The Case
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3:29 AM
Draymouth Office of Law and Persecution

Judith Williams hated her job.

Empty pill cases littered the floor, some hastily hidden away, others left exposed. At this rate, she didn't care. Some idiotic client who had no sense of time had called her at 12:00 PM, gibbering about how some man was in shock and how the man said he'd been in a place he couldn't remember for years.

So, she concluded thoughtfully, it's total bullshi-

Knock, knock.

"Come in."

A disheveled man, desperately attempting to smooth his drenched overcoat, stepped in. He stuttered.

"Y-your Honor, thi-this may be the case of the century."

5 Hours Later

"So, you're telling me, Mr…?"

"Nicholas. Nicholas Ford."

"Okay, Mr. Ford, um, you say that you, at midnight, saw a man pounding on his car and sobbing incoherently-"

"Well, not quite incoherently-"

"Don't interrupt", Judge Williams said. "You believe that the man saw something-"

"He told me."

"I understand that. You believe that he was kidnapped because of something he could do that was out of the norm?"


"Well, I'll talk to the court, and see what they say. You may have told the wrong person."

"I don't have time."

"…Excuse me?"

"There isn't time. The guy, Dreyfuss, said that we're running out of time."

"Wait, you have him in your house?"


"…Okay, Mr. Ford, I won't lie to you. You're a nice guy. You're good at your job. But I have to ask something of you. Do you mind if I do?"

"Not at all."

"Get the fuck out of my office, and don't bother coming back. Please."

And Mr. Ford left the room, leaving Judith on her own in her pillbox-littered room.

Later That Night
Judith's Bedroom

Fever dreams and drug wraiths filled Williams’ head. Lost memories twisted and erupted with disgusting, violent spasms in her mind. Judith thought and thought, twisting and turning. She considered each possible solution, and then, finally-

What harm could it do?

The Next Day

Judith followed Nicholas to his door, which he opened. Nic turned on the light.

"Hello? Dreyfuss? I've got a visitor for you-"

The room was in ruins, materials scattered across the floor.

"Oh no", Nicholas chanted, "oh no, oh no, oh no-"

The drawer that Nic usually kept closed (which contained his folders and personal belongings) had been ransacked. Nic gulped as he checked for his gun.

It was gone. A note lay next to it:


Nicholas' eyes became wide with horror, and he grabbed his hat and turned to the door. Judith grabbed his arm.

“Wait. What the fuck are you-“ She stopped and saw the note.

"We have to find him. Fast", Nic said. "Before he's found."

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