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Item #: SCP-5156

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Yucatán Peninsula Normalcy Preservation Department (YPNPD) has been created in the wake of several large Nightshade Events which create non-anomalous scenarios and events as a means to explain the existence of anomalous phenomena that are produced via said Events.

The YPNPD is capable of greatly transforming landscapes, produce false memories, and control native news agencies. In the event a Nightshade Event proves too difficult for the YPNPD to conceal, standard Rank 6 Veil Shattering procedures will be enacted. Rank 7 is authorized if Rank 6 procedures somehow fail.

Members of the YPNPD have access to significantly more information to the inner workings of the Department, and said information is classified to Level 3 personnel and above.

Civilian access into temples found within the Yucatán Peninsula is to be denied.

Description: SCP-5156 is large cavern located ████ km below the Yucatán Peninsula. SCP-5156's true size is currently unknown, but is known to span at least from the Gulf of Mexico to the northern border of Nicaragua. Access into SCP-5156 can be achieved via several tunnels that are entered via temples within the Yucatán Peninsula, with the most prominent one being the Temple of Kukulcán within Chichen Itza, Yucatán, Mexico. These tunnels are well ventilated and are at a constant 22° Celsius, despite the lack of any complex machinery that could be found by Foundation explorers. This allows for easier access into SCP-5156 by unequipped individuals.

Around 1-5 times a year, a Nightshade Event occurs. During a Nightshade Event, the following phenomena occur:

  • 2-4 individuals within Mexico and Central America that have committed murder in accordance to Ritual 561-A die due to non-anomalous means. If an insufficient amount of humans have completed Ritual 561-A, a Nightshade Event will not occur. Ritual 561-A is described as the following:

Two humans with clear judgement shall describe the ground rules for a duel to the death between each other using bladed and blunt weapons, and no more. No armor is allowed. No assistance from outside forces can be granted to either warrior. Each warrior must fight with the full confidence that they shall win. The victor takes the opponent's head via the use of the enemy's weapon, and takes it into their possession. Once this has concluded, this is regarded as one Initiation of War1

-The God's Test, 1895, written by Izel, Messenger of Huitzilopochtli

  • 2-4 entities, hereafter referred to as SCP-5156-1 instances, will appear in the middle of SCP-5156, 20 meters apart from each other. SCP-5156-1 instances greatly resemble the subjects that preformed Ritual-561-A. Instances wear garbs similar to those worn by ancient Aztec, Mayan and Kʼicheʼ warriors, often also wearing a large amount of various jewels and colorful stones that could be found within Mexico and Central America. SCP-5156-1 instances are generally around 12 meters in height.
  • After 20 minutes, the SCP-5156-1 instances will begin fighting each other using axes, spears, bows, etc. The strength of these entities correlates with how many Ritual 561-As their human counterparts performed before death.

During this battle, the entities will appear to try and minimize any collateral damage to the nearby environment, but this usually fails if the power of the entities is high enough. The Yucatán Peninsula Normalcy Preservation Department was formed in order to conceal Nightshade Events from the general public. As of writing, the veil has not been compromised.

When only one entity remains, the Nightshade Event concludes, and the winner kneels down in the middle of the arena. An entity, hereafter SCP-5156-A, will manifest in front of the winner, and congratulate the SCP-5156-1 instance on its victory before commanding it to prepare for another battle.

SCP-5156-A's appearance fluctuates between each manifestation, but at all times has the basic body shape of a humanoid with the head of an Avian creature found within Latin America, wearing a complex war garb, and is 50 meters in height.

The SCP-5156-1 instance will attack SCP-5156-A, subsequently resulting in the SCP-5156-1 instance being completely destroyed in one strike. Afterwards, SCP-5156-A demanifests.

SCP-5156 has been theorized to have existed for several thousand years, but Nightshade Events have only started occurring at an unknown time in the 18th century. Knowledge of Ritual 561-A and subsequently Nightshade Events originated from "prophets" which claim to speak for the Aztec God of War, Huitzilopochtli.

These prophets claimed that Huitzilopochtli wished for the acquisition of very strong human souls for battles after a person's death that would dictate their place in an afterlife. Upon further questioning, prophets gave civilians the following pamphlet, which has been translated into English:

The very soul of War and Death has itself fallen to a very grave fate. Huitzilopochtli requires the ancestors of his Warriors to fight in his stead, prove themselves as worthy successors, and accompanying him in staying the Infinite Night from his grave.

Physical strength does not dictate ones strength in death. One must complete the Initation of War to test themselves against the blade of Death.

