A Break in Reality
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Item #: 0000

Object Class: Praevaricator1

Threat Level: Orange

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000 is to be contained within a single Lang-Scranton Anomalous Confinement Field2 at all times. No less than 3 Taumata Inter-Spatial Gravity Containment Links3 are to be programmed to hover constantly around SCP-0000. Assigned Task Force Δ-19 "Department of Cognitohazard-land Security" is to keep watch over the 25km perimeter surrounding SCP-0000. Under no circumstances are Classification-Disposable personnel to enter SCP-0000 without documented permission from a Senior Researcher or higher.

Site-201 has been constructed around SCP-0000. The site may be utilized for the containment of other entities if deemed necessary.

FILESERV SYSTEM NOTICE: The previous containment procedures were archived following a containment breach. The cause of the breach was presumably SCP-0000; how the anomaly achieved this is unknown.

Description: SCP-0000 is a fissure, approximately 1 meter in width and 2 meters in height, in reality itself. The fissure displays no anomalous capabilities and is not inherently hostile, however, it does not exist by Euclidean standards, nor does it conform to them. Due to this, the fissure apparently does not exist.

SCP-0000 is crimson in coloration. It will occasionally release smaller "anomaly flares"4 from within the

When any physical matter comes into contact with SCP-0000, or is inserted into it, the matter will immediately undergo severe changes ranging from degradation at the biological level to complete eradication of all molecules within. Personnel have likened SCP-0000 to "a hot knife that wasn't there", as well as "a piece of what shouldn't be"5.

Occasionally, anomalous events apparently in connection with SCP-0000 will occur, although, this has only occurred 3 2 an unknown number of times in the past.


Addendum 0000.1: Recovered Transmission
On September 4, 2033, an audio transmission was received from within SCP-0000. The sender of the transmission identified as "Dr. Reymann", and was apparently from Universe-██████████3.

| Hello. This is Dr. Reymann, Level 3 security clearance, member of the Triumvirate Research & Containment Group. I am the last survivor of a serious-
| -last monday. Requesting immediate assistance. I have reason to believe that I am trapped in a Type-Eva Alternate Reality Schism6. Nothing is familiar to me.
| Please.
| Anybody?
| This place is as dark as fuck. Can't see a damn-
| -oh shit.
| I'm losing you- no, losing anybody-
| Frick-
Static for the proceeding five hours, followed by sobbing.
| Oh god, I- it's working!
| Thank the Lord! Okay, so I should probably explain-
Static for the proceeding thirty minutes.
| -and suddenly, this red thing swallowed me, and I- no, no, no!
Explosion, followed by a glass-like shattering sound, then static.

(explain the whole thing within the danke box)