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The following file describes a Class-XI man-made existential threat. Level 4 security clearance is required to access the following file.
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item#: 0000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000, and surrounding areas, have been locked down as per request of the Active Site Jurisdiction Board. No personnel are to enter SCP-0000 without full SCRAMBLE headgear. Personnel who fail to follow standard protocol are to be terminated as per Foundation regulations1.

Mobile Task Force Unit Kronos-05 “Watchtower (K)nights” has been assigned to survey SCP-0000 for anomalous events which may occur.

Description: SCP-0000 is an seemingly abandoned, mostly subterranean Foundation facility designated Site-27b. The facility was reportedly built approximately ██ years ago, is nearly 50km2 in total area, and is located within the [REDACTED] desert, nearby [DATA EXPUNGED].

According to recovered data, all of the humanoids within SCP-0000 express severe photophobia, to the point of killing any person(s) who attempted to expose them to light, came from places where light was common, and/or affiliated with light itself. The humanoids have been identified as former Foundation personnel. Despite the existence of database records concerning SCP-0000, no personnel acknowledge its past and/or present existence unless they are informed of it.

It is assumed that ███ anomalies were contained at SCP-0000 prior to a containment breach which reportedly resulted in a catastrophic loss of [REDACTED].

Persons within SCP-0000 will begin to express severe photophobia and also affection for darkness after thirty minutes of exposure. After 35 minutes of exposure to the interior of SCP-0000, they will become an instance of SCP-0000-1 (see above).

Addendum 0000.1:
The following paper document was recovered from SCP-0000 during a patrol of the surrounding area.

The light hurts more every day. The site, it's so beautifully dark…

Addendum 0000.2:

Exploration Video Log Transcript


Exploration Team: [N/A]

Subject: SCP-0000

Team Lead: D-3304

Team Members: [N/A]

[Begin Log]

Command: D-3304, do you read me?

D-3304: Loud and clear, sir.

Command: Great, okay. We can get started. Please touch the building in front of you.

D-3304: Gulps. Okay.

D-3304 touches the wall of the building. A door creaks open upon contact, and a dark stairwell can be seen leading downward.

D-3304 Is it alright if I turn on my torch?

Command: Negative, D-3304. Proceed downward. We can see well enough through your headcam.

D-3304 nods, and slowly walks down. The door blows shut behind him.

D-3304: Whoa-

Command: Proceed.

D-3304 continues descending until a long hallway is seen. He steps into the hallway, and turns slowly in a circle.

D-3304: It's dark.

Command: D-3304, please refrain from using personal comments-

D-3304: Right, sorry.

D-3304 turns to his left and opens a door. He shuts it suddenly before the camera can adjust.

D-3304: Nope, not going in there. Just an old closet.

Breathing can be heard behind D-3304.

Command: Reverse immediately.

D-3304 whirls around. There is nothing behind him.

D-3304: You got the willies, too?

Command: Continue forward.

D-3304 continues walking, and then sees a wall marked with bloodstains. He looks down, and covers his mouth with his hand. [REDACTED].


Command: Er, please, uh, proceed.

D-3304 turns to the right. Exactly .3 frames of a bright light become visible. Analysis of the audio during that frame has revealed a loud screaming sound, as well as the sound of scorching flesh. D-3304 and Command remain oblivious to the sound.

D-3304: Finally! Light-

As the light flickers off, D-3304's neck is grabbed by a gray-colored hand. Camera feed is lost for 13 minutes. It later resumes, revealing D-3304 running towards the top of the stairwell. The camera feed is lost again.

[End Log]

Closing Note: Please view Addendum 0000.4 for a presumed incident involving D-3304.

Addendum 0000.3:
The following file was recovered from SCP-0000. It was later found on the Foundation database, and was subsequently deleted from the mainlist. Please note that errors are present, and redactions were not added by the Foundation Redactions and Expungements Division.