Two humans with clear judgement shall describe the ground rules for a duel to the death between each other using bladed and blunt weapons, and no more. No armor is allowed. No assistance from outside forces can be granted to either warrior. Each warrior must fight with the full confidence that they shall win. The victor takes the opponent's head via the use of the enemy's weapon, and takes it into their possession. Once this has concluded, this is regarded as one Initiation of War.

Worthy warriors will gain Huitzilopochtli's eye and blood. This is The God's Test.

Knowledge of Ritual 561-A and SCP-5156 never progressed beyond a myth for the general public, though the ritual was still practiced in large amounts of small groups which wished to enter SCP-5156.

Level 4 Clearance Required

The strongest SCP-5156-1 instance was Juan David Velázquez, the leader of a very small but prominent gang within Monterrey, Mexico, who had performed approximately 500 Ritual 561-As before death. The Foundation was alerted to Velázquez's death on April 26th, 1999, and preparations were made to prevent the resulting SCP-5156-1 instance from breaching the veil. For clarification, all future references to Velázquez refers to the SCP-5156-1 instance who it resembles.

The following is a transcript of the following Nightshade Event and has been translated into English.

Juan David Velázquez along with 2 other unknown SCP-5156-1 instances appear within SCP-5156, 20 meters apart. Velázquez is wielding a large tepoztopilli, approximately 15 meters in height. All SCP-5156-1 instances stare at each other for 20 minutes before the battle begins. Approximately 500 picoseconds after the battle begins, Velázquez swings their weapon, instantly vaporizing both other SCP-5156-1 instances. Velázquez then immediately kneels down. SCP-5156-A appears, smiling.

SCP-5156-A: You're no stranger to conflict, are you, mortal?

Velázquez: I am no longer mortal and you know that, God of War. I shall take your head and take my place in glory for me and my family, past and future.

SCP-5156-A: I'd love to see you try!

SCP-5156-A manifests a large mace in the shape of a turquoise serpent and begins to swing at Velázquez. Before the mace connects, Agent Jerrison terminates Velázquez by shooting them on the head using a Incorporeal Entity Bolt Rifle. Velázquez clutches their forehead before demanifesting. SCP-5156-A looks at Agent Jerrison.

SCP-5156-A: Well now…

Agent Jerrison attempts to leave.

SCP-5156-A: You may leave mortal, but know this, and know this well…

Agent Jerrison stops and faces SCP-5156-A.

Command: Jerrison, we suggest you use this opportunity to gain more information regarding the anomaly.

Agent Jerrison: Yes?

SCP-5156-A: That warrior you killed. He was special. He was the one to deliver me to him.

Agent Jerrison: Deliver? I mean no offense with this question, but what do you mean?

SCP-5156-A: Why else do you think I cultivate strong warriors? No, no, no. You see, I can sense your past. You know nothing of me or my kind. So to make it swift, my comrade achieved something I could not. Death.

Agent Jerrison: A God like you wishes to… die?

SCP-5156-A: Spears cannot pierce my skin, bullets cannot breach my muscles, and crashing into the sun only left a small burn. I breathe water as I do air, and I have no need for sustenance. Same with my comrade. However, I am not invincible. A strong enough mortal spirit can take me to my comrade, who… fell in battle, long ago.

Agent Jerrison: Your comrade? Quezelotl?

SCP-5156-A: Looks like my perception is starting to wane! You do know my plight! In that case, I'll just tell you what you need to know.

SCP-5156-A instantly appears in front of Agent Jerrison. This startles Jerrison.

SCP-5156-A: Your "Foundation" will be my end.

Agent Jerrison: Wait a moment. With your absence, what will happen to the sun?

SCP-5156-A demanifests.

RE: SCP-5156

Several days ago, Foundation member Julien Alvarez died via a non-anomalous car accident, and his likeness appeared in an SCP-5156-A instance, despite

A: Never having completed a Ritual 561-A


B: Not having visited Latin America at all, let alone being of Latin American descent.

Subsequently, the SCP-5156-1 instance died instantly.

O5 Command has determined this to be an unacceptable breach in the integrity of the Foundation's continued existence, and decommissioning of the object has been authorized. Agent DeMarco has been chosen as the person to personally decommission SCP-5156-A.

Five hundred untrained D-Class personnel are available for DeMarco. The chances of victory for DeMure against an untrained individual is 100%.

Some people have concerns regarding what will happen to the sun upon its death. Agent DeMarco is more than capable of taking over the operation with their newfound power.

For the purposes of this clinical document, this is a decommissioning. But between you and me, this is an opportunity.