ᚱagnarök ᚱising

The decades leading us to this moment have been irrevocably stained with blood and lies, triumphs and regrets. During my unnaturally long life, i have witnessed and influenced monumental moments in the history of our universe. I can tell you without any doubt that nothing can dissuade our current course; whether it is the machinations of an all-powerful being or an equation with all the right variables set in motion by the mere existence of our reality— Ragnarök is upon us. Here in the 11th hour, it's hard to remember how this all started— but I will surely try. If you do not truly understand the actions we have taken and the price we're willing to pay— you cannot possibly comprehend what is to come.

- Dr. Michael Strauss, Project Midgard


• A Liars Gambit

• The Universalist Order of the Æsir

• Broken Boundries