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This is just a general WIP page for some of the things I'm working on. Separate from my author page, which displays everything I've already written.

The following is a list of all SCPs and Tales that use Site-82.

SCP Articles:



How Dr. Clef Saved Christmas
The Urge that Betrays

SCP-3488 collab critique:

The following is a list of SPC articles that I've read, have been reading, or plan on reading. I'm reading these and documenting a general overview/history of Shark Punching Center-related things, since SPC is the GOI being used in Team Bird's Doomsday Contest entry.

  • 10:30 A.M. - First SPC tale. Orientation for new recruits. Shark punching at the lowest level: basic knowledge of the Center (place what punches sharks)
  • Minutes of the 383rd General Meeting of the Coharmonius Pelagic Society, Concerning an Unexpected Pugilistic Threat - SPC from the perspective of the sharks that get punched (a group known as the CPS)
  • The Urge that Betrays - I actually like this one. Another proto-SPC, sure, but this time it's a Center Agent that was transported to the Foundation world alongside Selachian entities. May tie into Team Bird (Center discovers some sharks and agents have disappeared)
  • SCP-1569 - A large mantis shrimp employed by the Center to act as a vehicle in which you punch sharks.
  • SCP-1449 - Directly precedes IAHB,IAHNB. A painting that both the Foundation and SPC have contained. Alt-SPC Agent John (becoming Nikolai due to Dream affliction) is part of an alt-SPC universe where they killed their version of SPC-1449, allowing the dream world to flood into the real world.
  • It Always Has Been, It Always Has Not Been - Continuation; the post-restructuring alt-SPC universe. It's… weird. But good.
  • SCP-1329 - Contains humans from the world of the post-CK-class restructuring event happening in an alt-SPC universe.

These ones are actual SPC articles and thus would all be considered canon:

  • SPC-1258
  • SPC-140
  • SPC-1981
  • SPC-2000
  • SPC-2615
  • SPC-682
  • About Tree Fiddy - This contains SPC in some capacity, but doesn't pan out well. Reference: 173 is an SPC artifact. It feels like SPC is shoehorned in, really.
  • How the SPC Ruined Halloween - This contains SPC in a proto-Center capacity: when SPC was just a clone of the Foundation but with sharks instead. Current SPC is much different (anomalies discovered which the Center uses or combines with one another to eliminate Deviant-class sharks)
  • It's Not Spelled Like That! - It's just a joke about the SCP/SPC naming mess-up.
  • Johnny's Wild Ride - Another SCP/SPC naming joke, except this one's meta. Meh.
  • One Last Punch For The Road Another proto-SPC tale, this one about the end of SPC. While it coins Search, Punch, Conquer, it doesn't work in the theme of the current SPC GOI.
  • SCP-7475-J - Joke article
  • SPC-169-J - Joke article
  • SPC-3284-J - Joke article
  • SPC-173 - Joke article
  • SPC-2935 - Joke article
  • Seasick Sharks - Tale about 7475-J
  • The Last Best Hope Yet another proto-SPC, this time where 682 is a shark and they neutralize it by punching it. Of course, this doesn't work. Meh.
  • [OMITTED] Dark and Disquieting
  • [OMITTED] Interviews with Prospective Groups of Interest