects. As of Exploration XXXX.1, SCP-XXXX-B1 has been moved to deep storage in DEEPWELL-8.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered on 10/06/2548, when an unknown disruption was detected in MP-6 by the Metaphysical Monitoring Array. This disruption, later determined to be caused by SCP-XXXX-B, led the Foundation to the discovery of SCP-XXXX-11, and later, the entirety of SCP-XXXX.

Discovery Log

Log Source: Ouranos Array MP-6


10-06-2548: 12:50:23 (GMT): Disturbance detected: NORTH, approx. 245 NULS.

10-06-2548: 12:50:24 (GMT): Sub-array deployed. Scanning MP-6 Area-NORTH.

10-06-2548: 12:50:26 (GMT): Sub-array scan completed. Plane devoid of entities. Sub-array objective: DISCOVERY.

10-06-2548: 12:50:29 (GMT): Sub-dimension detected in MP-6. Establishing metaphysical link…


[Metaphysical sub-array begins imaging as the sub-arrays internal host begins to TRANSCEND. Visible is a large, black infinite plane. A red glow is visible above the horizon, and a enormous large temple is stretched along the sky. Metaphysical gods are dining in the plane above.]

[The world begins to blur, as the sub-array establishes a metaphysical link to SCP-XXXX.]

[A wash of red obscures the camera view as the sub-array enters SCP-XXXX-11.]

[A large golden gate is visible in front of the sub-array. The array’s internal host is injected with 150ccs of APTOS-Class metaphysical hypnotics, and is instructed to open the gate.]

[The gate begins to open as the locks of time begin to scream. The hinges of the gate bleed, and a GOD-entity opens its eyes upon the sub-array.]

[The sub-arrays internal host begins to scream, as a large eye tears open the sky. A great billowing veil is unleashed and the GOD-entity screams too.]

[The GOD-entity begins to vocalize, however only the sound of screaming is heard. Trumpet-calls are audible in the background, beckoning the GOD-entity into a lower plane.]

[Brain imaging of the sub-array shows the development of a PROFOUND REALIZATION.]

REALIZATION: God’s house is empty. He is but a façade.

[As the GOD-entity leaves and begins its journey to baseline reality, the sub-array makes yet another PROFOUND REALIZATION. The sub-array crosses the threshold of the gate and enters a GRAVE-type extradimensional location (later reclassified as SCP-XXXX-11). Above, the PRIMEVAL TEMPLE OF JEHOVAH starts to weep.]

REALIZATION: 12. 13. 14. We are next. 15. 16. 17. 18. Beyond these hallowed graves is a hole our size. 19. 20. 21. 22.

[Due to standard Foundation Metaphysical Ascension protocols, the sub-array’s REALIZATION cannot be terminated due to metaphysical thought hazards. Thus, the sub-array continues to count up for approximately twelve (12) minutes until it stops by its own volition.]

[A CASKET-type null void is visible beyond the horizon, past the gates. Upon its conceptualization by the sub-array, it immediately wraps itself in a black shroud, folds in on itself and demanifests. Due to the CASKET-type void's non-existence, the sub-array immediately disregards it.]

[The sky screams as the sub-array disregards the void. Yet another REALIZATION occurs.]


[Following the REALIZATION, the sub-array self-terminates via a Foundation-issue 22-caliber Remington pistol. The sub-array host's body is then injected with 200ccs of KATA-Class metaphysical descension hypnotics for full conceptual dissociation. Corpse is then safely incinerated as per standard Foundation Metaphysical Ascension protocols.]


10-06-2548: 20:13:57 (GMT): Trumpet calls are audible in memoriam of the deceased. SCP-XXXX is discovered. The GOD-entity screams as the sky splits open.


Afterward: Following SCP-XXXX's discovery, SCP-XXXX-A began to manifest into baseline reality, and was officially classified on 11-02-2548. Due to SCP-XXXX-A's activity in high-level metaphysical planes, research into the entity is forbidden.

Addendum XXXX.1: Scientific Background


Contextual imagery.

