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The following file describes a Level 10 anomalous location, and is Level 4/0000.
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item #: SCP-0000
Object Class: Safe
Site Responsible: NOSKCA Area-1392
Director: Ingrid Lothbrok
Research Head: Mathias Anderson
Assigned Task Force: Voktere-13
Level 4/0000



Special Containment Procedures: Personnel within the Department of External Affairs are to maintain contact with SCP-0000. Mobile Task Force Voktere-13 has been assigned to SCP-0000 as per standard protocol. Entrances to the Republic have been sealed.

Description: SCP-0000 is a large population center located in [REDACTED], Norway, claiming to be known as the "Northwestern Republic of Skeiosbrekkur". The center is approximately 1000 meters in diameter, and is an extradimensional space.

Addendum 0000.1: Wildlife


Salix caprea: Non-anomalous.

Picea abies: Anomalous only in that they grow in larger clusters than normally expected.

Grasses: Non-anomalous.


Cervus skeiosbrekkur: A species of Cervus that resemble Cervus canadensis physically, and is identical in nearly every aspect to C. canadensis. Population estimated at 300 per square mile.


Cervus skeiosbrekkur.

Canis lupus skeiosbrekkur: Subspecies of Canis lupus. Noted anomalous traits are sharper teeth and claws as well as heightened levels of aggression.

Yutyrannus huali skeiosbrekkur: Unusually, a medium-sized population of the species Yutyrannus exists within SCP-0000. It has been confirmed that the specimens are a result of SCP-3057. This species appears to be the dominant predator in the region, and relies upon ambush tactics. All members of Y. huali skeiosbrekkur, unlike anomalous specimens of Dinosauria, possess a heavy coat of feathers to provide warmth.

Addendum 0000.2: History


500 BCE: Skeiosbrekkur is founded. Numerous clan wars ensue before, according to legend, a single woman unites the clans to form a single group.

490-31 BCE: Construction of a nation-like social structure begins. All attempts to conquer Skeiosbrekkur fail.

420 BCE: Skeiosbrekkur quickly expands into a republic, and written records are made of the past. The original founder dies, and a new one is selected as per a nationwide vote.

400 BCE: War with a nearby nation begins, and then ends with a treaty after five months.

380 BCE: First contact with alternate universe occurs following the opening of an anomalous fissure. The Republic trades with the other universe before the fissure closes. Extremely advanced technology (and presumably SCP-3057) is now owned by the Republic. It is presumed that the Republic has been given the ability to make selected areas extradimensional.

360-50 BCE: The Republic becomes the Northwestern Republic of Skeiosbrekkur, and proceeds to quickly transform into the single most sophisticated society in the world.

340 BCE: The Republic uses an unknown device to skip forward to the year 2015.

2015 CE: Foundation relations with Skeiosbrekkur open.

Addendum 0000.3: Social Structure


Chancellor: Leader of the government. The Chancellor is elected by vote of the people. Laws proposed by the Chancellor must be approved by at least 3 of the Consuls before they are reviewed by the President.

Consuls: The five consuls act as advisers to the Chancellor. The Consuls cannot pass laws, but can vote on issues and approve or disapprove of the laws before the President reviews them.

President: Reviews laws proposed by the Chancellor before either vetoing them or accepting them for approval by 8/10 of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee: Can approve or disapprove laws. 8/10 of the Committee must support the law proposal before it can be passed.

Judicial Branch: Controls how law-breakers are punished. Please see Heimdall Accords, Section 1.4, Part 15.

Citizens: Vote on the next Chancellor, President, Committee members, and Consuls.

Addendum 0000.4: Secure Correspondence