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SCP-3928 "Part of Your Balanced Breakfast" by: DrAkimotoDrAkimoto

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Secure, Contain, Protect

3/3928 LEVEL 3/3928
Item #: SCP-3928

Special Containment Procedures

All information regarding SCP-3928-Ω's connection to the anomalous and GOI-3928SD has been purged from historic records and all new information is to be discredited or destroyed.

SCP-3928-1 is held within Safe Class Storage Locker 14 at Site-51. SCP-3928-1 is available for testing to Thaumaturge Division personnel with Level 3/3928 Clearance or higher.

All members of the Site-51 Thaumaturgy Division are to consume no less than 1 bowl of Kellogg's cornflakes daily.



SCP-3928 is the collective designation given to a series of events and anomalies related to SCP-3928-Ω, an Abrahamic-Thaumaturge and scientist by the name of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (1852 – 1943). SCP-3928-Ω was a member of a secret esoteric suborder of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, known as the Knights of the Seventh Day (GOI-3928SD), a group tasked with using anomalous means to covertly promote the church's beliefs. SCP-3928-Ω's efforts to eliminate humanity's "sinful vices" emphasized sexual behavior, specifically masturbation. These efforts lead to the creation of SCP-3928-1, SCP-3928-2, and SCP-3928-3.



SCP-3928-1 is a 1.5-meter wooden staff featuring a crucifix, used as a conduit for thaumaturgic rituals designed by SCP-3928-Ω. Testing revealed that SCP-3928-1, in combination with specific verbal incantations, amplifies the users thaumaturgic abilities. Analysis revealed SCP-3928-1 to be composed of Mauritian ebony (Diospyros tessellaria) treated with a mixture of ammonia and human blood later confirmed to belong to SCP-3928-Ω. SCP-3928-1 was used by SCP-3928-Ω during the creation of the first SCP-3928-2 instance.

SCP-3928-2 are a species of non-corporeal humanoid Class/2 Demonic Entities capable of parasitic propagation through human hosts. Instances of SCP-3928-2 display only rudimentary instinctual behavior, such as survival and procreation. Human individuals within a 3-meter radius of SCP-3928-2 will begin showing signs of increased libido; this effect increases as the distance decreases. Within 1 meter the effect of SCP-3928-2 begins showing one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Hyperarousal
  • Vascular engorgement of the genitals
  • Erection of the penis or mammary papilla
  • Spontaneous ejaculation
  • Uncontrollable masturbation1
  • Heterosexual and homosexual intercourse2
  • Voraphilic and necrophillic behavior

Of these symptoms, uncontrollable masturbation is the most common, with more diverse symptoms manifesting with an increased presence of SCP-3928-2 instances. Prolonged exposure of a non-anomalous human to SCP-3928-2 instances causes a new SCP-3928-2 instance to manifest within the exposed person. After vomiting these new instances, the human hosts have an approximately 22% chance of developing long-term chronic exposure symptoms. SCP-3928-2 show an aversion to human subjects who have consumed a full serving of Kellogg's Corn Flakes with a 24-hour period before exposure. This aversion can be overcome when multiple SCP-3928-2 instances are present.

SCP-3928-Ω used SCP-3928-1 and at least 50 SCP-3928-2 instances to enact a combinatorial process that manifested a new entity. This new entity, designated SCP-3928-3, is a Class/5 Demonic Entity claiming the name Asmodeus3. Measuring approximately 4 meters tall, SCP-3928-3 has a vaguely humanoid body consisting of a black viscous liquid of unidentifiable composition. SCP-3928-3 has been observed to be capable of speech, teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, and the creation of new SCP-3928-2 instances4.


Will Keith Kellogg.

SCP-3928 was brought to the attention of the Foundation on 1927/2/23, by SCP-3928-Ω's biological brother and business partner, Will Keith Kellogg (1860 – 1951). SCP-3928-Ω and Mr. Kellogg directed the Battle Creek Sanitarium5 from 1876 to 1943; SCP-3928-Ω focused on his duties as a member of the GOI-3928SD and Mr. Kellogg directed the Sanitarium's superficial operations. Mr. Kellogg contacted the Foundation through their mutual acquaintance, Asa Candler, and a meeting was organized between Mr. Kellogg and Foundation Investigation Agent James Mueller.

SCP-3928 Investigation

Battle Creek Sanitarium, circa 1927.

Direct investigations into GOI-3928SD were successfully hindered by the effort of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Investigation Task Force Bravo-3 ("Busy Bodies") was tasked with infiltrating the Battle Creek Sanitarium in order to covertly6 gather information on SCP-3928-Ω and GOI-3928SD. On 1927/3/19, ITF Bravo-3 successfully began its mission.


On 1927/4/10, the Foundation dispatched Mobile Strike Force Zulu-1 ("Holy Rollers")9 and the Site-51 Concealment Team to contain or eliminate the threat.


Battle Creek Sanitarium during response conclusion.

Two-hours after MSF Zulu-1 entered the Battle Creek Sanitarium, several fires broke out across the facility as all SCP-3928-2 instances erupted into flames. Of the 286 civilians within the sanitarium ', 192 survived with 161 listed as injured casualties. Amongst the survivors both SCP-3928-Ω and Mr. Kellogg survived, with SCP-3928-Ω sustaining irreparable brain damage during the event. MSF Zulu-1 was able to recover Captain Vanholt, Agent Fettle, SCP-3928-1, and several documents relating to GOI-3928SD10. All survivors and civilian witnesses were amnestisized and Cover Story-BK79 (Faulty Gas Valve) was enacted.

Due to SCP-3928-Ω's brain damage and in accordance with the Foundation agreement with Mr. Kellogg, SCP-3928-Ω was administered YM-Grade amnestics and released into the custody of Mr. Kellogg. All public information pertaining to SCP-3928-Ω's involvement with GOI-3928SD was destroyed or confiscated. In return, Mr. Kellogg transferred a 10% holding of The Kellogg Company to the Foundation.