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

— Colossians 3:2


For centuries, humanity has wondered what marvels lie beyond our horizons. To answer this question literally, we know that above our skies, there are stars, other planets, galaxies, and many other spectacular things. However, metaphorically, this becomes a more difficult question.

Reality in its present state is known to be formed of layers. We know this instinctively from studying ‘pataphysics, dimensional alterations and the like. We know that we inhabit a layer, a layer of reality sits above us, and yet another sits below. But this begs the question, what is at the top?

You might say that there is no top; the layers of reality go on and on until infinity. But Zankyss' Law disproves this. Every countably infinite set must have a reasonably non-abstract end. We know that every layer must have a top, and that layer must have a top, and above that, another layer must be on top. So what truly defines "the top"?

To answer this, think of reality as a length of string. We know that it has a bottom and a top, as it has a singular, fixed length. If we cut the string into infinitely many pieces, each piece representing a single layer of reality, we would have infinitely many layers of reality, and still have space above and below the string. The string would be representing infinite realities. and yet still would be finite in total length. This means that there would be a possibility for other planes of being to be above and below us.

In 2543, we found this to be true. Using one of the largest Akiva reactors known to man and an experimental Metaphysical Ascension Device (MAD) developed by Dr. Wright Zankyss and myself, we sent the first souls above our own plane of being, and shot them above into the homes of gods.

We now know that there are eight metaphysical planes, or planes of ascension. Plane 0 (MP-0) represents the total infinite collection of all realities, while planes 1 through 7 represent different levels of deific ascension, or apotheosis. It is important to note, however, that a metaphysical plane of being is very different from an extradimensional location. While parallel or upper and lower dimensions all sit within the baseline metaphysical plane (MP-0), other MPs sit entirely above all possible conceivable realities.

This now begs the question, what sorts of things are in these planes? And, well, to this, we're not really sure. Most of the planes (1 through 6) contain lower deific beings, like angels and demons, while MP-7 (literally called "The Primeval Temple of Jehovah") contains an entity currently known as DE-0 (deific entity 0), and is what we believe to be a god. Obviously, this may seem quiet far fetched, as numerous other entities have claimed to be "god", but when it comes to something as abstract as "levels of deific ascension", some things like this start to become very important indeed.

And that is where we are now. We've already seen what DE-0 is capable of doing in its local plane, shattering and obliterating local reality. Think about it. If it's capable of doing that to its own metaphysical plane, what do you think it could do to a simple sub-reality seven layers beneath it? Destroy it? Consume it? It's hard to tell. But whatever it is, it’s gonna be bad news.

— On Gods and Planes of Ascension, Introduction to Applied Metaphysics, Dr. Lilith Iles

Addendum XXXX.2: Exploration Log


SCP Foundation Internal Documentation - Do Not Distribute


Experiment ID: Exploration XXXX.1

Experiment Head: Dr. Lilith Iles

Purpose: To explore the interior of SCP-XXXX using metaphysical ascension.

Requested Materials:

  • Access to SCP-XXXX-11.
  • MTF Trisek-0 ("And With His Golden Scepter").
  • Usage of four (4) Metaphysical Ascension Devices.
  • Access to DEEPWELL-8 metaphysical testing sector 2.
  • Command.

Description: To further ascertain the meaning and history of SCP-XXXX, I request an exploration into SCP-XXXX-11, due to its relative ease of access to be conducted by MTF Trisek-0. To do this, I will require access to SCP-XXXX-11, MTF-T0, 4 MAD devices, and DEEPWELL-8 Sector-2. Additionally, as per standard metaphysical exploration protocols, the exploration will require a trained Command operator.


Authorized by: Site-08 Director Even Thompson, DEEPWELL-8 Director [REDACTED]

Forward: The following log was recorded as the four-man team, MTF Trisek-0 (“And With His Golden Scepter”) began ascension into SCP-XXXX-11 via MAD exploration devices at DEEPWELL-8.



Device startup.

Command: Reactors holding steady, starting acceleration.

