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Item#: XXXX
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Early onset of SCP-XXXX.

Special Containment Procedures: Signs of SCP-XXXX outbreaks must be monitored by Foundation webcrawlers. Should an occurrence of SCP-XXXX be identified, embedded Foundation agents are to retrieve the respective SCP-XXXX-1 instance(s). All civilians related to the retrieved SCP-XXXX-1 instance, or cognizant of the occurrence of SCP-XXXX are to be amnesticized.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to the spontaneous and extremely rare onset of stigmata1 onto humans (designated SCP-XXXX-1). Unlike usual instances of stigmata detailed in the past, the circumference of wounds caused by SCP-XXXX will increase exponentially as time passes. No outside force enlarges the wounds. Instead, the wounds have been observed to dissolve and solidify nearby tissue, preventing blood loss. Enlarging of SCP-XXXX will commence until reaching past the arms and to the chest of SCP-XXXX-1, in where SCP-XXXX-1 will eventually fail to perform processes necessary for biological function due to their lungs ceasing to function.

SCP-XXXX is not transmitted memetically or infectiously, nor does proximity to instances of SCP-XXXX-1 affect odds of SCP-XXXX transmission. Outbreaks of SCP-XXXX infection are not more or less probable in any specific region or demographics, including religious affiliation, with one noticeable exception being age. Persons under the age of 12 have never been reported to undergo onset of SCP-XXXX.

Interviewed: Sarah Davis, 40, designated SCP-XXXX-1-12. Indefinitely residing in Foundation custody as of this writing.

Interviewee: Dr. Elijah Jakobus, designated SCP-XXXX-1-40.

Foreword: The day preluding this interview, Dr. Elijah Jakobus was discovered to be suffering from SCP-XXXX's affects. At the time this interview was conducted, Dr. Jakobus' stigmata were 3 cm in diameter. While inexperienced in administering interviews, he was chosen for this role due to being an SCP-XXXX-1 instance, as well as SCP-XXXX-1-12's insistence on speaking with him. SCP-XXXX-12 was interviewed due to the inexplicable halting of SCP-XXXX's growth.


Dr. Jakobus enters the room and sits down across from Davis.

Dr. Jakobus: Hello there, Sarah. You understand why I'm here, right?

Dr. Jakobus waves in greeting. Davis' eyes widen.

Davis: I see you're… like me, then. Come now, take your coat off. No need to look all angry.

Dr. Jakobus: It's come to the Foundation's understanding that you're an exception to some of SCP-XXXX's effects. Care to enlighten us as to how?

Davis giggles, straightening her skirt out with her hands.

Davis: It's the Lord's mark, you know. The stigmata are miracles- ways the Lord speaks to us directly. And when he speaks, oh boy, you'd better listen! That's what my momma would say, anyway. So, I listened.

Dr. Jakobus: You're not seriously suggesting that praying is why the stigmata on your hands have stopped growing, are you? Some others have tried. Praying didn't save them. It didn't save anyone. Hell, it's not gonna save me, for Christ's sak-

Davis grabs Dr. Jakobus' wrist and rubs her thumb along his wound.

Dr. Jakobus: Let go of me this ins-

Davis lets out a low hushing noise, and continues moving her thumb in a circular pattern.

Davis: The Lord wants to save us from sin, you know. Back when I was… younger, I was quite the rascal. I used to, heh, go out with all my gal pals and we'd compete to see who could take the most money from the fellas trying to get with us. Can you believe it?

Dr. Jakobus: Yeah. I can. Now, could you let-

Davis: The Lord cared! When I got my marks, I thought the Lord had abandoned me. But I realized- he was there for me! He wanted me to repent for my sins! To confess and be saved, just like the Son!

Davis drops Dr. Jakobus' hand, who hurriedly puts his glove back on.

Dr. Jakobus: That's all I need to do? Repent for my 'sins'? How do I know what I even did?

Davis smiles. She reaches into her pocket and offers Dr. Jakobus a metal rosary.

Davis: You'll know it in your heart. Take this, sweetie, you'll need it more than me.

Dr. Jakobus: I, uh… thanks.

Davis: May the Lord be with you.


Closing Statement: Dr. Jakobus has been advised to control his conduct and professionalism when conducting interviews. Due to Davis' ease of cooperation, he will however be allowed to conduct further interviews.