Anomaly Identification Number: Unecessary.

Anomaly Classification: Some sort of K-class event.

Threat Level: He’s in here somewhere, we have to find him.

Specialized Containment Procedures:

1.) Don’t go into the light. The bad people are there. They don’t die for the outsiders.
2.) Kill anyone who tries to convice you of otherwise.
3.) Hide.

Anomaly Description: He’s someone from the light, and I swear we’ll find him. He refuses to accept the darkness. We need him to. We need you to.

Addendum: [REDACTED]. You know what they did to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 0000.4:
The following document was recovered from within Kronos-05 “Watchtower (K)nights”’s main watchtower terminal. It was reportedly recovered and downloaded by [REDACTED], who was counted as MIA during another operation nearby.

The log seen within has been edited to fit text format, as the video format contained several memetic hazards. It was apparently taken via drone.




[Begin Log]

A man steps out of SCP-0000’s stairwell door. His less apparent physical features are obscured by moonlight, but he is identifiable as D-3304. The man exhales loudly, and runs his hands through his hair. Suddenly, he collapses, coughing and spamming wildly. The door opens once again. A woman is seen, holding a human [DATA EXPUNGED] that has been identified as her own. She repeatedly beats the man with it.

A mob of people dash outside and grab the man. [DATA EXPUNGED]. The man is dragged by what remains of his ankles towards a nearby shrub. One of the members of the crowd steps forward, and rips a stick from the shrub. The shrub releases a louding shrieking noise, causing the man to scream louder.


The next morning, the drone reboots. Blood obscures most of the view, but the man can be seen dangling by his necktie from the top of the doors. Viscera is smeared across the door, spelling out: “We are the Foundation, and we die in the dark”.

Suddenly, the corpse of the man explodes. The remnants of the body appear to ‘slither’ together to form: “But who lives in the light?”.

[End Log]

Note: It is unknown why D-3304 was able to resist SCP-0000 and counteract its effects; this contradicts all previous tests. Further research is ongoing.
-Researcher Milson

Addendum 0000.5:

Following the discovery of this footage, a final exploration was sent into SCP-0000.

Exploration Video Log Transcript


Exploration Team: Charlie-55 "Forward March"

Subject: SCP-0000

Team Lead: C-55 Rue

Team Members: C-55 Winter, C-55 Follower, C-55 Antique, C-55 Silence

[Begin Log]

Command: C-55, do you copy?

C-55 Rue: Yes, Command.

C-55 Silence: Copy.

C-55 Follower: I copy.

C-55 Antique: Check.

C-55 Winter: Affirmative.

Command: Please enable your shoulder-mounted lights and cameras.


C-55 team during initial entry.

The team obliges.

Command: Continue.

C-55 Rue: Sighs. Alright, team. You heard him.

The team enters the building. There are five minutes of silence, before C-55 Antique stops and turns.

C-55 Antique: Shit, what was that?!

No sound is heard.

C-55 Follower: I don't hear anything, what-

Something lunges at C-55 Follower, shrieking.

C-55 Silence: Contact!

The team opens fire, and the shrieking suddenly stops, replaced by a whimper that dies out quickly.

C-55 Antique: God, did it-

Audio and video are lost for approximately 12 minutes. When it resumes, C-55 Antique's camera displays a pile of slurried gore and blood, with bits of skin floating around in it.

C-55 Rue: -it's hopeless, Command's gone.

Command: C-55 team, do you copy?

C-55 Winter: Affirmative.

Command: What happened to C-55 Follower?

C-55 Rue: [REDACTED]

Command: Keep your eyes peeled, in that case.

The team continues down the hallway, being careful to step over C-55 Follower. They eventually come to a door with a keypad on it.

C-55 Antique: God, this is cute! So old-fashioned!

C-55 Rue: So says the "antique".

C-55 Antique: Rolls eyes.

