HARE 313: The Spooks

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{Hare 313: The Spooks}


A photo of one of the Spooks after waltzing into our chemical lab. I feel like he's mocking us.


Tony Richmond, Tim Collins, and Eric Grant. A gang of folk who decided it would be wise to try and rat us out to the feds. We made an example of 'em, put a bullet right between their eyes and dumped 'em in the river. Thought we'd seen the last of 'em, we was wrong.

From what we can gather they seem to enjoy robbing banks, and they're always in the same place, at the same time, as us. How they know this is a mystery.


The Spooks are ghosts. Walkin through walls, possession, the whole fuckin' shebang.

Can't hold guns no more, and they can't exactly clock ya (though, we can't really hit 'em either so that's a bit of a problem, yeah) so they ain't dangerous to us. Doesn't stop them from interfering with our business though.


Tony, Tim, and Eric joined in with the Spirit a good couple years back. Great boys, they did what they did good and they didn't ask no questions. Then one day they went missing, found 'em a couple weeks later all bruised and bloodied, claimin' that they had been jumped by a buncha freaks in masks, we reconned that it was some up n' coming gang of punks we'd need to deal with. We didn't find out the truth until a couple years down the line, caught 'em passing info over to the feds.

We first got fucked over by the Spooks during that bank job over in Indiana, after getting the kid behind the counter to open the safe for us they walked straight through the north wall, we stared at each other for a second before Sammy opened fired on one of 'em, went straight through the damn things head and hit the wall behind him, they each grabbed as much as they could hold before walking right back out. Like they wasn't even there.

Wasted us precious time, cops showed and we barely made it out with a couple hundred bucks. That hundred wasn't worth the life of Lenny.


The Spooks go where we go, Sanfran or New York doesn't matter. Hell, we could be clinking glasses with the Asians for all they care, they'd still be tailing us.


We fucked up. We killed some folks that we shouldn't have and now they're making our lives a living hell. Why are they still around with us? Our best guess is spite, or they get a sick sense of joy from messing with us. Not sure what they're doing with the money.


We don't care how you do it but we want the Spooks gone. We'll make sure to make it worth the trouble, God knows it'll be some.

Just get 'em out of our hair.

Me and the boys where out doing a job today, went real smooth and all that but on our last stop we found a note we thought might interest you. I've gone ahead and clipped it to the Spooks' files for ya. Maybe it could be of some use, who knows.

- Charles Summers


How are you doing this fine day? Fuck you. Fuck you and fuck your entire rotgut chugging gang of twits. Do you really think this was something we wanted? Think we wanted to squeal to the feds? Nah, Chappell we was dead either way. Either they fry us in old sparky or you lot put a bullet between our eyes. Guess we know which happened first, yeah?

If I still could I'd have half the mind to fill you with lead myself, it'd be like I was never there Chappell, It'd be like we was ghosts.

- Tony