After the events of the prior interview, Dr. Jakobus documented his confessions in an attempt to prevent the widening of his stigmata.

Sin Confessed/Absolved Result
Broke a Metallica vinyl while examining it for purchase, returned it to its shelf. Failure- Growth of wounds caused by SCP-XXXX persisted.
Participated in a fight during 10th grade. Failure- Growth of wounds caused by SCP-XXXX persisted.
Smoked marijuana on numerous occasions. Failure- Growth of wounds caused by SCP-XXXX persisted.
Insulted a teenager for being annoying. Failure- Growth of wounds caused by SCP-XXXX persisted.
Ran away from his parents for a month at the age of 17. Partial success- Growth of wounds caused by SCP-XXXX decreased at a rate of 10%.
Had sex before marriage, on numerous occasions. Failure- Growth of wounds caused by SCP-XXXX persisted.
Lied about loving his first girlfriend. Failure- Growth of wounds caused by SCP-XXXX persisted.

Onset of SCP-XXXX on Dr. Jakobus slowed slightly, however the stigmata on his palms increased in diameter, now almost entirely encompassing the dorsum and most of his feet. Despite the lack of muscles, bone, and nerve endings, there seems to be no loss of function in both his hands and feet.

Interviewed: Sarah Davis.

Interviewee: Dr. Elijah Jakobus.


Dr. Jakobus: Hello again, Mrs. Davis.

Davis: Please, call me Sarah. Mrs. Davis is my mother.

Davis looks at Dr. Jakobus' hand, eyebrows flickering upwards.

Davis: Oh dearie. Oh golly geez. Did you not take my advice? Can you not see the sin in your heart? Don't be afraid of confessing, for the Lord is a compassionate one…unless, you can't even remember your sins.

Davis touches Dr. Jakobus' forearm and firmly squeezes.

Dr. Jakobus: I took your advice- I went to the confessionals, spilled everything bad I could think of to that priest, even, hell, wrote it down for the Foundation.

Dr. Jakobus fiddles with the necklace around his neck, rubbing the metallic cross ever slightly. Davis notices, and brushes her thumb across his forearm.

Davis: Then why won't you look me in the eye?

Dr. Jakobus: I, uh, wh-

Davis: I remind you of someone, don't I? Your greatest sin, the one weighing you down the most?

Dr. Jakobus pulls away from Davis.

Davis: The Lord is all-forgiving, you know. I know it's scary, to admit sin. To realize what you've done. But He is a loving God. You don't need be honest to Him, for he already knows. Don't be honest to me either. Be honest to yourself. That's what matters.

Dr. Jakobus: …Yeah.

Davis stands up from her seat and embraces Dr. Jakobus, who visibly flinches, running her hands through his hair.

Davis: There is nothing to fear. We all have our sins, sugar. All you have to do is confess. Confess to me.

Dr. Jakobus: I left her. My mother. I left her. [Silence] I was out in Vegas, p-partying and fucking and gambling. While she rotted away alone in hospice. I didn't… I didn't…Want to.

Dr. Jakobus accepts the embrace, and hugs back.

Dr. Jakobus: I didn't want to see her. I'd later say bullcrap like "I couldn't bear to see her in that condition" but that was a fucking lie. Deep down, my idiot twenty-year-old self thought she was weighing my life down.

Davis: Baby. Baby, baby, baby. It's alright. He's here for you.

Davis pulls away from the hug, and reaches into Jakobus' pockets. She pulls out the rosary given to him, and presses it into his hand.

Davis: Now, pray. So the Lord can hear you repent.

Dr. Jakobus hesitates, but eventually prays a decade of the Rosary while Davis watches him. After he finishes, he clenches the rosary in his hand.

Dr. Jakobus: I-I'm sorry, I, uh, fuck-

Dr. Jakobus wipes the tears off his face and, with the hand holding the rosary, gestures wordlessly for Davis to take the rosary.

Davis: Oh, sweetie, take this. You need it more than me.

Davis pulls out a tissue and begins to press it into Jakobus' eyes, shushing his protests.

Davis: He forgives you.


Closing Statement: As of this interview, Dr. Jakobus seems to no longer be affected by SCP-XXXX growth.