Command: Hold steady. Ascension beginning in three, two, one.

[A loud bang is audible throughout the entire facility as the team begins metaphysical ascension. The site is placed under spatial-temporal lockdown, and Command, along with the entire team are given life-support units in order to prevent metaphysical termination and possible spontaneous nonexistence.]

[The four-man crew enters MP-1 (“Israfil’s Palace”), while trumpet calls are audible throughout the entire site. A large dosage of MUTE-Class ascension injections are administered to the team.]

[Approximately eight (8) hours pass before the team passes MP-5 (“Fifth Plane”). Intermittent screaming is heard for about twenty-five (25) minutes, before stopping. Another dose of MUTE-Class injections are administered.]

[Approximately two (2) hours pass until the MTF enters MP-6.]

Command: You have arrived.

[Visible in front of the team is a large flat plane with a dark red horizon. Directly in front of the metaphysical visualizer is a large golden gate. A massive many-winged angel, towering over the team is guarding the gate. T0-Beta begins to open fire.]



[The slain angel falls to the ground with a mighty crash. Trumpet calls are heard in the distance. The team continues to the gate.]

[T0-Alpha is injected with an APTOS-Class metaphysical hypnotic, and opens the gate. As he touches the golden handle, he begins to scream as the sound of a large bell is heard in the background. He begins to ASCEND and nearly enters MP-7 before being terminated by T0-Theta. His corpse undergoes severe abstraction as a result of termination while in ascension and becomes a HERO-entity before being incinerated by Command. The remaining three members of the team begin to transform into CHILDREN-entities as they enter SCP-XXXX-11.]

[They arrive in SCP-XXXX-11 above a large, still body of water. Large ruins of cities and buildings are visible underneath. Due to the team members' deific status as CHILDREN-entities, they open their wings and begin to fly. Two INMORTUI-Class entities are visible at the horizon, unmoving, watching the team.]

T0-Beta: Welcome to the GRAVE, brothers.

[The members of the team begin to fly north until they arrive near SCP-XXXX-11’s New York City.]

Command: You are instructed to search the location for signs of life.

T0-Theta: Acknowledged.

[The three members dive into the water and instantly begin scanning the underwater surface.]

T0-Beta: Huh, strange. Trace amounts of potassium cyanide detected in the water. Command?

Command: Noted. Please continue exploration.

T0-Delta: Analysis shows a nearly identical copy of New York City, albeit destroyed.

T0-Theta: Agreed. The ruins appear to be in the same state as they were when they were destroyed.

Command: Does the location appear to be temporally frozen?

T0-Theta: No. The area has near-standard temporal indicators. Delta-1.

Command: Interesting. Any signs of life above the water?

T0-Beta: Now that you mention it… what’s that?

T0-Delta: A betrayed angel has fallen from the sky.

[A large iridescent blue sphere of matter is visible, about 1500 meters south of the team. The team turns to move towards it.]

T0-Beta: Holy-

Command: You are currently in the presence of an ANGEL-entity. Please tread lightly. The sins of the Foundation lie in your fate.

T0-Theta: Yes. Please maintain professionalism.

[The team quietly and respectfully discusses their options for continuation with Command. They decide to attempt to communicate with the entity. T0-Theta moves toward the entity.]

ANGEL-entity: Foundation.

T0-Theta: That is correct. We stand stalwart at the precipice of creation, against all that may attempt to defile humanity.

ANGEL-entity: I am familiar. Prometheus is your avatar.

T0-Theta: What is yours?

ANGEL-entity: It was once Noah. But through cruel crucifixion I have become something else. An angel.

T0-Theta: Cruel? What cruelty is there in deific ascension? What other purpose is there that is more great then messenger of god?

ANGEL-entity: Something dark festers in the heart of Jehovah himself. Something dirty has… changed him. Something rotten, something old.

ANGEL-entity: I am no longer Noah. My ark was knowledge, and therefore I shall pass it on to Prometheus. But be warned. These eleven graves stand as a testament to the cancer seeping through God. Do not become the twelfth.

