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Clearance Level 3: Clearance
Containment Class: safe
Secondary Class: thaumiel
Disruption Class: #/dark
Risk Class: #/warning


  • need to convince scp foundation this should be thaumiel
  • need to convince reader this should be thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX (aka BLACKBOX-PRIME) is to be stored in the Department of Conceptual Engineering, to be used for testing by Project BLACKBOX. SCP-XXXX-1, Dr. Samuel Ximon Ismith, has been unclassified as an SCP and no longer requires containment.

Excavatory Area-BLACKBOX-1 is to be searched for further anomalies and Excavatory Area-BLACKBOX-[DATA EXPUNGED] is to be [DATA EXPUNGED] by order of Dr. Ismith.

This description is outdated, see Project BLACKBOX files for the most up to date description of BLACKBOX-PRIME's functionality.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a device found in Exavatory Area-BLACKBOX-1. It and the location it was found in have many identifying symbols. However, these symbols have been rendered conceptually informationless.

The object is composed of a battery, an unknown electrical device, a Living Garnet1 and a metal spiral aligned along a line. Dimensional analysis suggests the spiral is leading into another plane of reality.

When activated via the button located above the battery, SCP-XXXX emits a ray from the center of the spiral. Humans hit by this ray have their senses completely disrupted, incapacitating them for 30-60 seconds. This process does not inflict any physical harm upon the target.

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