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Item #: SCP-69206

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-69206-6 is to be contained in a standard Avian Containment Cell, with the following modifications:
- In-unit dimensions of 8m x 8m, with a 4m ceiling.
- 1 (one) Sewing Machine.
- 4 (four) Pretty Cure blurays, with associated player and screen
- Additional blurays and material inputs for SCP-69206-6's sewing hobby should be provided once a week, as a result of cooperation with ongoing research into SCP-69206.

In case of a breach, all personnel are to execute Procedure 69206-Alpha, codename “Cuteness Overload.” Several stuffed animals of varying design are to be placed in the cell, luring SCP-69206-6 back in, at which point the door is sealed.

At no point are any researchers1 to inform SCP-69206-6 that it is being contained. While in the presence of the entity, refer to it as ‘he’ and reassure him as to his research position.

Description: SCP-69206 is the term for a group of avian-like humanoids with comparable intelligence to the average human. All but SCP-69206-6 we’re unfortunately terminated in a mass containment breach that killed several site staff and terminated several other anomalies. SCP-69206-6 is male, and is similar in shape and coloration to a seagull. The entity is capable of flight, despite the lack of any visible propulsion mechanisms. The entity has also demonstrated above-average hand-eye coordination, reaction times, and intelligence.

The entity harbors an affinity for sewing, magical girl anime, research, and [REDACTED]. During interviews, SCP-69206-6 expressed desires to take part in research, due to the interviewer mentioning that they were at the Foundation. When told that it was being contained, the entity (who referred to itself as “Seagull” and “Alex” interchangeably) flew to the door and attempted to escape via throwing several small items around the halls. One researcher received a very annoying hangnail from the event.

Addendum: [REDACTED]