• XBrass: conceptual brass associated with ximon space
  • Living Garnet: magic rock that does conceptual stuff™
  • Ximon space: weird plane of reality, literally nonsense, filled with cognitohazards

Dr. Samuel Ximon Ismith

(yeah name is weird idc)

Physical Description:

  • age: gets magic in 20s, went to some magic university around that time, gets PhD, so idk
  • black hair
  • tall
  • no facial hair
  • black lab coat, blue scp logo, yellow shoulder highlights


  • Jupiter class conceptual tazer
  • multiple Jupiter conceptual grenades
  • conceptuhazardous blade: red and white, slightly curved, destroys and latches onto ideas & concepts
  • left hand: HAND OF JUPITER
    • contraption with multiple living garnets, xbrass pipes and plates around on hand
    • power 1 - ascension: allows sam to become temporarily completely conceptual. also rips reality around him