Secure Facility Dossier : ADRX-19
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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier


Facility ADRX-19

Official Designation: ADRX-19

Facility ID: F19-A

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Purpose: Containment & Research of Anomalous Entities

Founded: 9 October 1916


Entrance & Main Stairwell: A large entrance facility equipped with the newest and most sophisticated of present security technology. Personnel below Clearance Level 02 witnessed exiting this area will be detained for questioning.

Security Checkpoint: Upon entering the facility, all personnel will be subject to an immediate security scan. If authorized, they may proceed to the Terminal.

Terminal: The Terminal is a series of transportation tunnels located immediately past the checkpoint.

Central Facility: The Central Facility is a circular construct with several doors leading to hallways and chambers surrounding it.

Personnel Block: Containing all necessary rooms and facilities for personnel at ADRX-19, the personnel block is equipped with four restrooms, a hospital, and several living quarters.

Safe-class Containment Wing: The Safe-class Containment Wing is utilized for containment of Safe-class anomalous entities.

Armory: Accessible only by security personnel.

Euclid-class Containment Wing: Capable of locking off from the rest of the facility via airlock, the EcCW is responsible for containing Euclid-class anomalous entities.


Entrance to the Keter-class Containment Wing.

Keter-class Containment Wing: Keter-class anomalies are kept isolated within this facility, which possesses an instant saturation system capable of terminating the threat posed by any hostile entities which have breached containment or must be rendered docile. The system automatically releases a gaseous compound through the vents which causes the higher brain functions to cease for up to 24 hours.