Oneiroi Tale [MASQUERADE] "Business"
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12:47 PM GMT+9

A hand extended from the dark alleyway. "Your money, kindly," a light, floating voice with a tone of darkness said.

"How much?"

"1000000 yen, please."

"$8983?! But that's-"

"Or you can stay in this hell."



The hand withdrew, now holding a wad of yen. After a minute, it opened the door, and Richard Ellis Johnson found himself standing in a dark room filled with people wearing black headsets. Each headset had a blue line across it that was constantly changing in one way or another. None of the people were moving. Every single one of them was strapped to the wall. He shivered, and tried to turn around, but the man blocked his exit.

He sighed, and opened an empty slot. Richard stepped in and reversed as the man put together the Velcro straps and tied them around him.

"Why is this necessary?"

The man shrugged. "Good question. I don't know."

Richard gulped. Better than working for them, he reminded himself in an effort to be brave. Anything is better than them…


"So, when exactly did he disappear, again?"

"Two hours ago."

The director of the Site-97 Personnel Management Office tried to think of a feeble excuse to give the Deputy Site Director, but none came.

"Let's review the footage of Mr. Johnson again, shall we?"

"Yes, sir."

Oneiroi Technological Consciousness Cloud
In this place, there is no time.

Blackness, then an upside-down green triangle with a cloud and a hand reaching out from it. A voice surrounded Richard in his state. "Welcome to the Oneiroi Technological Consciousness Cloud. Here, you can do anything you want- fulfill your heart's desire, anything at all. Welcome to the ultimate relaxation place. Welcome to the Cloud."

Richard felt hopeful. Maybe this was the place. But… Oneiroi? That sounds familiar.


"Ma'am, we've tracked him to an Oneiroi den. One of the last, if I'm correct."

"Very well. Send in a team."

[ends up in the oneiroi dream place and then dies from something; other man shrugs it off and says "It's business, after all."