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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Official Designation: SCP Foundation American Western Armed Biological Containment Area-14

Area Identification Code: USWABC-14

Secondary Identification Code: ABCA-14


Surface imagery of the Ruby Mountains.

General Information:

Founded: 4 September 1840

Location: Ruby Mountains, Nevada

Site Function: Biological Containment of Anomalous Entities

Size: 54.0km2


Sector Alpha

Main Gate & Vehicle Bay: Contains numerous armed vehicles as well as technology used to authorize personnel who have access to the entrance. 15 armed security personnel patrol the entrance at all times.

Helipad: In case of an emergency, no less than 16 armed helicopters have been prepared for both evacuation and protection purposes.

Air Support Bay: Given the necessity of security within and outside of the facility, further protection is required. Thus, 20 armored fighter jets have been constructed and are prepared for combat at any time if need be.

Sector Beta

Offices: Used by Foundation personnel for research and documentation purposes.

Breach Shelter: Only used in the event of a Safe- or Euclid-class containment breach. Keter-class breaches will result in:

  1. Detonation of on-site nuclear warheads as per SCP-058's containment procedures.
  2. Evacuation (if deemed absolutely necessary).

Medical Facility: Integrated with no less than 24 Medical Emergency Operation Systems (MEOS).


MEOS operation in progress.

The MEOSs are capable of operating outside of the International SCPF Network (IntSCPFN), and do not require network connectivity unless [REDACTED].

Sector Gamma

Scientific Bay: An extremely high-tech laboratory utilizing only the latest Foundation technology. Level-2 clearance, or Scientific Department authorization, is required to access this bay.

Security Armory: Utilized as a armory by the Security Department. Security Department authorization required to access this armory.

Cafeteria: This cafeteria can be used by all personnel.

Ethics Committee Boardroom: Ethics Committee authorization only.

Archives: Responsible for storing all information, including an archived ASCI report.

Control Room: Only the Area Director and Department Heads have access to this room which contains all the power system and lockdown controls.

Generators: Engineering & Technical personnel only have access to the generators themselves. Acting as a primary power station, the Generators contain over [DATA EXPUNGED] megawatts of electricity, ready for use.

Sector Delta

Classification-Disposable Cells: This enormous D-Class cell bay has been configured to house more than 700 Disposable personnel.

D-Class Cafeteria: This cafeteria is for D-Class personnel only.


D-Class Cell Block-A1.

Sector Epsilon

SCP-939 Containment Chamber: See SCP-939's containment procedures.

SCP-940 Containment Bay: See SCP-940's containment procedures.

SCP-165 Containment Facility: See SCP-165's containment procedures.

SCP-082 Living Quarters: See SCP-082's containment procedures.

SCP-326 Containment Chamber: See SCP-326's containment procedures.

SCP-326 "Panic Room": See SCP-326's containment procedures.

SCP-058 Containment Chamber: See SCP-058's containment procedures.

Emergency Generators: A secondary technical facility that is activated (automatically) in the case of an emergency.

Sector Zeta

On-Area Nuclear Warheads: [DATA EXPUNGED] in case of severe emergency. Blast shelters are located at [REDACTED] outside.

Sector Eta

Class-E Containment & Neutralization Bay: Level 5 authorization is required to access this area.

Local Groups of Interest

Sarkic Cults: Despite the location, certain branches of Sarkicism have found their way into the Ruby Mountains, and thus several nearby mountain huts have been found to contain Sarkites.

Relations: Hostile

Global Occult Coalition: The GOC maintains a steady presence in the Mountains, even owning a facility nearby the Area.

Relations: Allied

The Church of the Broken God: Unfortunately, evidence supporting the presence of the Church has been discovered, and security parameters have been set.

Relations: Hostile

Anomalies Currently Under the Jurisdiction of Armed Biological Containment Area-14

Item Number: Object Class:
SCP-058 Keter
SCP-082 Euclid
SCP-165 Keter
SCP-326 Euclid
SCP-939 Keter
SCP-940 Keter

Personnel & Staffing Information:

Area Director: Kenji Ino

Assistant Area Director: Lizwi Inyoni

Scientific Department Director: Dr. Richard Xythinien

Assistant Scientific Department Director: Dr. Daphne Owens

Security Department Director: Samuel Carlston

Deputy Security Department Director: Colin Tracey

Ethics Committee Director: Skyler Banhamm

Assistant Ethics Committee Director: Phoenix Delaren

Engineering & Technical Department Director: Roy Macintosh

Director of Local Mobile Task Force Nu-7 ("Hammer Down"): Cmdr. "Bushido" Nye

Pataphysics Department Director: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Medical Department Director: Dr. Swan Hope

Assistant Medical Department Director: James Whitfield


Image of Pataphysics Department Director [DATA EXPUNGED].

Administration Personnel: 12

Foundation Personnel: 237

Scientific Personnel: 321

Security Personnel: 548

Medical Personnel: 759

Ethics Committee Members: 30

E&T Personnel: 100

MTF Nu-7 Personnel: 12

Pataphysics Department Personnel: 201

D-Class Personnel: 560

Total Personnel: 2780

Area Timeline:

1840: Area-14 is built as a small American Secure Containment Initiative camp.
1844: Area-14 is destroyed by a stampede of anomalous [REDACTED] bison.
1845: Area-14 is abandoned.
1947: The facility is rediscovered by Foundation personnel during the construction of a temporary containment facility.
1960: Area-14 is reconstructed after the temporary facility is completed, and the two are integrated.
1961: Personnel are appointed, and anomalies are transported to the facility.
1988: Sector Gamma is destroyed and several anomalies break out during a Chaos Insurgency raid.
1990: Area-14 is revamped completely and made more secure.
2016: Area-14 becomes the first Foundation facility to successfully test out the MEOS technology.
2019: Local personnel establish contact with nearby Group of Interest GoI-████ "[DATA EXPUNGED]".
2023: Area-14 receives SCP-████, part of a highly classified project known as Operation [REDACTED]. Soon the operation begins on-area, and is successful in its goal, [DATA EXPUNGED].
2049: [REDACTED]
2050: Recent containment breach is resolved, and the facility effectively [DATA EXPUNGED].