[The three members of MTF Trisek-0 gather in a circular formation and begin to levitate, holding hands. The spirit of Prometheus forms, as the three bodies begin to twist into grotesque shapes until finally becoming the shape of the Foundation sigil. The ANGEL-entity places a large book entitled “THESE FOUNDATIONS“ into the center of the sigil. The book promptly disappears, reappearing in Site-01 atop an etched Foundation sigil on the floor in the center of the OVERSEER-5 wing’s main lobby. This metaphysical disturbance is immediately detected, and Command dispatches a team to collect the artifact.]

[The three members of MTF Trisek-0 separate and slowly descend to the ground.]

[Suddenly, the sky splits and screams, and an Apex-Tier GOD-entity begins to manifest. The fissure in the sky begins to widen, until it takes the shape of a large open eye. Another scream is heard, and the eye takes on a blood-red color. In the center of the eye, a bright white circle forms, gradually expanding until its edges touch the inner edges of the fissure.]

T0-Beta: God.

Command: [Aside.] Extract them.

[DEEPWELL-8 begins metaphysical disengagement as the MAD devices bring the team back to MP-0. The GOD-entity brings down a fist and approximately 3,823 lighting bolts strike SCP-XXXX-11]


[A large, black tumor-like growth begins to form on the edge of the eye and slowly expands to fill the entire GOD-entity.]

GOD-entity: I SEE YOU.

[Trumpet calls are heard throughout DEEPWELL-8 as the GOD-entity screams again. The two INMORTUI-Class entities are no longer visible.]

T0-Delta: Run. That's it talking.

[The three remaining members of MTF Trisek-0 safely return to the baseline metaphysical plane. Another scream is heard again throughout the facility.]


Afterword: T0-Alpha was terminated during the exploration, and T0-Theta and T0-Delta entered a comatose state following the descent to MP-0. T0-Beta, the only survivor, was later placed into metaphysical quarantine and debriefed by Dr. Lilith Iles.

Addendum XXXX.3: MTF Trisek-0 Debrief

Forward: Following the events of Exploration XXXX.1, T0-Beta was placed into metaphysical quarantine underneath Site-08 at DEEPWELL-8 and interviewed by Dr. Lilith Iles.


Dr. Iles: Tom, hey. You finally woke up. We've been waiting here for hours.

Subject: Wha- where am I?

Dr. Iles: Don’t worry. You’re under Site-08. How are you feeling?

Subject: Uh, f— fine, I guess. Why am I locked up here?

Dr. Iles: It’s just protocol. We’ve injected you with some hypnotics, so hopefully you’ll feel a little better later.

Subject: O— ok.

Dr. Iles: Now, what do you remember? From— from the exploration, I mean.

Subject: I- I don’t— …[Pauses.] God.

Dr. Iles: What do you mean? God? What god?

Subject: Him. The god. He… I- I remember. He spoke to me.

Dr. Iles: That thing in the log? It was the god? Then… then what about the thing in its eye?

Subject: I could feel it before we even finished ascension. The— the tumor. It was abhorrent… it was… disgusting.

And… and we saw the angel. Noah. You and I both heard what he said. Something dirty is building in god’s heart. Something… horrible.

Dr. Iles: Is all this true? What do we do?

Subject: What does a family do when their dog has a tumor? One that they cannot fix? One that a vet cannot remove?

Dr. Iles: Are you suggesting… we— we kill god?

Subject: Lilith… please. What other choice do we have?


Addendum XXXX.4: Internal Documentation


SCP Foundation Internal Documentation - Do Not Distribute


From the information gathered in Exploration XXXX.1, I think we can start to piece together what everything here means.

Firstly, the entity that appeared in the horizons above SCP-XXXX-11's was, well, god. Not the Abrahamic god, not the Broken god, but the God. The highest order of deific ascension. Our metaphysical imaging flagged it as a GOD-entity for a reason: it exudes deific energy and has near-full omnipotence over all planes of existence. There is no doubt in our minds that the thing the Foundation saw in that exploration was God.

