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Item#: 5562
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SCP-5562 as seen shortly before the beginning of a loop.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-473 Dir. Edith Gray Dr. Charles Thomas MTF Δ-24 ("Chronos's Court")

Special Containment Procedures: A fenced-off perimeter has been established around SCP-5562. Two agents are to be stationed outside of SCP-5562 in order to deter civilians from entering under the guise of Cover Story DC-1478-B ("Unsafe Abandoned Building"). Any individuals found entering SCP-5562 are to be questioned, administered Class-A Amnestics, and released.

A Mk 1 Xyank Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sink (M.1 XACT).A device created for the purpose of stabilizing the flow of causality across a given Area of Effect. In the case of the Mk. 1 this AoE is 3.14 km2 has also been placed within the epicenter of SCP-5562 to ensure it does not expand into the surrounding area.

Description: SCP-5562 is a sixteen-minute long temporal loop affecting the former Brownwood Lifecare Center.Located within Fort Smith, Arkansas. Exactly 135.6km (1h 22m) from its assigned facility, Site-473. causing four humanoid entities (designated SCP-5562-1 through SCP-5562-4) to repeat a series of actions ad infinitum. A full video log of the event is available below.

Discovery: The Foundation was originally alerted to the existence of SCP-5562 on 5/26/16 after civilians within the Brownwood Lifecare Center witnessed the sudden manifestation of SCP-5562-1 during what was assumed to be SCP-5562's second loop. Following this event, all individuals present were amnesticized and the surrounding area was quarantined.

A week later the building was purchased, shut down by the Foundation, and the current Special Containment Procedures were put into place. At the time of writing the meaning or cause of SCP-5562, if any, are yet to be discovered.