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Site-205, the location of the containment of the SCP-XXXX entities.

Item #: SCP-XXXX Level 4/XXXX
Object Class: Thaumiel-Parallagi Classified

Special Containment Procedure: All SCP-XXXX-A, SCP-XXXX-B and SCP-XXXX-C instances are kept in individual cells with basic accommodations fitting their daily needs. Instances has been given limited Foundation privileges and access to Foundation faculties on the basis that they remain on good behaviour.

All SCP-XXXX instances (except for SCP-XXXX-B-2) must be kept unaware of SCP-AAAA.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation of twenty eight sapient entities, all identifying as different characters from the Plants vs. Zombies series. The SCP-XXXX entities is divided into three groups: SCP-XXXX-A, -B and -C.

  • SCP-XXXX-A entities are heavily mutated vegetations from a variety of species, ranging from nocturnal fungi to helianthuses (sunflowers). These entities claim to be agents from an organisation called "L.E.A.F" (League of Extraordinary Action Foliage), previously owned by SCP-XXXX-C-1 prior to its dissolution.
  • SCP-XXXX-B entities are sapient reanimated human cadavers, claiming to be elite soldiers from an organisation called "Z-Tech", which was previously owned by SCP-XXXX-B-1 prior to its dissolution. All SCP-XXXX-B entities has identical biological systems to non-anomalous humans, with the exception of SCP-XXXX-B-7.
  • SCP-XXXX-C entities are regular humans with anomalous properties of varying strength. Currently, there are only three SCP-XXXX-C in containment, and are in good mental and physical health.

SCP-XXXX-C-3 in █████, Africa.1 Note SCP-XXXX-C-3's odd physical appearance.

All SCP-XXXX entities are likely based on characters from the Plants vs. Zombies series. Notably, SCP-XXXX-C entities strongly resembles the art style of comic artist Ron Chan23, with some subjects commenting on their 'two-dimensional' appearance on a three-dimensional space, adding with feelings of discomfort.

A common anomalous property shared between all SCP-XXXX entities is increased agility and endurance. The entities are capable of jumping to impossible heights and run long distances without fatigue for extended periods of time, along with strong resilience against most forms of damage. However, these entities are still susceptible to damage from fire, asphyxiation and water.

Addendum XXXX.1


The entities of SCP-XXXX were discovered on 05/05/2040 (DD/MM/YY), when they were caught on CCTV breaking into Site-346, attempting to locate SCP-4669 for an unknown reason at the time of the incident. Despite Site-346's alarm being triggered, all SCP-XXXX escaped without being caught, with security personnel attempting to intervene either being injured during the escape or captured by the entities. Captured security personnel were later rediscovered unconscious and in critical condition in the hospital bay of Site-346, with an apology letter directed towards the Foundation written by SCP-XXXX-B-2, referring to itself as "Daniel Greene".

Initially, it was mistakenly believed that the SCP-XXXX entities were a group of rogue "Gamers Against Weed" cosplayers actively fighting against SCP-4669. Efforts to locate and establish communications with this supposed group immediately began, however all attempts ended up fruitless; producing lackluster results and only sightings of the group having been reported by civilians.

The SCP-XXXX entities were finally captured on ██/01/2041 after the Foundation received reports of SCP-4996's location in █████, Africa. Refer to Incident Logs in Addendum XXXX.3 for more details on SCP-XXXX's capture

Addendum XXXX.2

List of SCP-XXXX entities