This brings us into the second point: Noah's book. Most people are familiar with the biblical story of Noe and his ark. They'll know that historically, Noah is a man, not an angel. But what T0 saw, what Theta communed with— it was most definitely Noah, as an angel. According to him, he was ascended as a punishment, against his will, and now, he endlessly suffers as an angel. This brings up an interesting question: why would anybody, anything resent deific ascension? What greater purpose is there then that of the near-omnipotent?

The answer to this question is in the third, and final point. An abomination is spreading in the eye of God. If you read what T0-Beta said after he came back from MP-6 as the only surviving member, you'll know exactly the point I am making. Let me leave you with an excerpt of -B1 that I think should explain everything:

And as GOD continued to descend the planes of the Universe, he touched something FOUL, and an abomination began to grow within HIS eye.

His vision, impaired, caused agony and strife throughout the Primeval Temple of Jehovah, and HE clutched his head, screaming.

Man, awed, stared at HIM with disbelief.

"Where did you go?" Man asked, staring up at the thrashing deity above him.

"The deepest of hells," HE replied. "I must recover, or the tumor will continue to spread."

GOD screamed again, and with a poisonous anger, swung his golden scepter into the heart of Man, obliterating him instantly. With an angry yell, he cursed the FIRST world into an infinite sleep, never to wake again.

As HE calmed down, seeing what HE had done, GOD cried and lamented over the destruction of his FIRST world. And so he made another.

But IT continued to fester within GOD. And soon, IT took over the avatar of GOD, and bent and tore GOD's second world into an icy oblivion. As men screamed below, GOD attempted to cry, to let out HIS tears of healing, but nothing came out.

And it continued to grow. So GOD placed his two beloved creations into the CASKET below his home, and made another.

//In HIS THIRD world, HE conjured up his final remaining strength and attempted to create another good, fair Earth, but at last, failed again. The growth continued to spread like a tumor and its malevolent evil seeped into GOD's spirit.

"No," Man cried, begging for safety. But the vileness already poisoning GOD's mind for its own sadistic amusement clutched GOD's hand, and smashed it into the THIRD world. And it too was sent into the CASKET.

Man wept as GOD created Earth, yet again.


I'm pretty sure it's obvious what SCP-XXXX is now. It's a grave.

— From the desk of Dr. Blaine Faulkner, Department of Tactical Theology

Postscript: I’m moving SCP-XXXX-B1 into Level-VI OPHANIM-class deep storage, effective immediately. It’s probably our best bet on figuring out this whole metaphysics mess, and I don’t want to risk it.


SCP Foundation Internal Documentation - Do Not Distribute


None of us have any idea what's going on, and frankly, I don't think we really want to know.

Recently we've been seeing some strange, and honestly disturbing trends in public (and specifically, religious) behavior. Although these large-scale population changes happen from time to time naturally (due to a number of factors that we GM people aren't allowed to know about), this new pattern of behavior has been going on for too long, and it's frightening.

In Manhattan, we’ve seen people brutally beaten in churches, mass religious riots and literal human sacrifices, among other types of weird horror movie [EXPLETIVE REMOVED]. In Ottawa, we've gotten reports of mass religious gatherings and hospitals overrun by men, women, and children, all bearing the same smiling expression on their faces. Near Houston, twelve hospitals have received a sudden influx in cancer patients with ocular tumors. Although most of these reports are non-anomalous, the pattern in between them is most certainly not mundane. This BS doesn't happen by circumstance.

I honestly don't know what ancient god you guys angered, but it has got to end. We've had to send twenty-two civilian teams out already, and we've only gotten two back. Please. For the love of the Veil. Stop.

— Dr. Okine Young, Department of Global Monitoring

Postscript: I'm attaching the list of incident reports for the past three weeks. Review as necessary.

