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Correct authorization credential input is required to proceed. If you do not possess Level-5 or higher security clearance, then restart your terminal accordingly. Unauthorized personnel will be terminated immediately by way of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Level 5/001

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    Anomaly Identification Number: 001 Anomaly Classification: Euclid
    Document Classified Level 5/001

    Threat Level: Black


    SCP-001's southern gate.

    Specialized Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances is Site-01 to be documented as a Foundation site, as Site-01 never was and never will be a Foundation site.

    Although capable of maintaining life-support systems, SCP-001 is considered inhospitable due to its hostile inhabitants. No personnel are to enter Site-01 unless given express permission by O5-12, or unless they possess QLIPHOTH security clearance.

    All data concerning Site-01 is to be stored at Site-███'s DEEPWELL archives. In the event that the Site-███'s archives experience a data purge, Site-623 is to be utilized as a secondary archive for data concerning SCP-001.

    Should the existence of SCP-001 be revealed to the general public, all Foundation personnel involved in the incident are to be terminated. If Ennui-class amnestics are unavailable, Protocol-001/Ark is to be initiated immediately.

    The details of Protocol-001/Ark are available to no personnel unless initiated.

    Anomaly Description: SCP-001 is Site-01.

    Despite attempts to discern how SCP-001 exists (as plans for Site-01 were scrapped in 1███), personnel are unable to do so, and thus Site-01's documentation has been updated.


    Site-███'s DEEPWELL archives during Foundation-wide data transfer.

    SCP-001, although frequently described as such in recovered documentation, is not and never has been considered sapient.

    SCP-001 is home to several anomalies, which include [DATA EXPUNGED AS PER REQUEST OF O5-4].

    The southern gate of SCP-001 contains a biological research laboratory and a [REDACTED] complex, whereas the northern section contains no gates whatsoever and no entrances are visible.

    The eastern and western sections of SCP-001 contain armories, offices, meeting rooms, and scientific research laboratories, all entirely abandoned along with the rest of the facility.

    Anomaly Discovery: SCP-001 was discovered on ██/██/████ by GRU-P forces during a sweep of a local, abandoned GRU facility. Foundation moles were quickly made aware of the situation, and local Foundation agents were dispatched to terminate any hostile Psychotronics Division forces. The remainder of the local Division forces surrendered.

    Following its discovery, the local GRU-P division leader (Nikonov Tolstoy) , GOC Commander Williamson, and O5-12 met in a local summit.

    After the inter-organizational agreement, an exploration team was sent into SCP-001. Unfortunately, the team did not survive, and thus further exploratory missions into SCP-001 are prohibited.


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