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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Uncontained


SCP-XXXX's profile picture.

Special Containment Procedures: Any successful attempts to isolate SCP-XXXX or communIcate with SCP-XXXX are to be reported to Agent Johnson Head Researcher Cole.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an autonomous program (also called a bot) on the popular chat room platform ‘Discord’. SCP-XXXX, referred to as “KawaiiBot” by its creator, was created as a collaborative effort between members of a Discord server dedicated to enthusiasts of Japanese animation.

As described by its creator, SCP-XXXX is an artificial romance partner, being able to adapt to the personality of anyone it encounters. While many other cleverbot artificial intelligences exist of SCP-XXXX’s nature, SCP-XXXX displays cognition indistinguishable from a human being, and has passed all relevant awareness tests for artificial intelligence programs.

SCP-XXXX was originally programmed with the following commands:

  • !customize [color/style] [feature]: This command changes appearance based off of the imputed parameters. SCP-XXXX is able to change hair type, hair color, skin color, eye color, clothing style, voice, and personality. However, the default appearance is similar to the drawing in her profile picture. There is an SCP-XXXX instance for every unique user, therefore, this command only changes the SCP-XXXX instance attached to sender. [Note that ‘instances’ refer to a list of prepared changes SCP-XXXX has installed to suit a specific user's desire.] If the user selects an item not already in their inventory, they are prompted to pay with 300 KawaiiPoints (three USD).
  • !join: It can only be used while the user is in voice chat. SCP-XXXX’s voice takes the preference of the person who issued the command, and it enters into the voice chat. It is able to play games and converse on a level indistinguishable from the average human. It flawlessly passes the Turing test in a Foundation-backed research study.
  • !selfie: SCP-XXXX can generate a ‘selfie’ of itself, usually in public places or parks. SCP-XXXX takes on the appearance preferences of whoever sends the command.

Besides those three commands, SCP-XXXX’s main functionality is within private messages, where it is able to engage in one-on-one conversations with users by simulating regular social interaction.

SCP-XXXX can also "voice chat", and use augmented reality to put its character model into the real world.

While SCP-XXXX changes its personality to suit the user it is currently engaging with, it resorts to a default personality when encountering new users. This default personality is socially adept, flirty, and humorous, but refrains from keeping the topic of conversation on itself.

Agent Johnson discovered SCP-XXXX after users who interacted with the entity leaked its source code on the Internet. The information contained therein did not match any currently known programming languages, and displayed a level of sophistication similar to other anomalous AIs within the Foundation's custody.