DeltaMagnatude: How Not To Run An Anomalous Marketing Campaign

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Due to standard protocol, all dates have been reformatted to DD/MM/YYYY. Apologies for any confusion prior to edit ██/██/2019.


SCP-AAAA and SCP-AAAA-1-2 in containment. Cover of SCP-AAAA and the booklet it produced have been censored due to a memetic effect that gave viewers an urge to purchase Plants vs. Zombies merchandise1.

Item #: SCP-AAAA

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-AAAA is to be kept in a secure video archive located at Site-204, with SCP-AAAA-1 instances kept inside SCP-AAAA. Every week, SCP-AAAA should be checked for any changes in its book cover. During testing, D-Class personnel should be tasked with watching any videos produced by SCP-AAAA-1 instances to minimise the risk of a memetic/cognitohazardous agent affecting Foundation staff. No interviews are to be conducted with SCP-AAAA.

Ongoing efforts to detain PoI-AAAA-1, -2 and -3 are ongoing.

Description: SCP-AAAA is the designation of a DVD box labelled "The Full Franchise of Plants vs. Zombies". SCP-AAAA creates a new image in its cover box at random intervals, often containing messages attempting to convince readers to buy (usually non-existent) merchandising of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. When not producing these messages, it will instead provide descriptions relating to the franchise's 5th of May anniversary, sponsorships from various companies, and sensitive information on multiple Groups of Interest and the Foundation itself included.

SCP-AAAA is sapient, capable of communicating to individuals through writing on its cover, however, it is heavily obsessed with the Plants vs. Zombies video game series, and will refuse to answer any questions unless it is related to the aforementioned video game. SCP-AAAA also has a strong hatred for individuals who have criticised the Plants vs. Zombies series, usually insulting them with deogatory terms and death threats. It is unknown how SCP-AAAA gained sapience, though it has been concluded that this level of sapience was gained on 05/05/2019, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the release of Plants vs. Zombies. As of late, it has been attempting to convince readers of its covers to buy merchandising of the related video game, going as far as to produce memetic images, denouncing other games created by PopCap, providing the SCP Foundation with sensitive documents on Groups of Interests and producing instructions on how to sabotage Electronic Arts Incorporated.

SCP-AAAA is fragile and can be broken easily, but slowly repairs itself over a period of three days. If SCP-AAAA as a whole is completely destroyed, it will re-manifest approximately 2.5 minutes later, near to the area where it was initially destroyed. SCP-AAAA appears to be ignorant to attempts at its destruction.


Top of image: a Plants vs. Zombies comic book produced by SCP-XXXX. Bottom of image: The contents of another PvZ comic book also produced by SCP-XXXX2.

SCP-AAAA-1-1 to -3 are anomalous DVD discs, originally found within SCP-AAAA. SCP-AAAA-1 instances' primary anomalous properties manifest when certain requirements are met:

  • SCP-AAAA-1-1, a copy of Plants vs. Zombies PC Edition, is inserted into a compatible computer (such as a PC model created after 2008)
  • SCP-AAAA-1-2, a copy of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 1, is inserted into a compatible video game console (such as an XBOX ONE, PS4 Pro or any modern PC model produced after 2012)
  • SCP-AAAA-1-3, a copy of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, is inserted into a compatible video game console containing the newest or most recent hardware specifications available (such as an XBOX ONE, PS4 Pro or any modern PC model produced after 2016)

If any of the SCP-AAAA-1 instances are inserted improperly or do not meet the aforementioned requirements, the instances' secondary anomalous properties will activate. The discs will begin running an existing, defunct, unreleased, region-exclusive or normally incompatible Plants vs. Zombies game3.

When requirements are met, SCP-AAAA-1 instances display a list of seasons and episodes for a non-existent animated cartoon show of Plants vs. Zombies4. The contents of each season details the lore of Plants vs. Zombies, though later in the series the episodes begin to heavily deviate from its original light-hearted tone, along with its art style and the topics involved5.

In extremely rare occurrences, SCP-AAAA-1 may display a single episode not included in the regular main list. These rare episodes are usually hour-long documentaries of Neighborville, detailing the history, ecosystem, wildlife and agriculture of the location.

Addendum AAAA.1

SCP-AAAA Discovery

Reports of a Plants vs. Zombies fan under the alias of "Jukie Zubrains6" (real name ███████ ██████) claiming to have footage of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 3 reached Foundation interest, leading to the deployment of several undercover agents to locate the individual.

███████ ██████ was found in her apartment in California. During an interview conducted by the agents, she provided SCP-AAAA and the SCP-AAAA-1 instances within it, claiming to have discovered the objects in a dumpster near her apartment. She mistook the anomalous discs to be used copies of various Plants vs. Zombies games and had planned to do a giveaway on her Twitter account. When she inserted SCP-AAAA-1-3 into her PS4 console, she accidentally activated the secondary anomalous effects of the disc, which she interpreted as having accidentally obtained the third instalment of the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare spin-offs.

After the interview, ███████ ██████ were 'arrested' by the agents with the coverup reason for stealing intellectual property from PopCap and Electronic Arts Incorporated, before being administered Class-A amnestics and administered minor Class-F fugue amnestics for reconstruction of previous memories.

Addendum AAAA.2


Addendum AAAA.3

Text Messages Recovered From PoI-AAAA-1 & Other Information

Addendum AAAA.4

05/05/19 PoI-AAAA Update

On the 05/05/2019, PoI-AAAA-3 held a music live stream as part of the 10th anniversary of the first Plants vs. Zombies game. While the stream itself had no anomalous properties, majority of the audience viewing the stream were found to be MC&D representitives under false usernames and avatars, masqurading as "veteran fans of Plants vs. Zombies". An undercover search through the MC&D database discovered that the stream was a funding drive held by the Group of Interest to fund PoI-AAAA-1's video game Octogeddon.

Proposals to shut down the stream were rejected due to the unusally harmless nature of the stream. PoI-AAAA-1, -2 and -3 are still at large.