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The following file describes a Type-XIII eigenweapon, and is Level 4/0000 Classified.
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item #: SCP-0000
Object Class: Euclid
Site Responsible: NZSITA Area-15
Director: Joan Soler
Research Head: Imogen Grant
Assigned Task Force: London-11
Level 4/0000


Aftermath of SCP-0000 test-fire by unknown organization.

Special Containment Procedures: Samples of SCP-0000 are contained at Armed Containment Area-15 for research by the Department of Eigenweapons. SCP-0000's containment areas are each equipped with a single airlock in addition to decontamination filters surrounding the interior. Personnel without LAiV-2901 Hume Radiation Protection suits are to be denied access to any one of SCP-0000's containment facilities.

A proposal for reclassification to Thaumiel during wartime is currently undergoing review.

Description: SCP-0000 is an unidentified species of Anthozoa that possesses several anomalous properties, including a total hume radiation emittance level1 of 100.01.


Foundation submersible SCPF Exodus inspecting a cluster of SCP-0000.

SCP-0000 also displays the ability to replicate organisms it has "seen" in perfect detail. Due to this, it is presumed that SCP-0000 possesses the intelligence of the form it has chosen. The anomaly is highly aggressive in any form, and is extremely corrosive.

Discovery: SCP-0000 was first investigated following a series of reports concerning anomalous radiation and "coral people"2. This resulted in the examination of an SCP-0000 exclusion zone, and later [REDACTED].



Due to the adaptability of SCP-0000, the personnel lost at Mt. Kilimanjaro have still not been recovered.

Interview Log 0000.1

Interviewer: Dr. Imogen Grant

Interviewee: GOC Operative Kenneth Willis

[Begin Log]

Dr. Grant: Please state your name and identification number, if possible.

Willis: Kenneth Willis, #[REDACTED].

Dr. Grant: Okay, Mr. Willis. We can start the interview now. When did you first come into contact with the anomaly?

Willis: KTE-████-[DATA EXPUNGED]. My group and I were in the PHYSICS Corp. when we were assigned to it. It wasn't what we expected, y'know? We thought it was just some classic mumbo-jumbo spooky giant monster bullshit. But it wasn't. It was some fuckin' coral. We thought it was just that- just fucking coral. Of course, though, we should've been expecting it.

Dr. Grant: Expecting what?

Willis: Exhales. The first attack happened at midnight. It was fucked up. Some guys appeared on the beach where we were, just staring at us. Weird as shit. One of our guys- Sharad, I think he was called- went to tell 'em to fuck off and all, but by the time he got over there… it was completely dark. In two goddamn minutes, it was pitch-black. The rest of us grabbed our weapons after he didn't come back. We walked over there to where Sharad was supposed to be-

Willis shivers.

Willis: He was… just… decimated. Just like a squashed diagram of the human body that had been shredded and rebuilt. Parts of him were made of coral. Others were normal. Another guy on my team, Roderick, just threw up. Right on where the guy's lungs were supposed to be. Then he fell into it, and…

Willis gags, and then retches. He is provided with a bag in which he releases his stomach contents.

Willis: When we pulled him up a second later, he was… coral. Just entirely coral. He tried to attack us, and as we shot him, the coral screamed at us. Eventually we just fucking ran.

Willis curls up in a circle in his chair and remains in that position for the next 3 hours until the interview is terminated.

[End Log]


External Hatch

Dr. Grant is seen walking towards the External Hatch of Site-55, where she slides her keycard. She turns to the camera, and pulls out a Foundation-model pistol.

Grant: I am sorry.

Grant fires at the camera several times, and then continues walking. The camera sparks and then turns to static.


External Hatch (2)

Grant begins panting audibly before breaking into a sprint. She opens the door of the external hatch, and steps through into the submersible. She closes the door behind her before detaching the sub from the Site. Ten hours later, the door reopens, and a shadowy figure clambers out before turning to the camera.

Unknown Voice: You created me, Foundation.

The figure steps forward, closer to the camera. It is a colony of SCP-0000, combined to form a humanoid shape identical to that of Imogen Grant. The figure stands in the same place, looking directly at the camera, for the next ten hours before the camera turns to static.