Attachment 01: List of Incident Reports: 01/07/2550 to 23/07/2550

01/07/2550 — MANHATTAN-0 File I-65182689
01/07/2550 — MANHATTAN-1 File I-65182690
01/07/2550 — MANHATTAN-2 File I-65182692
01/07/2550 — MANHATTAN-3 File I-65182695
02/07/2550 — MANHATTAN-4 File I-65182701
02/07/2550 — MANHATTAN-5 File I-65182702
03/07/2550 — TUSCON-0 File I-65182734
03/07/2550 — FALLON-0 File I-65182738
04/07/2550 — FALLON-1 File I-65182755



Addendum XXXX.5: Overseer Meeting and Vote


SCP Foundation Internal Documentation - Do Not Distribute


The OVERSEER-5 Council gathered on 11/07/2550 in order to come to a consensus on the possible containment or neutralization of SCP-XXXX-related anomalies. O5-3 ("ZENITH") took the role as meeting lead, due to his position on the Council as liaison to the Department of Applied Metaphysics.


O5-1: Three, please for the love of god make this worth my time. Just tell us what's been happening, we're all terrified as [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] right now—

O5-3: Alright, alright. I'm pretty sure you guys have read the reports on what's going down—

O5-8: Yeah, we have, and we just want to know why

O5-3: If I may…

[Silence. O5-8 rubs his eyes.]

O5-3: Thank you. Four weeks ago, the Foundation discovered God. Not the manifestation of another religious GoI, not an extremely powerful reality bender, but a true god. An Apex-Tier Deific entity. Its currently classified as DE-0. SCP-XXXX-A.

O5-6: Sure, but why would that cause this? This… hell?

O5-3: We saw that thing, what it was hiding. We know now, all of us, what’s happening to god. Whatever that thing is, it, well, didn’t want us seeing whatever was hidden in there, so it turned its eye on us. And now, this is what happens. This is what happens to a world under the wrath of a demon, masquerading as God.

O5-8: Is this all true? What do we do now?

O5-3: We do what we've always done. We will secure the anomaly, we will contain the tumor, and we will protect humanity against the new god.

O5-10: What proof do we even have that this is real? What, you hear some cock-and-bull story from Zen's mouth and suddenly we all believe—

O5-7: It is real, Etthie, you of all people should know—

O5-10: I don't [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] believe that man—

O5-1: Enough. Ten, you and I both know that something bad is happening, and if that guy [Gestures to O5-3] says that it's real, well then, it's real.

O5-10: Okay, fine, but then how do we attempt to contain this thing? It's not like we can point a gun in its face.

O5-7: Yes, how? Should we send people down there to attempt containment?

O5-3: It's far too risky to send people down to MP-7, we've seen what happens to people directly affected by DE-0. I think the only way to contain this— this thing is to…

O5-8: Is to what?

O5-3: Become gods ourselves.



SCP Foundation Internal Documentation - Do Not Distribute


Vote ID: O5CV-12J39

The OVERSEER-5 Council voted on 11/07/2550 in order to come to a consensus on whether to initiate OPERATION OURANOS.


O5-1 O5-5 O5-13
O5-2 O5-7
O5-3 O5-10

Result: Final tally 9-3-1. OPERATION OURANOS approved and cleared to begin immediately.


The following log was recorded during the completion of the first stage of OPERATION OURANOS.


[The thirteen OVERSEER-5 members lay down within their respective MAD engines, positioned around a center table. Three unlit candles are positioned upon the table, and a thaumaturgic rune is drawn in the center with chalk. Within it, the Foundation's sigil is present covered in a small amount of propane, representing the deification of PROMETHEUS.]

[Department of Ascension personnel enter the room and light the candles. They begin ascension of the 13 OVERSEER-5 members directly into MP-7.]

[Eight hours pass as the gestalt deific consciousness of the Foundation enters MP-7. Visible is a enormous landscape of rolling hills. In the distance, a large golden temple is seen beyond the hills.]

[PROMETHEUS, the Foundation walks towards the temple. In the distance, AVIAN-class entities and ANGEL-creatures fly throughout the skies of MP-7. Seven INMORTUI-class entities are visible inside the temple, watching PROMETHEUS.]