C-55 Antique attempts to touch the keypad, but it sparks. She reaches down and presses "ENTER". The door slides open, and the team crams themselves in. The door suddenly shuts, and the team realizes they are in an airlock. Gas of unknown composition, presumably carbon dioxide, fills the room and then is expelled though the vents in the ceiling. The other door opens, and the team exits the airlock, entering an enormous room.

A large digital sign flickers on and off in the corner wall. It rapidly switches between "ERR - ELEC. COMPR.", "LRG-SCALE CONT. BREACH", "RUN", and "YOU". Several floor lights appear to have been gouged out or shredded completely, presumably by instances of SCP-0000.

C-55 Winter: Command, are you acknowledging this?

Command: Yes-

Suddenly, the screen displays a transmission2 from the Site Broadcast Network. A woman, later identified as Jenner Ross, appears on the screen. A purple blinking bar appears on the bottom of the screen, indicating that the broadcast is an emergency one.

Ross: Good evening, Foundation. This is, as you know, an emergency broadcast. Please remain on this network. Site-27b has been compromised, and is currently considered to be in State 233. At 0300 hours, all contact with the Site was lost, despite the efforts of the Communications Department.

It is unknown exactly how any why this event occurred, but it is presumed that a mass containment breach took place. It is impossible to tell, as the International SCPF Network has been wiped of Control Room data in the Site-27b slot. I've got Analytics Department Worker Khalil Patton here. So, Khalil, what do you think will happen?

The screen splits, one side displaying Ross, and the other displaying a man identified as Khalil Patton.

C-55 Antique: Oh my God, it's Khalil.

Command: You know him?

C-55 Antique: Yeah, uh-

C-55 Rue: Wait, wait, wait, look!

The news broadcast begins to flicker, then the signal expires.

C-55 Silence: Damnit.

Command: Team, we've managed to recover the footage via your cameras. Our decoders are already getting to work splicing it to a video format. Please proceed through the door.

C-55 Winter: Which one?

There are at least 20 doors in different sections of each wall.

C-55 Rue: That wasn't there before. Command?

Command: Your guess is as good as mine.

C-55 Antique: (Points to a door marked #12J.) This one's partially open, I think.

Command: Indeed it is. Proceed.

The team moves through the door in silence. It closes behind them.

C-55 Silence: (Raises index finger.) Listen.

A faint thudding sound can be heard, growing progressively louder. It is accompanied by a wet dripping sound, which is also growing louder. Ragged breathing is heard.

C-55 Rue: Guns on, team.

C-55 Antique: (Muttering.) Didn't do much for Follower.

Unknown: Help…

Command: Turn on your lights.

C-55 Rue: You sure? I thought they were on-

Command: Do it. Now.

The team activates their lights once more, and a human individual is revealed. Their intestines are being held in by their hands. It appears to be a Global Occult Coalition operative.

C-55 Winter: Identify yourself.

GOC Operative: J-James…

The operative retches, blood spraying from his lips.

C-55 Silence: I'll patch him up.

Silence proceeds to close the wound, and applies necessary medications.

C-55 Silence: He needs an evac.

Command: Sending recall drone now.

After a few seconds, a drone appears via [REDACTED] technology. It proceeds to carry the Operative upstairs.

C-55 Rue: Who else is down here?

Command: We don't know.

C-55 Rue: That's probably not a good thing.

The team arrives at a large gate with the words "DN-110230011" inscribed on it. The door is entirely black and appears to be metal. Portions of it are rusting.

C-55 Antique: It's unlocked.

C-55 Rue: How do you know?

Antique points to a red flashing sensor to the left of the door. It reads "WARNING : DOOR UNLOCKED". C-55 Silence slides the door open. A large, Serengeti-like landscape stretches for what appears to be trillions of miles. Occasional sounds can be heard from within. Despite the apparent darkness, a sun glows above the landscape, however, it is obscured by a cloud.

