Foot by the Fruit
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An untitled painting by notable post-impressionist Hugo Demóre, c. 1879

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The appearance of SCP-XXXX instances is wholly unpredictable, and thus far has proven impossible to prevent by any known means. However, because information about SCP-XXXX is self-concealing, no measures are necessary to take with regards to public knowledge of its existence.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the collective designation for a species of anomalous entity comprised of a fruit or edible plant attached to a functioning human body part. SCP-XXXX instances are sentient and ambulatory, rolling/hopping in order to re-position themselves. SCP-XXXX instances manifest under a specific set of conditions relating to individuals hereby designated as SCP-XXXX-A. These individuals can be of any age range or demographic, but share a number of recurring traits such as an artistic or creative background, a dissociative lifestyle, and often a combination of symptoms found in psychiatric patients with depression and anxiety. Many SCP-XXXX-A instances are unsuccessful in their creative pursuits, and more often than not, are unable to provide for themselves financially because of it.

When an instance of SCP-XXXX manifests, its respective SCP-XXXX-A will be the only sapient creature capable of perceiving it or interacting with it physically until it demanifests. While SCP-XXXX is present, SCP-XXXX-A instances have reported feeling a general sense of encouragement and heightened self-worth, along with a supposed burst of creative energy. Through whatever means the individual finds compelling, SCP-XXXX-A will proceed to artistically interpret SCP-XXXX's presence, dedicating itself fully to the completion of its piece. Once it is satisfied with its work, SCP-XXXX will demanifest. As soon as SCP-XXXX is gone, SCP-XXXX-A will be subject to a sensation comparable to Class-G amnestics whereby all memories of the SCP-XXXX instance and the situations surrounding it are perceived as a dream or hallucinatory state.

Addendum 01 - Discovery:
Due to the self-concealing nature of SCP-XXXX, proper documentation of it would likely not have been possible without recovered notes from FP-194 (“The Warning Bell”). Though it is currently unknown how, FP-194 was able to study the nature of SCP-XXXX without being affected by its antimemetic properties, they were able to confirm certain aspects of the entities' existence that the Foundation does not currently possess the means to verify.

The Warning Bell

Case Title - Painters' Pixies

Foreword - Concern has sprung among our ranks regarding the sudden multitude of thematically connected paintings across the majority of the areas we have purview over. Such a phenomenon would be ignored if not for the similarity in story collected from those questioned - each painter who has depicted the subject of our case reports having a strange dream or otherworldly vision involving the subjects that they were compelled to reproduce in visual form.

Subject - The subjects of our case are a form of nature pixie/faerie that coexist with humans, unbeknownst to the public eye. Their bodily composition is one of particular notice, each subject appears to be a combination of one body part of a human, and one edible plant such as plums, strawberries, or the like.
Our subjects are not violent, in fact, they show a level of empathy for men and women in financial debt or lacking some preferred creative boldness. These pixies flock to artists and painters in the hopes of inspiring their sense of wonder and tingling the very fabric of the mind. They desire freedom from public knowledge, however, and are invisible to most people, save for those with access to the resources we in the Bell have available. Painters the subjects interact with come out of the experience believing the faerie was a figment of imagination: a fallacy whipped up by the mind itself.

Addendum 02 - Further Documentation:


Fugue by Emanuel Canterfellow Rosenstein, currently in the AAAG (American Abstract Art Gallery), 2016


An image taken from tumblr user st4rvingshartist captioned "had this weird idea for a piece in a dream"


Stipulation by @ZaylArt🔞 on Twitter, 2020


"Juices" by Foundation Researcher Ralph Jacobs