FloppyPhoenix - SCP Insurance Services

Anomaly that prevents the Foundation from running a successful insurance company

Tie-in with SCP-2210?

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Item #: SCP-3681

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All Foundation efforts directed towards creating a Foundation insurance front company are to be ceased. Foundation efforts to analyze the insurance industry are to continue unmitigated in an effort to study the properties of SCP-3681 and potentially neutralize it.

Description: SCP-3681 is an anomaly disrupting all Foundation attempts at securing a stake in the insurance industry. Foundation front companies devoted to insurance are unable to operate effectively and are forced to shut down in all cases. This often leads to the loss of extraordinary amounts of Foundation finances and resources, resulting in force redeployment, facility downsizings, and overall loss of morale among Foundation agents planted in affected front companies. This has also led to the loss of numerous currency-based anomalies currently contained by the Foundation, including SCP-2738, SCP-2855, and SCP-3142.

Front companies devoted to insurance are typically dissolved within 180 days of being founded, with the longest time between founding and dissolution at 1150 days. Since the Foundation was founded in ████, approximately 168 Foundation front companies devoted to insurance have been unsuccessful in their establishment.

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