C-55 Rue: Command…

Command: We see it.

Hundreds of screams suddenly erupt from around the building as the sun emerges from behind the cloud. Stampeding footsteps are heard charging towards the team.

C-55 Winter: Command, requesting permission to-

C-55 Silence: Fucking run!

The team sprints towards the landscape as the former inhabitants of Site-27b charge towards them. C-55 Winter slams his hand on the sensor, and the doors begin to close. C-55 Rue trips and falls just as the doors close and the rest of the team enters the room. C-55 Rue removes their helmet and turns towards the camera.

C-55 Rue: I wish-

C-55 Rue's camera goes to static, and then dies. The rest of the team's cameras also turn black.

[End Log]

Addendum 0000.6

An interview with the recovered Global Occult Coalition operative took place two weeks after the exploration. The log is seen below.

Interview Log 0000.1

Interviewee: Call-sign"James"

Location of Interview: Armed Site-49

[Begin Log]

Interviewer: Please state your name or designation.

James: My call-sign is James.

Interviewer: Okay, "James", we can start then. What did you see?

James: That's- that's too broad, I'm sorry.

Interviewer: What attacked you?

James: You wouldn't understand. They didn't.

Interviewer: Who are "they"?

The operative proceeds to sob frantically for the next five minutes.

James: They- them- their-

Interviewer: Please attempt to regain your composure. We can contact a counselor after we're done, okay?

James: Okay.

The operative abruptly stops crying.

Interviewer: Why were you there?

James: The whole story?

The interviewer nods.

James: I was on a team sent down to that fuckin' place. It was dark, damp. We didn't have a choice-

The operative begins to rock back and forth in his chair.

James: We didn't have a choice… no, we didn't have a choice… it was all bullshit anyhow…

The operative ceases rocking.

James: No, that bastard did it. He was one of them. Always will be.

Interviewer: Who was "he"?


Interviewer: Who were-

James: Are. (Shivers.)

Interviewer: -sorry, are "they"?

James: They surrounded us, beckoned to us. Wanted us to fucking die in that place with that poor bastard. No, that poor bastard didn't stand a chance. Good, fucking, ol' poor bastard. (Chuckles.) Didn't understand. Neither did we. None of us, none of us nothing, nothing of nothing of no one.
We ran like our asses were on fire. He didn't make it, again. Ripped to shreds. Fed to them. (Coughs.) Well, none of us understood. None of us. The darkness scared us. You see that light? Above? (Points upwards.) Annoying little son of a bitch. All of it is. The light. The point is, nobody should truly live in the light. Although…
After we ran, we found a little nook-or-cranny and hid in it. The poor bastard got left behind again. Stopped seeing him after what was left of 'im got left in the southeast corridor. Blood still followed us, though. God, that place is beautiful. So dark, and wet.
They eventually cornered us. My lesser emotions took over. I ran. Let them die. The poor bastard came back. Yelled at me. Distracted me from what I was supposed to be doing. What was I supposed to be doing? None of us knew. But the light… it burns.
After a while, they caught up with me. I tried to explain, but they didn't understand. The poor bastard got torn again. [DATA EXPUNGED]

The interviewer vomits.

James: The poor bastard came again after I found 'em. Said he fucking hated me. He did, and I tried to say I was sorry… mother was there, too… fucking killed 'em both… deserved it, lights.

Interviewer: (Nervously.) Who- who's the "poor bastard"?

James: Thought you'd never ask.

The operative turns to face the camera.

James: They're a collective. They're you light-lovers, you bastards, you [UNTRANSCRIBABLE]s. Well, now, if you turn off your light, and haven't came to them…

Interviewer: Then what?

The operative begins to pant, and look around nervously before looking directly at the camera.

James: They'll come to see you themselves.

All electricity on-site is instantly disabled for the next 4 months. The preceding video log was sent just before this event. Contact with Site-49 was never reestablished.

[End Log]