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SCP Foundation Site-334
1:39 PM

An alarm klaxon suddenly buzzed from within the site, waking Researcher Jon Coleson.

"Warning! Unauthorized personnel detected! All personnel are to immediately follow standard breach protocol!"

Jon fumbled for his pistol in the red light which now bathed his bedroom. A thundering boom sounded from down the hallway, followed by several clicks. It repeated. Somebody was shooting.

"Sectors one through five are now in lockdown mode."

The lights suddenly clicked off with a loud beep. Across the room from Jon's bed, an emergency control screen appeared on the wall. He loaded his gun, aimed it at the door, and walked towards the screen slowly.



Jon swallowed thickly as blood splattered along the nearby wall. Somebody shouted, and a loud, unnatural whine suddenly sliced through the air. Coleson's ears shrieked as the anomalous scream echoed violently before stopping.

Silence, Jon thought.


Jon frantically tapped in a code on the screen.

"Emergency lockoff system activated. All personnel are to immediately seek shelter."

The PA system cut off into static. Jon exhaled loudly.



The screen suddenly turned black, except, for a white box in the center.



The door exploded. Jon whipped around and fired blindly. A man stepped out of the sparking mess, and said:

"My name is Dreyfuss. Not that you remembered."


"SCPF Algernon redocking now. All personnel to follow standard redocking procedures.”

Dreyfuss looked confused and distracted for a half a second before he turned back to Jon-


A bullet exploded from Coleson’s pistol and slammed directly into Dreyfuss’ skull. The man’s cranium erupted in a shower of red and white. He stumbled for a second before collapsing, presumably dead.

Jon wiped the blood off his hands, and strode out the door.

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